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Hotel Operation Management

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Hotel Operation Management

Having an effective day to day operation management is necessary to run a successful hotel. We will therefore take over every aspect of the hotel operation and focus attention towards effectiveness-doing the right things and efficiency doing things the right way by;


  • Evaluating skill levels of team members and customer service delivery
  • Conducting staff training and development
  • Introducing industry standard reporting procedures
  • Analyzing product and delivery systems
  • Controlling operational and running costs
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Performing customer satisfaction analysis
  • Carrying out performance management


The hotel operations management offers business skills and insights to the hotel business owners to easily handle the ongoing operations of the hotels. NedChi Global provides quality hotel operations management services that hotel owners and operatives can rely on.


Fabricated on a culture of accountability and empowerment, our industry-leading operating procedures incorporate all the important functions of hotels like housekeeping, reception, food and beverage and maintenance.



Our entrepreneurial approach to hotel operations focuses on building authentic relationships, identifying opportunities, and achieving common goals. The NedChi team has done just about everything and has seen even more throughout our combined 30 years in the hospitality industry. We apply this gained wisdom along with your successes to create a thriving environment.


NedChi Global has a competitive advantage because we have long-cultivated an entrepreneurial mentality. Together with our clients, we create a unique plan to enhance operations and put the resort in a successful position. Our multidisciplinary team simultaneously tackles some of the most typical challenges, including tailored marketing plans, management of the food and beverage operations, strategic sales plans, accounting, forecasting, and budgeting, relationships with banks and HR, and recruitment.

With this strategy, we can quickly turn around struggling resorts and put them on the road to sustained development and profitability.


Hospitality is experienced, not taught.  And it is this experience that drives everything at NedChi Global. It’s at the center of all of our triumphs, and it’s something we apply to every project. Our team of hospitality professionals understands that profitability is the result of many successful small steps taken at the right time and by the right people, whether a stand-alone hotel, campground, or marina or an inclusive resort with multiple hotels, and indoor waterparks with more than 70,000 annual visits. This is not only our way; we feel it is the only way.