CHRISTMAS ISLAND VACATION: Best Places for Christmas Vacation 2023

Christmas Island Vacation Packages Rentals

I know there are a lot of thoughts that come to your mind whenever you hear of Christmas Island. For instance, you want to know the location and all that entails, especially when you are planning a vacation on Christmas Island. Anyway, you are just about to find everything you need to know about Christmas Island rentals. When one learns about Christmas Island for the first time, there are a few questions that immediately come to mind. To begin with, where is it? The tiny island, which is hardly visible on a map of the world, is located 1,650 miles away from Perth, the closest city in Western Australia, and around 250 miles south of Central Java’s coast.

Also, it is technically a territory of Australia, although based on its location, you’d never know. Christmas Island, which is located in the midst of the Indian Ocean, is really nothing more than the top of an old mountain. There are also a lot of Christmas Island vacation packages. The island, which is about 50 miles in circumference, is surrounded by 60-foot cliffs that are occasionally broken by little beaches, coves, and alluring limestone grottos. Despite the popular beach spots, you might want to avoid swimming too far out because the Indian Ocean’s floor descends 3 miles to the bottom, just a few hundred feet from the shore. 

#1. The Sanctuary Adult Retreat Christmas Island 

Image Source: Insider

Flying Fish Cove is home to Sanctuary Adult Retreat Christmas Island, which features a sun terrace and a private 13 m lap pool. Free WiFi is available in this Balinese-style house. Visitors to the Sanctuary Adult Retreat can enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling, and fishing at the closest beach, which is a 5-minute walk away. Drive time to Isabel Beach is 4 minutes. There is also a dining area and a fully equipped kitchen in this two-bedroom, two-bathroom home. There is also a seating room with a satellite flat-screen TV and a four-poster bed. 

#2. VQ3 Lodge

Image Source: TripAdvisor

VQ3 Lodge is located at Flying Fish Cove, a part of Christmas Island, and is 20 kilometers from The Dales. It provides lodging with free WiFi, BBQ equipment, a garden, and free private parking. The air-conditioned units have a balcony, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer, and air conditioning. Additionally available are a toaster, microwave, refrigerator, and kettle. VQ3 Lodge also provides a car rental service. The distance between the lodging and Drumsite is 8.7 km, and the distance to Christmas Island Airport is 8.8 km. Christmas Island International Airport, located 9 kilometers from VQ3 Lodge, is the closest airport.

#3. Bora Bora

Image Source: Viator

With its stunning turquoise, clear waters, coral reefs, and an abundance of colorful fish, this Polynesian treasure is difficult to top. You can also participate in a variety of celebrations over the holidays, and many resorts and hotels even provide special Christmas feasts. If you stay longer, you can enjoy multi-course New Year’s Eve dinners and beach fireworks. Your days will probably be spent swimming in the warm waves, lounging in the sun and sand, snorkeling, parasailing, fishing, sailing, or just taking in the gorgeous surroundings.

#4. Christmas Island National Park

Image Source: TripAdvisor

This national park has a distinctive mix of flora and animals and occupies more than 60% of the island. Amazing wildlife encounters and a unique natural setting, along with a fascinating social issue. Excellent birdlife, breathtaking scenery, and excellent snorkeling. The tourist facilities are a little rudimentary, but that’s kind of the beauty.  Also, the Sunset is quite comfortable, conveniently situated, and had amazing sunset views.

#5. Visitor Center Christmas Island

Image Source: TripAdvisor

All the information and suggestions required to make the most of your visit are available from our helpful staff. We can also assist you with renting golf clubs, lodging, car rentals, tours, business services, and maps and brochures. There is also a visitor lounge where you can watch one of our many Christmas Island movies or come in for coffee while looking around our huge gift shop for the ideal souvenir.

Christmas Island Vacation Packages

Want to book a vacation to Christmas Island? Whether you’re off for a romantic vacation, a family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, Christmas Island vacation packages on Tripadvisor make planning your trip simple and affordable. Find the perfect vacation packageS for Christmas Island on Tripadvisor by comparing Christmas Island hotel and flight prices

There are a lot of Christmas Island holiday packages that follow while you visit these hotels. Below is a list of these Christmas island vacation packages:

#1. Experience Christmas Island Vacation Packages

Package deal for a 7-night stay on Christmas Island starting at $2,115 for a twin room includes round-trip transportation from Perth, lodging, car rental, and a few day trips.

#2. Unique Holidays on Christmas Island

You will suddenly find yourself watching a David Attenborough documentary about the Christmas Island Red Crab migration. Also, you’ll witness a sea of crimson as the crabs overrun beaches, jungles, and highways in this once-a-year occurrence.  7-night Red Crab Migration Packages starting at $2,155 per person, double occupancy, includes round-trip transportation from Perth, lodging, vehicle rental, and a few day trips, such as a spawning experience.

#3. Scuba Dive Christmas Island

Dive to Christmas Island for 7 nights from $2,995 per person, twin share includes return flights from Perth, accommodations, and 5 days of diving.

Christmas Island Rentals

Below is a list of Christmas Island rentals for your vacation:

#1. Cottage on Christmas Island Rentals

Christmas Island Rentals
Image Source: TripAdvisor

This house is renovated in a Christmas Island neighborhood with a rich history. Nearby cliff walks and private cliff overlooks, are very calm areas, have four beds, and are friendly to families. As well as watch frigate birds nesting in trees across the road in the jungle and listen to them soar above the house. Crabs will descend and move across the property during the migration season, offering you amazing possibilities to take close-up pictures of them. You can walk to the main services in 10 minutes. Restaurants 5–10 minute stroll. a natural setting with nearby fauna in the area. The price for these rentals is $109 per night.

#2. Villa on Christmas Island

Christmas Island Rentals
Image Source: Agoda

This historic two-bedroom self-contained home has all you need for a relaxing and enjoyable visit and is located in a quiet settlement area. Beautiful meadows and exotic gardens surround it. After experiencing Christmas Island’s natural wonders, unwind on the terrace and enjoy the refreshing breeze. Restaurants and other services are nearby, allowing you to eat in or out. Price $ 161

#3. Private Room at Barnstone Beach Hut

Image Source: Indian Ocean Experiences

The Barnstone beach hut, Stunning, untouched ocean vistas. Also filled with artifacts from “Old Island,” these are outstanding for large informal groups or contractors. Furthermore, each room has two bunk beds, one with a queen and one with a single bunk, dining options, and stores all close by. Associated coffee house.

Things to Know Before Going on Christmas Land Vacation

There are a lot of important things you need to know before embarking on a Christmas Island vacation, which include:

#1. The Use of Flight

 Flying is required to reach Christmas Island from Perth or Fiji.  Also, Virgin Australia operates twice-weekly flights from the former, and Fiji Airways operates once-weekly flights from the latter. However, you don’t need a visa to enter Christmas Island if you are flying in from either of those locations. Facilities are fairly few on the island because there are only 2,000 permanent residents.   There is also a limited selection of stores and eateries, but nobody actually comes here to shop. The most crucial step is to reserve a rental car because it is the primary mode of transportation on the island. Vehicles with four-wheel drive can be rented for about $60 per day.

#2. Go Whale Shark Swimming

Most visitors come to enjoy the beaches. All different kinds of colorful fish can be spotted swimming around the island’s thin tropical reef because the island is so small and has been left in its natural state for such a long time. Also, when diving with Wet ‘N Dry Adventures, you might get the chance to swim with a whale shark, the largest fish in the world, which travels to Christmas Island from November to April. Additionally, there are over 88 different varieties of coral and a wide variety of marine life, including dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and dolphins. According to the owners of Wet ‘N Dry.

#3. Go Direct Toward the Jungle

Christmas Island is particularly suited to growing various kinds of species due to its moderate weather and high rainfall. Bird watchers love the island’s well-marked trails and nearly two-thirds of it has been classified as a national park area. There are plenty of tourist attractions in the jungle, no matter where you end up. The breathtaking Hugh’s Dale waterfall can only be reached by hiking through the rainforest. You’ll pass Tahitian chestnut trees with massive buttress roots along the walk, which seem straight out of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. There are also small red crabs all over the floor, so you’ll need to be careful where you walk. 

Is Christmas Island Worth Visiting?

Its beautiful environment and amazing sightseeing make it worth visiting

  • Mother Nature’s Outdoor Spa
  • Beautiful deserted beaches
  • Crabs cross here
  • An underwater paradise
  • Pots flavors and unique cultures

Do People Vacation on Christmas Island?

Yes, it is even more fun to have a vacation on Christmas Island, as the place is always busy with lots of activities and people.  

What Is the Best Time to Visit Christmas Island?

You can visit Christmas Island during the busiest time of the year, like December. Also, visit Christmas Island if you want to get the greatest offer. Around this time of year, hotel rates and airfares are typically lower than they are at other times. Set aside your vacation if you want to experience Christmas Island’s thrill during the busiest time of year.

Do I Need a Passport for Christmas Island?

Flying is required to reach Christmas Island from Perth or Fiji. (Virgin Australia operates twice-weekly flights from the former, and Fiji Airways operates once-weekly flights from the latter. Fortunately, no visa is needed to enter Christmas Island if you are flying in from either of those locations

Are Christmas Island Rentals expensive?

To acquire Christmas Island rentals in a furnished apartment measuring 85 square meters (900 square feet) per month is something you can afford.

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FAQs About Christmas Island Vacation

How long would it take to walk around Christmas Island?

The Irvine Road Loop is Christmas Island’s longest walking track, according to In other words, the estimated length of this trail is 15.0 kilometers, and the average hiking time is 4 hours and 17 minutes.

Can you walk around Christmas Island?

The most effective method to discover the amazing woods, marshes, and beaches of Christmas Island is on foot.

Is food expensive on Christmas Island?

Christmas Island imports the majority of its food, so prices for food and meals may be more there than elsewhere because of extra transportation.