best neighborhoods in Scottsdale

This guide is for you if you’re moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, and want to check out the neighborhoods to know where to reside. Scottsdale is home to unique communities that place a priority on safety and family-friendly living, even though the city may be popular as “The World’s Finest Golf Destination” due to the abundance of opulent resorts and award-winning courses there. This elegant, affordable town, located east of Phoenix, is a hidden gem for wealthy families and professionals seeking a southwest living experience.

For people who want to reside in a desirable area, Scottsdale, Arizona, is a good choice. Finding the perfect house is simple with the assistance of Scottsdale Real Estate Specialists in this community with its secure cities, low crime rate, and top-notch schools. Scottsdale provides a range of property types and styles to suit your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for brand-new single-family homes, townhouses, ranch homes, or luxury homes. To learn more about Scottsdale, Arizona’s best neighborhoods, keep reading!

#1. Old Town Scottsdale – Most Exciting Scottsdale Neighborhood

best neighborhoods in Scottsdale
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With first-place rankings in the enjoyable, affordable, and walkable categories, Old Town Scottsdale wins top honors. It also holds the unique distinction of being the only neighborhood with three first-place finishes. With more incredible restaurants and shops than you could ever explore in a lifetime, this is Scottsdale’s trendiest area. You can walk to almost anything you would need in Old Town if you choose the appropriate area, and you’ll also enjoy first-rate service and cuisine while you’re there.

High crime rates in the Philippines are largely non-violent, with a 4 in 1000 likelihood of being a victim, compared to 5 per 1000 in the US. The market has grown significantly, with a 13.8% annual growth rate as of 2020, and the market is ranked fifth. This neighborhood is highly established and is likely to continue to expand and appreciate above average, but it is unlikely to experience the kinds of price explosions you may see in a less established neighborhood like South Scottsdale (85257).

Before you dismiss the neighborhood, have a look at some of the excellent charter or private schools in the area because education is a concern in this area. Additionally, there are a few shining examples in public schools, such as Pueblo Elementary and Saguaro High School. Scottsdale’s typical purchase price of $371,000 makes it as affordable as it gets.

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#2. Mccormick Ranch / Gainey Ranch

best neighborhoods in Scottsdale
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We have combined these two districts into one neighborhood because Gainey Ranch is a smaller development flanked by the enormous master-planned community of McCormick Ranch. For young or expanding families looking for outstanding schools and safety, this location will have a strong allure. The only neighborhood to receive this distinction is 85258, which received a perfect score of 10. Only 1 in 1000 people experience violent crime. While there are many excellent restaurants and shops to pick from, this region is not nearly as walkable as Old Town or South Scottsdale. 

You can find scores of 5-star hotels on Scottsdale Road with only a short drive, and everything that Old Town has to offer is just a 5–15-minute drive away. Golfers may wish to consider joining the Gainey Ranch Golf Club, while fitness enthusiasts will adore the opulent Gainey Village Health Club and Spa. By Scottsdale standards, this region is reasonably priced ($592,000 median buy price), and market heat and appreciation (12% in 2020) are squarely in the center of the pack.

#3. South Scottsdale – Best Neighborhood in Scottsdale for Families

best neighborhoods in Scottsdale

If the possibility of future financial gain is your main concern, South Scottsdale is by far the finest option. By far the hottest market out of the seven, this region leads the pack in appreciation, averaging an astounding 15% yearly increase in 2020. An important factor in this appreciation is the replacement of vacant land and old homes with much more expensive alternatives owing to new construction and home flips.

Papago Plaza’s massive renovation serves as a metaphor for the “out with the old and in with the new” trend that is permeating this entire zip code. You will have to put up with the worst crime and school statistics of any of our recommended Scottsdale neighborhoods to benefit from all of this upside. Despite being higher than national statistics, the risk of suffering violent crime in this location is 4 in 1000, which is still lower than the national average.

You have nice development nearby in considerably less expensive and more dangerous regions, as is the case in many urban areas that are developing. Although there are not many fantastic options for shopping and dining, you are close to Old Town, and the area’s reconstruction promises the addition of more excellent options shortly. Walkability is modest and varies widely depending on the subdivision you choose.

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#4. Central Scottsdale


Although Central Scottsdale comes up at number six on our affordability scale, that low placement is rather misleading. Although the average sales price per square foot is $322, the median purchase price of $725,000 makes it the most affordable of the seven locations. This indicates that they are significantly larger than the residences in our other premier Scottsdale neighborhoods.

Central Scottsdale lies amid our neighborhoods and, as such, is convenient to all of the incredible amenities that areas have, despite its middling rating in the fun and walkability departments. Additionally, Kierland Commons and The Scottsdale Quarter are located there. These two excellent shopping districts offer the best in upscale dining and shopping, and they make for wonderful afternoon or evening outings.

Families seeking larger homes on larger lots will find this to be the ideal location because of the low crime rate and excellent schools. With an appreciation rate of 14.1% in 2020 and a third-place ranking on our market heat index, this desired neighborhood is a solid bet for long-term success. This neighborhood is hard to beat if your budget can support it and you’re not overly concerned about being able to walk everywhere.

#5. Arcadia

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Although Arcadia is technically in the Scottsdale school neighborhoods district but has a Phoenix zip code, we have included it in this list of results. With a typical home price of $760,000, Arcadia is a popular neighborhood for young, affluent families and has a considerably greener atmosphere than most of Phoenix. While it still hasn’t caught up to Old Town in terms of new restaurants and retail, it is rapidly gaining ground. Even though there are excellent private schools close by and several excellent public schools, the averages are skewed because some residents of this zip code send their children to Tavan Elementary and Camelback High School.

The southern and western regions of the zip code are far more heavily observed for crime, which is also somewhat misleading. The moral of the story is that before making a purchase, make sure to investigate the particular neighborhood inside this zip code to learn more about it. For more information, call or email us at We have access to all of that precise information and are pleased to offer it. At 11.7% in 2020, appreciation has been modest (in comparison to some other regions of town! ). Still, the market has been quick on its heels with a lot of flip activity and excitement around new developments.

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#6. Paradise Valley – Top Scottsdale Neighborhood for Luxury Living

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For a stunning $1,890,000, you can own a tiny sliver of Paradise Valley bliss. Paradise Valley, which has always been costly and has experienced a staggering 14.6% appreciation rate in 2020, is the undisputed loser in our affordability test. However, things have calmed down, and it is dead last on our market heat index, so one might be wary to invest only to ride the wave of appreciation. The well-known Praying Monk climb is located here, right next to Camelback Mountain. 

The homes in this neighborhood are enormous and sit on very sizable, very secluded lots. Instead of having a cozy neighborhood feel, this area exudes a more opulent and private atmosphere. There are some excellent restaurants close by, but don’t expect to walk to any of them because they are all located outside the zip code and aren’t particularly close to the residences in the middle. Given that many celebrities, including Alice Cooper and Michael Phelps, call this dreamland home, it should come as no surprise that crime is incredibly low and education is top-notch.

#7. North Scottsdale

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Due to the size of North Scottsdale, we have decided to concentrate on two of its larger master-planned communities, Troon and DC Ranch. These communities are located far to the North and at least 45-minute travel from the airport’s main terminal. Troon and DC Rank provide the peaceful, opulent lifestyle you would expect from a neighborhood with a typical home price of $725,000. Crime is extremely low, and schools are superb. You can enjoy the fantastic desert feel of being surrounded by mountains in this typical Arizona suburb, but you’ll also need to travel a little to find dining and retail options. 

With an expected appreciation of 11.4% in 2020, this section of Scottsdale has not had as much growth as the rest of the city, ranking sixth in our market heat index. Despite being a gorgeous place to live, the low financial grades and average access to fantastic amenities lower the overall score of this area.


#8. Ancala – Most Prestigious Scottsdale Neighborhood

Do you envision yourself residing in one of the most sought-after Scottsdale neighborhoods? What you’re looking for might be Ancala. With an average sales price of $1.29 million, or $298 per square foot, this upscale gated community. With 850 acres of desert and vistas of the McDowell and Camelback Mountains, the gated neighborhood has a private park with a playground and a basketball court. Additionally, Ancala is home to the Perry Dye-designed Ancala Country Club.

Scottsdale Unified School District’s Anasazi Elementary, Mountainside Middle School, and Desert Mountain High School, which are all among the district’s top-rated institutions of higher learning, serve Ancala. Ancala offers an ideal location close to the Mayo Clinic, Loop 101 Freeway, and Scottsdale Airport, in addition to lovely vistas and superb schools.

#9. Shea Corridor – Great Neighborhood in Scottsdale for Millenials

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For all the fun and amenities with a decent balance of seclusion and location, Shea Corridor in Central Scottsdale is the place to be. Although Shea Corridor is one of Scottsdale’s most desirable areas, you can still find inexpensive housing there with the lifestyle you want. Shea Corridor offers exquisite properties with breathtaking city and mountain views for anywhere between $200,000 and $6,000,000. Smaller single-family homes, townhomes, and condos were also erected in the 1970s through the 2010s. In contrast to many Scottsdale neighborhoods, most of those in the Shea Corridor are not part of HOAs.

The Shea Corridor offers a convenient location near cafes, spas, restaurants, bars, and the city’s oldest shopping center. It provides easy access to public transit and is near popular amenities like the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall. Chaparral Park, a 100-acre park with a playground, basketball courts, and a 10-acre lake, is also a great feature. The area also offers a dog park and a 25-mile greenbelt route for jogging, rollerblading, walking, and boating.

#10. Villa Monterey – Best Scottsdale Neighborhood for seniors

Due to its comfortable climate, high standard of healthcare, accessibility, and facilities, Scottsdale is frequently cited as one of the best locations in the United States to retire. Villa Monterey, one of the many 55+ neighborhoods and one of the best with a wealth of amenities, is ideal for active adults. Villa Monterey, which is close to downtown Scottsdale, provides a convenient, low-maintenance lifestyle near the grocery store and canal. Old Town Scottsdale and Scottsdale Fashion Square are also close by.

Villa Monterey, with around 800 houses, has a small-town vibe with regular social events and activities. The neighborhood features a central clubhouse for socializing and offers retirement housing options like single-family houses and townhomes. Villa Monterey has nine HOAs, each with its clubhouse, park, and swimming pool. Homes were built between the 1960s and 1970s, with prices starting in the low $200s.

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