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NED-CHI GLOBAL is a management consulting company focused on growing businesses and solving a business most serious problem for increased growth and profit.

We assist in the management of your business within specified period, to achieve agreed objectives whilst increasing revenue and solving clients’ difficult business problems.

We leverage our organizational competencies and vast network of resources to meet our customers’ varying needs. Our services are aimed at complementing operational aspirations, making us the most preferred option.

As a company, we continuously strive for product and service innovation and diversity to increase and stabilize our revenue base and provide world-class and personalized offers to industry practitioners.

Meet Our Brand New

This starts with developing a business mind set within the organization which promotes profitability, efficiency and the implementation of best practice business processes. It further spreads into possessing an unwavering commitment to being a good corporate partner focused on building productive, collaborative, trusting and beneficial relationships with government, other companies, our customers and our communities.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of professional management solutions in the fields of:


Professional advice for organisations that require an objective outside perspective on their business.

Hotel Operation

Quality hotel operations management services focused on every aspect of its functions ranging from housekeeping to maintenance.