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When is the best time to visit Palm Springs? It can be argued that winter is the ideal season, but there is no one “best” time to go. Visitors can find lots to do in every season, including summer, and Palm Springs is a popular vacation location with miles of hiking trails, top-notch dining options, outstanding sights, and lots of opportunities to unwind and relax in the warm desert sun. 

Palm Springs is a two-hour drive from Los Angeles and is known as a posh retreat for celebrities and business leaders. It has strong Native American ties and offers a range of activities, from arid plains to towering peaks of the nearby mountains. The varied vistas of Palm Springs and Palm Desert are worth studying, from the peak of San Jacinto Peak at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to the desert beauty of Joshua Tree National Park.

In addition to providing a cozy and tranquil haven, Palm Springs also has a tempting selection of shops, top-notch spas, museums, and galleries with creative works of art. These components work together with a variety of additional Palm Springs activities, like an event calendar that fills continuously, to produce an incredible vacation destination all year round. From this article, depending on what you prefer to do, you could determine when to visit Palm Springs.

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Best Time to Visit Palm Springs California

Here is our guide on the time to visit Palm Springs at its best throughout the year.

High Season

The high Season, also known as the winter/spring is from December through April. This season is best for art and design lovers.  Palm Springs experiences its nicest weather, with the biggest day-to-night temperature swings, from December to April. While traveling in the winter, be prepared for bright, sunny days exceeding 70 °F and chilly evenings in the mid-40 °F range. While many visitors to Palm Springs come to walk, the winter season is also a time for major cultural events, such as golf tournaments, exhibitions of art and architecture, and film and music festivals (such as Coachella in April). Moreover, wildflowers start to bloom in January. To avoid paying peak prices, which can quadruple the average for the rest of the year, make your reservation early.

Shoulder Season

The Shoulder Season, also known as the fall season is between October and November. This season is best for outdoor pleasers. Clear skies, temperatures that seem like summer, and highs that approach 90 degrees are the hallmarks of fall in Palm Springs. With nightly lows in the 50s and 60s, evenings are colder but not oppressively so. Even if there are fewer people around this time, there are still lots of things to do, like the yearly Pride celebrations, which will be 35 years old as of 2021, and the valley’s annual hot air balloon festival. Weekend hotel bargains are also plentiful. Autumn is also a great season to spend time outside, whether it’s relaxing by a spa pool or going on a hike through the hills.

Low Season

The low season also known as the summer is from May to September. This season is best for heat seekers and budget travelers. It’s not unusual for the temperature to reach the upper 90s by May. Summertime in Palm Springs is the perfect time for a dawn trek if you’re an early riser and enjoy being outside. It’s customary to eat outside, and the valley’s famous misters spray clouds of water vapor to keep things cool.

Furthermore, the majority of resorts feature midday pool parties with live DJs and nighttime activities. The best prices can be found for lodging, golf course access, and tennis court bookings in the summer. The hotter portion of the day is when many restaurants and sights close, so take notice of these changes.

Various Activities in Palm Springs From January to December

#1. January

Surprisingly, a number of activities and pleasant weather at the beginning of the year attract people from around the Nation. Important occasions include: The Palm Springs International Film Festival and the American Express golf tournament

#2. February 

Considered to be Palm Springs’ wettest month, albeit that’s not saying much in this parched area! Around this season, the region receives rainfall on average of about an inch. Get tickets for the fall Modernism Week the year before you go. Important dates: Modernism Week (tours, talks, and parties celebrating midcentury and contemporary living).

#3. March

Peak wildflower season coincides with the peak tourist season for the neighboring Joshua Tree National Park. The last month of the Desert Circuit’s equestrian competitions, Fashion Week (begins in January)

#4. April

Festival season has started. With Coachella and other major events on the schedule, hotel prices soar and restaurant business is brisk. Important occasions: White Party, Stagecoach Festival, Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (shifted from November to April 2021)

#5. May

With highs already in the 90s, think of May as the start of the long summer in the desert. The biennial Desert X art exhibition includes pieces from the region that explore subjects including immigration and climate change. Meanwhile, every Memorial Day Weekend, the Palm Springs Air Museum performs its annual flower drop (kiddos aged 12 and under can attend for free). Important occasions: The Palm Springs Air Museum flower drop and Desert X (which starts in March).

#6. June

The region’s low season is marked by triple-digit temperatures. Tennis and golf are two outdoor sports that are best played early in the morning or late in the day. At more than 100 participating restaurants during Restaurant Week, fixed-price lunch and supper deals are offered. Important occasions: Shortfest short film festival and Restaurant Week.

#7. July

The warmest month of the year historically. The majority of resorts are packed with poolside activities, including dive-in movies at night and live DJ sets throughout the day. Titles for the Desert Classic Dancesport.

#8. August 

Day and night, the temperature remains high, and many hotels provide 24-hour pools. For pool parties and after-hours activities, Splash House takes over three hotels. Events of Note: Splash House.

#9. September

Evenings become more tolerable as temperatures begin to drop, making for lots of delightful al fresco eating in the mist. Major occasions: Night Sky Festival.

#10. October

Days and nights are shorter when temperatures are extreme, which is ideal for outdoor activities. More conventions and business travelers should be expected than normal. The World Team Tennis Championships.

#11. November

The weather is still ideal for swimming pools and golf, and Pride is in town. However, the better weather and fewer visitors make this a wonderful time to explore Joshua Tree National Park. Important occasions are the High Air Balloon Festival and the State Barbecue Championship at Indio.

#12. December

Nevertheless, the start of the high season coincides with ideal trekking conditions in the Sonoran Desert canyons. Think about going on excursions beyond the city to parks like Whitewater Canyon Preserve in the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area. The Desert Air Festival and stargazing (the sun sets at 4:30 pm) are the main events.

What is Palm Springs Best Known for?

Palm Springs has long been a favorite vacation destination thanks to its natural hot springs, hotels, dining options, golf courses, and warm temperatures. Since the 1930s, it has been a favored getaway for Hollywood celebrities, and many of them have houses in the Palm Springs region.

What is the Cheapest Time to Visit Palm Springs?

Summer is Palm Springs’ low season, which is a little different from many other places. You can get some excellent deals on all hotel and resort properties in the summer since costs drop as the temperature increases. The busiest months of the year are January through March, while music festivals fill the weekends in April.

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