Best Travel Management Companies: Best Business & UK TMCs

Best Business UK Travel Management Companies

The best travel management companies are agencies that provide solutions to all your business travel needs. You will also wonder who the best travel management companies are and where to find them. Similarly, the best business travel management companies can provide you with a travel program that focuses on all your travel goals. Read on to find out about UK business travel management companies.

Best Travel Management Companies

The term “best,” according to the Oxford Dictionary, means that which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable. In this context, the best or top travel management companies are those that provide services to help corporate clients manage their business travel. This can also include providing software that tracks the expenses of both traveling employees; booking flights and hotels; arranging car rentals; and providing customer service support. These travel management companies have played major roles in the travel industry and have invested years in establishing connections all over the world.  No doubt, travel management companies have been around for a while now. Furthermore, they can provide you with helpful tips and advice for business travelers.

Importance of Travel Management Companies

The reason you need to consider a travel management company for your next trip is because of the following importance embedded in them:

  • They Are Highly Organized: The amount of paperwork required for business travel, from flight cards to hotel reservations, is stressful, especially for large parties. In other, for you to concentrate on the wider picture, travel management businesses handle the paperwork and provide it to you in the most manageable way possible.
  • They Build Connections: Travel management companies build years of establishing connections with tourism and hospitality businesses all around the world. While a hotel can claim to be fully booked when in fact they will tell the TMC differently. They frequently receive special pricing, so you’ll be receiving a better value than if you booked directly.
  • Highly Informed: Travel management companies are authorities in business travel. You’re working with a seasoned account manager who can spot a good bargain from a bad one; you’re not just paying someone to click through. There’s no need to worry if you miss your flight because they can handle emergencies should you run into them.

What Is the Difference Between Travel Agency and a Travel Management Company?

A travel agency primarily focuses on assisting clients with booking business travel. While travel management companies offer businesses a broader set of services

Best Business Travel Management Companies

Organizations are seeking top business travel providers and travel managers. In addition, this new era of globalization can assist them in navigating the rising costs and challenging logistics of conducting business abroad. Furthermore, knowing the top travel management companies makes it easier for you to access them. Let’s consider 10 of the top travel management organizations for businesses of all sizes, which are listed below:

#1. American Express Global Business Travel (GBT)

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is the largest travel management organization in the world. This business, which employs over 11,000 people, collaborates with the world’s greatest airlines to also give its consumers the best travel experience. The business is also noted for providing two important corporate travel management categories. They also have a very user-friendly web platform, and their customer service line is available around-the-clock to respond to inquiries and concerns.

#2. TravelBank

TravelPerk is an all-in-one platform to help businesses optimize their travel programs. The company is located in Spain and also offers access to the world’s largest travel for flights and accommodation. Businesses can rest easy knowing all of their travel needs are taken care of while saving money

#3. BCD Travel 

BCD Travel has offices in 109 countries and offers travel management solutions to companies all over the globe. Also, It’s a traditional travel management company that offers travel solutions via an agent and online booking tools, depending on the size of the client. Its many partners allow it to offer a diverse range of solutions to clients. TravelPerk offers the basics of travel management and so much more. From the online booking tool to the high-quality customer service, our clients always enjoy the best possible service when it comes to corporate travel management.


AMEX GBT is a great option for business travel. Their risk alerts and direct communication during disruptions make them a dependable choice. If you need to cancel your trip at the last minute, FlexiPerk can get you up to 80% of your money back. The pre-negotiated rates can save you money.

#5. SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to manage their travel spending. It also offers a wide range of features, including booking tools, expense reporting, and invoicing. This makes it an ideal solution for companies that want to streamline their travel process.

#6. QCTM

Business Travel Management Company (QCTM) is a specialist corporate division of Quintessentially, the world’s leading lifestyle, concierge, and travel service. With travel hubs in London and New York, as well as access to a global network of trusted partners, we can leverage our relationships to offer globally negotiated fares.

#7. FCM Travel Solution

FCM Travel Solutions is a giant in the corporate travel management industry. It is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with branches in 97 countries around the world. Similarly, this company takes care of all travel needs, from the little things to the most needed assistance. They have made a billion in sales over the years

#8. Travel Edge

Travel Edge is a travel company based in Toronto, Canada. It offers luxury travel to clients that require it. Their services include both leisure and corporate travel. They have a thousand expert advisors to guide you through your travel experience. This company has an online platform that is easy to access and convenient to use. 

#9. Egencia 

It was recently acquired by American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX). The company helps businesses book travel, manage risks, and ensure traveler welfare. Egencia’s main offerings and features include integrated travel and expense solutions. Comprehensive reporting and benchmarking dashboards.

#10. ATPI 

ATPI provides corporate travel and events solutions to clients across a wide range of sectors. The company also offers a specific travel solution for the offshore and energy, marine, and mining and resources sectors. Its main offerings and features include an online booking tool; a traveler tracking system, expense management, and reporting tools.

Business Travel Management Companies UK

Business travel management companies in the UK are easy to access those travelers in the UK. Many individuals or businesses who want to make a trip to the UK can sometimes find it difficult to locate business travel management companies in the UK. As such, let’s look at the following business travel companies in the UK.

List of Business Travel Management Companies UK

#1. ATPI

ATPI is a UK-based company that offers corporate travel and events solutions to customers worldwide in a variety of industries, including retail, technology, construction, and financial services. Also, ATPI deals in travel management for businesses in specialized industries in need of custom travel solutions. The business provides a particular travel option for the offshore, energy, maritime, mining, and resource industries. It also has a tracking tool for travelers.

 #2. Capita Travel and Events 

Travel, meeting, and event specialty firm with headquarters in the UK is called Capita Travel and Events (now known as Agiito). Users can see a summary of their entire trip using the company’s app, which also includes connections for checking in and accessing flight details. They can also receive notifications on any travel disruptions and real-time train and flight updates for platform and gate changes. Furthermore, capita travel and events provide services such as risk management and traveler tracking.

#3. TravelPerk

TravelPerk is an all-in-one business travel solution that helps corporate travelers book, manage, and report on their corporate travel. Its recent acquisition of UK-based ClickTravel gives it even more of a leg-up in the UK. The company ensures 80% of your money back when canceling up to two hours in advance.

#4. Diversity

Diversity is a company that controls consultant trips with experience in educational, humanitarian, and, as of recently, nonprofit tours. They provide business travelers with the following benefits: Knowledge of the charitable and nonprofit sectors: offers discount airfares for humanitarian and educational purposes.

How Does Business Travel Work?

Simply put, it works by an employee taking a trip outside of the work environment. It could be that you have a business appointment with one of your clients.

What Is an Example of a Business Trip? 

meeting with customers or clients and traveling to another branch of the company. It helps you meet new people and build business relationships with new clients. It also gives you new business ideas and opportunities.

Why Is a Business Travel Important in a Company?

Business travel helps you meet new people and build business relationships with new clients. It also gives you new business ideas and opportunities.

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FAQs About Best Travel Management Companies

What are the 4 types of travel?

The types of travel include:

  • Leisure Travel: This type of travel is for pleasure, relaxation and its far from work base
  • Corporate Travel: The travel takes is based on your job, for instance traveling to meet up for a contract.
  • Inbound Travel: Usually for visiting families or friends. You can also call it domestic travel
  • Event Travel: It is for important occasions like weddings, programs, etc.

What are the types of business travel?

The type of travel that takes place for the purpose of work includes:

  • Event and conference travel. 
  • Company retreats. 
  • Meetings with clients.
  • Trade fairs

What are the best travel management companies?

The best travel management companies are much in number. Let us consider the following:

  • Egencia.
  • BCD Travel.
  • CTM.
  • TravelPerk.
  • FCM Travel Solution. 
  • SAP Concur.
  • CWT.