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We offer cost-effective, high-quality human resource services so that you may devote more time to your core company.

NedChi’s human resource services enable you to satisfy the needs of your organization, regardless of its industry or size. Our HRM services focus on enhancing, developing, and implementing the most effective human resource management processes.

Our HRM services assist in bridging the gap between HR and employees. We accompany you every step of the way. We customize our services extensively because we believe that the right people are the genuine assets.

We perform onboarding, payroll administration, payroll tax support, benefits administration, timesheet and expense management, in addition to HRIS setup services and administrative support.




As Dominique Wilkins puts it, “You are only as good as your staff”, they are our frontline for superior guest and customers experience. Although cost intensive, they deserve significant attention. Our commitment is to ensure the right people with the right skills and knowledge are in place to complement your business. We will therefore:


The Key Element has deep experience with a broad spectrum of situations — whether your company is just getting started, is established and beginning to grow, or is in the process of change.


Our tailored, progressive approach provides all of the key elements of effective HR management – employment, training and development, and customer service. Whether we provide HR consulting services or work alongside your HR team, our support, knowledge and resources can help you meet your goals.

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