BEST PLACES TO STAY IN SAVANNAH GA: Best Vacation Experience 2023


It is indeed tough to avoid getting sucked up in Savannah’s sweet, Southern fanfare! Yet you might be thinking about where to stay in Savannah so that you can easily see and do everything.

Savannah’s several neighborhoods each provide a different perspective on the Hostess City of the South. Choose hotels that will make it simple to appreciate all the finer aspects of true “Low Country” life in Savannah by browsing neighborhoods one by one.

It might be challenging for first-time tourists to choose the ideal Savannah neighborhood when deciding where to stay. There are so many beautiful places to discover, and each one has something special to offer.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll break down Savannah’s numerous neighborhoods so you may choose a hotel in the area that’s most convenient for your travel plans while still staying within your price range. Each area’s benefits and drawbacks are listed.

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Best Places to Stay in Savannah GA

Savannah’s River Street, Plant Riverside, Bay Street, City Market, and Broughton Street are tourist hotspots. The most “traditional Savannah” atmosphere may be found in the southernmost part of the Historic District. It is quite gorgeous and endearing.

Several full-time residents, a sizable number of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) students, and a varied population all call the Victorian and Starland Districts home. Tybee Island is the nearest beach to Savannah, yet it is neither Savannah nor does it resemble Savannah in any way.

The most popular places to stay in Savannah are shown on this map of the Historic District, although I go into more depth about each region below.

#1. Savannah Historic District

Image Source: Historic Savannah Foundation

This is one of the best places to Stay in savannah GA. Most people are certainly familiar with Savannah’s Historic District. The Historic District is composed of 22 lovely squares that are arranged in a pattern. Consider the squares as small parks where you may pause to relax on a bench and cool down in the shelter.

As the northern and southern ends of the Historic District are very distinct from one another, I’m going to divide it into a few zones. I wholeheartedly advise staying within the Historic District if your budget will allow it.

This Historic District has the following boundary lines:

  • East: E Broad Street
  • North: River Street
  • South: Gwinnett Street
  • West: Boulevard Martin Luther King Jr.

 Zone: River Street, Historic District, North

What, then, is special about River Street? There are a few things…This is one of the best places to Stay in savannah GA. The initial warehouse area in Savannah was located on River Street. Ships stocked up with cotton and indigo for export all over the world at this trading hub where they berthed.

With souvenir stores, eateries, and art galleries all still functioning out of warehouses erected hundreds of years ago, the region still reflects its rural beginnings in large part. It’s amazing how much history is still present here! River Street is the only street in the Historic District that is situated below the cliff, the remainder of which is high atop it. Just a few feet elevate it above river level.

If you decide to stay on River, take into account the following factors:


There are many eateries and bars, and many of them stay open late. The container ships that pass by regularly are fun to watch! Throughout the plaza, outstanding street performers may frequently be seen. On River Street, you may witness some of the most beautiful sunsets in the city.


Because it’s This is one of the best places to Stay in savannah GA. Also, it is one of Savannah’s busiest tourist areas, it’s constantly crowded and noisy. The eateries in Savannah aren’t usually the greatest and are very expensive. Parking is difficult to find, and valet rates can be pricey. Given that it is a riverbank location, you could witness rats running about late at night close to the water.


Those who are homeless frequently decide to slumber around River Street. They frequently ask tourists to this location for freebies or spare coins.

 River Street Inn 

Our best recommendation for a waterfront hotel. The River Street Inn offers excellent services, cozy guest accommodations, and onsite eating options including Bernie’s River Street Restaurant and Bar and an afternoon wine and hors d’oeuvres event. Couples who traveled in pairs gave it a 9.6 rating.

Olde Harbour Inn

A historic building with charm from the South. The Olde Harbour Inn is a historic inn built in 1812 that is situated in the heart of Savannah. It has a small refrigerator, a microwave, and a flat-screen cable TV. It’s also 11.1 km from Savannah Hilton Head International Airport and 15 m from more than 90 restaurants and shops. Tybee Island is 27 minutes distant by car, and guests may unwind in the lobby with complimentary newspapers. Couples who traveled in pairs gave it a 9.6 rating.

Homewood Suites by Hilton

The rooftop pool is only accessible to guests. A resort-style area with a great selection, pool, cabanas, and night live performances is available at the Homewood Suites Savannah Historic District/Riverfront, which is situated on River Street and offers stunning views of the Savannah River and sunsets.

Each large room has air conditioning, a full kitchen, and a couch bed that can sleep two people. The Savannah River is visible from the majority of rooms. Each morning, a complimentary full-cooked breakfast is offered. This Homewood Suites has a gift shop on premise. From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday, guests can partake in a free early-evening gathering with beer and wine.

Many dining establishments, retail establishments, and entertainment venues are close to Homewood Suites Savannah Historic District/Riverfront. Less than twenty minutes may be spent walking to Savannah’s City Center and City Market.

The Bohemian 
IMAGE SOURCE: Bohemian Capetown

For people who enjoy unusual homes. This Homewood Suites by Hilton Savannah Historic District/Riverfront hotel is one of the best places to stay in Savannah, GA. It is situated on River Street and features a tourist resort with a great selection, a pool, cabanas, and all-night live performances. Visitors may take advantage of an earlier freeway gathering with beer and wine, complete kitchens, and air conditioning in their rooms. Both the City Center and City Market are within 20 minutes walk and are surrounded by several choices, shopping, and nightlife. For a journey with two people, couples give the place an 8.9 rating.

Zone of the Historic District North: City Market and Broughton Street

City Market is one of the best places to Stay in savannah GA and another popular destination for tourists in the Historic District. Two blocks surround the market, which has stores, eateries, as well as a vibrant nightlife. Come throughout the day to see the galleries and the many excellent artists, and stay late for the live music and pubs. The entertainment/bar district on W Congress Street, which borders City Market, is well-known.

While Broughton Street is known as Savannah’s “shopping street,” it’s a perfect area to buy clothing, presents, and various mementos to take back to your own country. Broughton Street is home to a large number of eateries, as well as one of my favorite hotels in Savannah.

#2. Savannah Victorian District


Forsyth Park’s Victorian District starts roughly halfway through. Although some still view it as transitional, it is an exceptionally lovely region.

The following are the borders of the Victorian District:

  • Gwinnett Street in the north
  • Broad Street, East
  • 31st Street or Anderson Street in the south (depending on the source)
  • Montgomery Street in the west

Both full-time homeowners and a sizable population of SCAD students reside in this region. There are many VRBOs and Airbnbs since many of the properties have been transformed into vacation rentals.


You’ll love taking a stroll through this region if you’re a fan of Victorian architecture. Forsyth Park and a few food stores are nearby. Parking on the street is free! The cost of lodging is somewhat less than on River Street.


Throughout the day, this location is generally safe. Many locals return home later at night or at least flee to the more secure surroundings of their porches. It truly just depends on the block which streets are superior to others. In comparison to the Historic District, the Victorian District may have more gang signs. Compared to the more popular tourist areas farther north, the City is less careful about making graffiti miraculously vanish in this region. Gang members do use these streets. Let’s just get that out there now: Gangs are active all across Savannah.

Forsyth Park (One of The Best Places to Stay in Savannah, GA)

IMAGE SOURCE: Manifest Escapes

Indeed, Forsyth Park is one of the best places to stay in Savannah, GA. It was only included in this section on this site since many tourists wouldn’t know where else to search for it.

Read up on both areas to get a sense of the ambiance around the park as Forsyth Park is divided into two halves, the northern half of which is in the Historic District and the southern half in the Victorian District. The dividing line is Gwinnett Street.


Forsyth Park is lovely! It’s a wonderful area to take a stroll and socialize. Moreover, if you’re traveling with a big dog that requires lots of space to run, this is a great place to stay. In this location, many residents congregate. South of Gaston, there is unlimited free street parking.


Hotel rooms with park views are almost as expensive as those with river views. In the two north/south roadways that surround the park, the volume of traffic is generally constant (Whitaker & Drayton Streets). From the park, it will take you 20 minutes to get to River Street.


Whether during the day or at night, you may encounter members of the homeless community all around the park. They don’t engage in a lot of social interaction and prefer to be alone. Many congregate and sleep near the tennis courts and the area just south of the Fragrant Garden structure as the sun begins to set.

Lodging Options Close to Forsyth Park

Mansion on Forsyth Park

This opulent hotel is located in Savannah’s Forsyth Park. It features a heated outdoor pool and provides rooms with large beds, marble baths, and other luxuries. The Mansion on Forsyth Park offers accommodations with desks. Internet access, a flat-screen TV, and ironing equipment are also in the rooms. You will also receive regional food in the 700 Drayton Restaurant, which also boasts a sizable wine selection. Moreover, The Mansion boasts a rooftop lounge with live entertainment.

Furthermore, visitors to the Mansion on Forsyth Park may get a soothing massage at the Poseidon Spa. A fitness area with cardiovascular equipment is also available at the hotel, making it one of the best places to stay in Savannah, GA.. According to unbiased reports, this is Savannah’s most popular area among our visitors. Couples in particular enjoy the area; they gave it a 9.3 rating for a trip with a partner.

The Gastonian, Historic Inns of Savannah Collection
IMAGE SOURCE: Booking. com

This Savannah, Georgia, 4-star bed & breakfast is between two streets from Forsyth Park. A complimentary Wi-Fi connection is provided in each of the distinctive guest rooms at the historic bed and breakfast.

Each guest room at The Gastonian has a flat-screen TV and a DVD player. Also, there are trendy bathroom products in each room. At the afternoon gathering at the Gastonian, guests may sip wine or tea. Every evening, desserts and drinks are also provided.

The Gastonian in Savannah is just a short stroll from Whitefield Square. The inn is approximately a 5-minute stroll from the renowned Colonial Park Cemetery. Also close by is the historic site of Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. According to unbiased reports, this is Savannah’s most popular area among our visitors.

Forsyth Park Inn
IMAGE SOURCE: Georgia Hunted Houses

Forsyth Park Inn is a hotel located in the heart of Savannah, Georgia, 500 meters from Monterey Square and 700 meters from Pulaski Square. It has free Internet, air conditioning, and access to a garden with a patio.

A TV and a private bathroom with free amenities, bathrobes, and a bath or shower are provided by the bed and breakfast. Every morning, breakfast is served and includes continental, American, and vegetarian selections.

The Savannah History Museum, Lafayette Square, and Madison Square are all popular attractions close to the Forsyth Park Hotel. The lodging is 16 kilometers from Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, which is the closest airport. Couples in particular enjoy the area; they gave it a 9.7 rating for a trip with a partner.

#3. The Starland District (One of The Best Places to Stay in Savannah, GA)


As I currently reside in Savannah’s Starland District, I have a lot of affection for it. It appears that Southern Living agrees that it’s quite awesome! Thomas Square in Starland was ranked as the best neighborhood in the South for 2020.

It’s wacky and entertaining here. One of the most varied neighborhoods in a city that is already well recognized for its variety, in my opinion. Students from SCAD, professionals and long-term residents who have lived in Savannah for more than 30 years all call it home.


The region is home to several excellent eateries and unique stores. You may discover distinctive murals, art studios, and galleries there because it’s the center of the artist’s community. There is fun nightlife as well. Presently, Starland offers free on-street parking. There are just a few extremely touristic enclaves along the Bull Street corridor; otherwise, the neighborhood is primarily residential.


There aren’t any hotels in this area of Savannah, but you may rent rooms in old houses for a fair fee. Walking to River Street takes about 25 to 30 minutes.


Those who are homeless are frequently seen in Starland, particularly in the area around the Bull Street Library and close to the mission on Bull Street.


Similar to the Victorian District, levels of safety vary from one block to the next. It’s not unusual to see an elegant $500,000 home next to an abandoned structure. These routes are frequently used by gangs as well, particularly along 37th Street, which serves as the city’s major east-west route. You should stay away from Wells Park’s neighborhood at night. Both good and less-than-stellar neighborhoods may be found in Starland.

#4. Plant Riverside District

IMAGE SOURCE: Savannah Magazine

The recently built area near River Street’s extreme western end is known as the Plant Riverside District. It is one of the best places to stay in Savannah, GA). Of course, people regard this place as a typically distinct area from the rest of River Street and as its own “district.”

The vast majority of the nearby enterprises began operations in 2020 and 2021. Plant Riverside has wonderful river views, and the location is below the bluff like River Street. The JW Marriott Plant Riverside, which is located inside a former power plant from 1912, is the district’s focal point of commerce. Also, rare jewels, fossils, and an abundance of original artwork fill the hotel lobby. It resembles a museum in many ways.

If you enjoy the ambiance of Vegas, Savannah’s Plant Riverside District comes the closest. The location is quite popular with tourists, and they often fill the area. To attract visitors to the neighborhood, the residents of Plant Riverside offer many activities.


The river is beautifully visible! Nearby brand-new eateries, stores, and pubs are all reachable on foot from the hotel. Even a Starbucks is present.


The riverside doesn’t have a lot of parking, and it’s pricey. In 2021, the hotel erected a parking garage.


Because of the constant presence of security personnel, it is uncommon to see homeless people camped out along this stretch of the riverbank. In reality, security officers have been there almost every time I’ve wandered through the Plant Riverside Area.


If I were to make an educated estimate, I’d say Plant Riverside is among the safest parts of the riverside. It is impossible to ascertain the statistics with certainty because it is located on private property. If you leave the district after dark, be cautious because there isn’t as much protection there.

The Plant Riverside District’s Hotels

JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District
IMAGE SOURCE: Conde Nast Traveler

The Plant Riverside District offers a lounge and lodging with air conditioning in Savannah, 300 meters from the River Street Railroad Gallery. Twelve restaurants, a front desk open around-the-clock, room service, and free Internet are just a few of the amenities that this establishment offers. In exchange for a fee, private parking can be obtainable.

There is a desk, a flat-screen TV, as well as a private bathroom in each of the hotel rooms. There is a wardrobe in every room. Mostly in the mornings, the JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside offers both a continental as well as an American meal. Also, a patio is available in the lodging. Furthermore, City Market, Franklin Square, as well as Ellis Square, are some of the well-liked attractions near the JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District. Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport is 11 kilometers away from the location closest to the hotel.

Tapestry Collection by Hilton’s The Bluff Hotel Savannah

This hotel offers traditional southern hospitality and is located in the center of Savannah’s historic area, only a short stroll from the City Market and River Street.

The Bluff Hotel Savannah Historic, part of the Tapestry Collection by Hilton, offers a complimentary continental breakfast each morning. During those chilly days, the hotel also has practical inner corridors. Within a short distance of The Bluff Hotel Savannah Historic, Tapestry Collection by Hilton are sites including the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, the Savannah Civic Center, and the Savannah College of Art Design. The place is especially popular with couples; they gave it an 8.0 for a trip with two people.

Savannah’s The Alida, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel
IMAGE SOURCE: Conde Nast Traveler

This five-star hotel is situated in Savannah’s Historic District and offers an outdoor pool with a full-service pool deck and lush cabana seating, on-site dining, and guest rooms with contemporary furnishings. The shopping, dining, and entertainment options in the City Market and Broughton Street retail corridors are all within walking distance of the hotel.

The 60-inch flat-screen TVs in each room at The Alida, Savannah, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel include streaming capabilities. Showerheads with raindrops and plush Red Flower bath items are featured in the private bathrooms. Also provided are spa services in-room.

Visitors may savor a specialty cocktail or regional beer at the hotel’s rooftop bar, The Lost Square while taking in expansive views of historic downtown Savannah and River Street. Rhett provides traditional American food for individuals who want to eat on-site.

#5. Island of Tybee

IMAGE SOURCE: Explore Georgia

Tybee Island has a very relaxed atmosphere; it’s a great beach town and a great place for family holidays. On the island, there are a ton of informal dining establishments and souvenir shops. There are also a ton of lodging options, including hotels.

The driving time to get to Tybee from the Historic District is around 20 minutes. It can take an hour and a half to go back and forth between the two during busy weekends or when an event is going on.

The Back River Beach is arguably the most beautiful location. There are several multi-million dollar residences there because it is primarily residential. Vacation rentals in that location will cost you a pretty penny! The beach will be your destination!


Midtown hotels are less expensive than those in the Historic District. There are several supermarkets, drugstores, and petrol stations. The parking situation remains intact. There is no scarcity of fast food and chain eateries.


While being referred to as “Savannah’s beach,” it is neither in Savannah nor does it have the Savannah vibe. Also, dogs do not go to Tybee’s beach! If you’re going with a pet, bear in mind that having a dog on the beach will result in a steep fine. Generally, the little seaside town of Tybee is safe. Most places are safe to explore even after it becomes dark.

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