Best tourist attractions in the UK

It is without a doubt that some of the most stunning and recognizable tourist destinations in the entire world may be found in the United Kingdom. Besides, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this magnificent country, from the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands to the vibrant streets of London. Read on to see our list of the best tourist attractions in the UK.

List of the Best Tourist Attractions in the UK

The following is a list of the best tourist attractions in the UK.

#1. Big Ben

Image source: UK Parliament

One of London’s greatest attractions is the Big Ben Clock Tower, which is 150 years old. In reality, the 13-ton bell housed inside the clock tower is known as Big Ben, and Sir Benjamin Hall, who placed the original order for the bell, is credited with giving it its name. It is also the third-largest free-standing clock tower in the world, according to size. Moreover, the clock has been featured in numerous movies and has come to represent England and London. The motion picture Mars Attacks! For instance, a UFO attack devastates Big Ben.

#2. Stonehenge

Image source: Khan Academy

The most well-known prehistoric structure in Europe is Stonehenge, which is located on Salisbury Plain, 10 miles north of the medieval city of Salisbury. Because of its popularity, guests must purchase a timed ticket in advance to ensure admission. The outstanding Stonehenge visitor center’s exhibitions provide the background for a visit by describing how the megaliths were constructed between 3000 and 1500 BC and providing information about life at the time through audio-visual experiences and more than 250 ancient items.

Moreover, you can visit the genuine reproductions of Neolithic houses to observe the tools and implements of daily Neolithic life as volunteers exhibit skills from 4,500 years ago after exploring the many viewing areas close to these massive stones. Although you cannot enter the circle to roam among the stones during regular operating hours, English Heritage, which is in charge of the site, will provide you with exclusive access early in the morning or late in the evening.

#3. Windsor Castle

Image source: Veranda

The largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world, Windsor Castle is roughly an hour’s drive west of London. Queen Elizabeth II uses the castle as one of her official residences and spends a lot of weekends there, entertaining both state and private guests. The earliest structures still standing in Windsor date to Henry II’s reign, who ascended to the throne in 1154. The majestic State Apartments and St. George’s Chapel, as well as most of the castle, are open for visitors.

#4. Tower of London

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One of London’s biggest tourist destinations, the Tower of London has served as a prison, palace, treasure vault, observatory, and menagerie. In addition, this World Heritage Site has enough to see and do to keep visitors occupied for hours. It is regarded as the most significant building in England.

Furthermore, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is the Tower of London, which William the Conqueror constructed in 1078. Highlights include the Line of Kings, which was first built in 1652 and features an impressive exhibition of royal armor. Check for kid-friendly events, such as “Knights School,” if you’re going with youngsters.

#5. Durham Cathedral

Image source: Britain Express

The largest Norman structure in England and probably even in all of Europe is Durham Cathedral, located in Durham, in northeastern England. It is famous for both its architecture and its prime location. On August 12, 1093, the Durham Cathedral’s cornerstone was formally laid. The building has undergone significant renovations and additions since that time, although most of it still adheres to the original Norman design. England’s most beloved structure was Durham Cathedral, according to a 2001 nationwide BBC poll.

#6. York Minster

Image source: Wikipedia

Along with Cologne Cathedral in Germany, York Minster is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in northern Europe, dominating the skyline of the historic city of York. Likewise, all the significant phases of English Gothic architectural evolution are present at York Minster. The current structure was started in 1230 and finished in 1472. Additionally, the largest piece of medieval stained glass in the entire world may be found inside the cathedral, called the “Great East Window.”

#7. The British Museum

Image source: Secret London

The British Museum is home to more than 13 million objects from Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, China, and Europe, making it one of the world’s best antiquity collections. Besides, the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens and the renowned Rosetta Stone are the most well-known ancient antiquities.

But there are also a lot of other excellent works on display here that contribute to this being one of the top tourist destinations in London. Moreover, the collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts is the largest outside of Cairo, and the Mildenhall Treasure, a trove of fourth-century Roman silver discovered in Suffolk in 1942, is nothing short of amazing. If you have the time, consider going on a tour (private after-hour tours are fun), attending a class, or listening to a lecture. On-site dining and shopping are also options.

#8. Lake District

Image source: The Hiking Photographer

The Lake District is the largest National Park in the nation and is situated in the county of Cumbria in northwest England. Moreover, the lakes and fells (mountains and hills), sculpted by glacial erosion and offering stunning and inspirational scenery, are the main draws. It is the top hiking and climbing location in England. Every year, around 14 million tourists from both domestic and foreign countries visit the park.

#9. Chester Zoo

Image source: BBC

Chester Zoo, one of the greatest places to visit in England for families, is situated in Upton, a little more than a mile north of Chester’s city center. Moreover, Chester Zoo is England’s most popular attraction outside of London. Around 400 different species of animals make up the more than 11,000 inhabitants of this 125-acre park. However, the zoo’s allure extends beyond simply animal lovers, as guests can also take advantage of award-winning landscaped gardens.

One of the biggest tourist destinations is the Chester Zoo. Spend some time exploring the oldest city walls in Britain. They are in excellent condition. If you can fit it into your trip plans, Chester Cathedral is certainly worth visiting. The “Chester Rows” are magnificent 14th-century examples of medieval architecture.

#10. Eden Project

Image source: Discover Walks

The remarkable Eden Project is a collection of extraordinary artificial biomes that house an unbelievable assortment of plants from all over the world. Also, this magnificent botanical garden complex is housed in a converted quarry in Cornwall and is made up of enormous domes that resemble enormous igloo-shaped greenhouses. Similarly, thousands of diverse plant species are housed in the stunning (and futuristic-looking) structures’ tropical and Mediterranean habitats.

Additionally, along with these breathtaking displays of plant life, the Eden Project often presents a wide range of artistic and musical events. If you can extend your vacation, think about staying at the hostel on the property or eating at one of its restaurants. Adventure activities are also available, including ziplining and giant swings.

What Is the Prettiest Place in England?

Most beautiful places in England

  • The North York Moors, Yorkshire
  • Grasmere and Ambleside, Cumbria
  • Chatsworth and Haddon, Derbyshire
  • Bath, Somerset
  • Cotswold villages, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire
  • Jurassic Coast, Dorset and Devon
  • Helford and Roseland, Cornwall
  • Norfolk coast, Norfolk

What Is the Prettiest City in the UK?

The best cities in the UK

  • London. Score 84.07.
  • Edinburgh. Score 83.01
  • Cardiff. Score 82.81
  • Manchester. Score 82.22
  • Liverpool. Score 76.78
  • Belfast. Score 75.42
  • Bath. Score 75.40
  • Oxford. Score 72.82

What Is the Number 1 Tourist Attraction in the World?

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy Topping off the list of most popular tourist attractions is the Colosseum, which is no surprise for those who have it on their bucket list.


The UK is without a doubt home to some of the most beautiful and iconic tourist attractions in the world. From the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands to the lively streets of London, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this wonderful country. We hope that our list of the best tourist attractions in the UK has inspired you to start planning your next trip.

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FAQs About the Best Tourist Attractions in the UK

What is the most popular destination in the UK?

The UK’s one-stop travel destination is London. While it is feasible to arrange a trip to the UK without going to London, it is definitely not advisable.

Why is UK famous for tourism?

The U.k., one of the most powerful nations on earth, receives a ton of visitors each year. The nation is popular as a cultural and historical destination because of its Scottish scenery, British royal family, Beatles, and numerous castles and forts.

What do I need to visit the UK?

You must have a passport or travel document to enter the UK. It should be valid for the whole of your stay. You must be able to show that: you’ll leave the UK at the end of your visit.