BEST CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Top 8 Construction Management Software

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Life, in general, is demanding and can be hectic and exhausting, especially when the system is not working. In the same way, a construction project is demanding and time-consuming. Most of the time, the best approach to meeting deadlines is to have an aid that can make the work less demanding. This can be achieved if the project is automated. Construction management software, therefore, serves as an aid to contractors and ongoing construction projects to become easier to manage in order to meet deadlines. In this piece, we are going to be discussing the best construction management software, its advantages, and more.

#1. JobProgress

This is an all-in-one cloud-based contractor’s business platform that is flexible, easy to use, and highly intelligent. It supports the ability to build and grow a profitable business.


  • Automated estimates
  • Easy financial
  • Customizable workflow stages
  • Multiple jobs per customer
  • Proposals with tracking, etc

#2. Procore

Procore makes it easier to manage construction. It takes control of construction outcomes, minimizes risk, and protects profits with PROCORE’S top-rated construction management platform. In addition, some of the features of PROCORE include a fully customized job and workflow manager, paper lines, mobile app, customer relationship manager, online sales and marketing, quick estimating, quoting, and scheduling, etc.

#3. Fieldwire

This is a top-rated construction management software that makes it possible to accurately track costs accrued and hours worked every time a task reaches completion. In addition, you can even make this mandatory in your project settings. Fieldwire’s construction software provides an efficient and intuitive way to manage your tasks. Also, it helps one to plan ahead for every trade and run one’s meetings in a clear, visual way. This construction management software gives you an edge when it comes to scheduling and tracking work on a daily basis.

#4. BuildSmart

This is an enterprise accounting software that assists engineering and construction businesses with cost management, regulatory compliance, reporting, budget control, and much more. Professionals can use the subcontract management module to configure approval processes and track the due/release dates of certifications, retentions, setoffs, or variation orders. Key features include work in progress (WIP) ledger, procurement management, user access control, bank reconciliation, inventory tracking, service scheduling, and alerts/notifications.

Enterprises can use BuildSmart to streamline the entire asset lifecycle, from plant availability and resource utilization to asset tracking and maintenance management. It allows administrators to manage accounts so as to avoid overspending and mismanagement of funds. 

#5. Contractor’s office

The contractor’s office from Prosoft is an on-premise construction estimating software capable of handling the needs of contractors across a variety of industries including paving, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, concrete, general contractors, and real estate developers. Besides estimating, the software also provides CRM, accounting, and job scheduling functionalities.

#6. Penta

Penta is a software that manages every aspect of accounting, project management, and service for construction, engineering, and service firms. Delivered via cloud hosting or on-premise, PENTA provides functionality for construction management, service management, multi-company accounting, project management, equipment management, mobility, and enterprise content management. PENTA’s role-based workbenches graphically present advanced analytics. Every user has their own workbench filled with key performance indicators relevant to their role and receives proactive alerts about urgent issues. The project management software contains job costing, progress billing, contract management, drawing management, quote generation, timesheet tracking, and other functions.

#7. Buildxact

Buildxact is an easy-to-use construction management software uniquely designed for residential builders & trades, helping them easily and smoothly manage projects. Transform your business – one system from the first takeoff to the final invoice. Build smarter, not harder. Build with Buildxact. Key features of Buildxact include equipment tracking, profit insights, benchmarking, project scheduling, and bid management. Businesses can use dashboards to control, manage and track work schedules by sending automated email and text alerts to subordinates. Additionally, it enables users to produce updated quotes with variations based on item changes, refunds, customer requests, and overspends and receive customers’ confirmation on changes through digital signature.

#8. Buildertrend

Buildertrend was founded in 2007 but is already one of the most popular construction management platforms on the market with more than 1 million users. Their software is designed for homebuilders, remodelers, commercial developers, and specialty contractors of any size. One of the reasons for Builder Trend’s enormous popularity is their outstanding customer service

Advantages of Construction Management Software

The essence of having construction management software is to efficiently handle multipurpose tasks such as increased sales, running reports, and estimates, and storing documents in line with ongoing projects, while a decrease in costs, reduction in manpower, supporting efficiency in the field, and also keeping teams better connected. Because of how efficient this technology is, there are a lot of different systems to choose from. In an industry with a million other moving pieces at any given moment—and individual teams relying on their processes—construction management depends on adaptability as much as capability.

Also, when completing a task, subcontractors can use the mobile app to report the amount of manpower used as well as any cost incurred performing the task. It’s easy to manage labor and track manpower when everything is recorded in our construction management software. Other important construction management software is:

#1. Need for Project Management

The construction work requires much staffing for various duties such as accountants and other personnel to work on different related assignments. This means that a project manager must constantly allocate duties, monitor timelines, and tracks individual progress. Evidently, this can make the project cost more and yield poorer results. however, if the project manager decides to make use of software, he will be performing most of the tasks himself. This will help him to cut costs while getting a better result.

#2. Time Tracking Benefits

Construction work usually has phases and deadlines. Construction management software can show the various tasks given to the workers and if they can not meet the timeline, it will warn the project manager and the manager may have to adjust the time.

#3. Task Management Benefits

Progress reports produced by project management software help team members stay focused and work in a goal-oriented manner. The software can also give managers the ability to reallocate and shift tasks easily. For instance, if two team members finish a task early, the manager can use the software to get them started on another task quickly. 

#4. Communicating

Communicating via email is fine, but teams can often work more productively when they can log in to computers and share real-time project information using project-management software. Look for software that provides this type of communication if your team members don’t work in the same location. It also helps when team members can get a big picture of a project’s status and detailed timelines. Project management software makes that possible by remembering everything that happens during a project phase and making it available to everyone.

Disadvantages of Construction Management Software

Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as a perfect construction management software that solves all solutions. In as much as we have looked at the best construction management software that has attempted to reach perfection, there can still be some faults that a buyer may need to know before purchasing. In other words, there are some disadvantages associated with construction management software they are:

#1. Software Complexity

Like many applications, construction management software often has a learning curve that varies based on the software’s complexity. It usually costs money to purchase quality software or use online management applications. Project managers must learn how to use a program’s major features and ensure that team members learn to use the components they need to perform their work. It takes time to plan a project, define milestones, enter everything into the system, and allocate tasks to team members. Project management software can also cause novice project managers to generate projects that are more complex than they should be.

#2. No free trial

Most construction management software does not offer a limited free version of their software. This means that a buyer can end up purchasing software that is inefficient or unusable, thereby trying different software, which will cost more money. 

#3. Slightly expensive

The various apps or features found in this software make them quite expensive. This could pose a problem for a new construction company. or a construction company with limited funds for a certain project.

#4. Limited integrations

Construction management software lacks integration from one piece of software to another, each coming with its own special feature. Evidently, this will make buyers pay for a lot of software just to have a complete package to work with. Instead of having access to multiple software and options to work with.


Time often equates to money in the business world. Therefore, it is important for managers to manage time, resources, and personnel efficiently if they wish to succeed. Project management software helps people accomplish that goal. Before choosing a management software, review the benefits and disadvantages of using computers and software to manage your projects.

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FAQs On Best Construction Management

Which is the best program for construction

  • BuilderTREND.
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud.
  • e-Builder Enterprise.
  • Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.
  • JobNimbus.
  • Procore.
  • CoConstruct.
  • Viewpoint Spectrum.

What is the cost of construction estimating software?

Construction estimating software can range in price from $30 to $250 per estimator each month, depending on the program vendor and the capabilities offered.

What is the most popular construction accounting software?

  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.
  • Acumatica Cloud ERP.
  • Viewpoint Spectrum.
  • Quickbooks Online. Xero.
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced.
  • MYOB Business.
  • Sage 100 Contractor.