best towns in Massachusetts to live and retire to

One of the most populated states in the nation, Massachusetts is also home to some of the most amazing towns. The Bay State offers a variety of experiences for visitors, from magnificent coastal regions to charming tiny villages. Some of the best towns in the nation can be found in Massachusetts. This also has a diverse population, a long history, and a number of distinctive attractions.

These communities, which range from Provincetown to Northampton, have something to offer everyone. There is the ideal Massachusetts town for you, whether you want a weekend of shopping or a beach getaway. Massachusetts is the ideal spot to travel and discover the best towns in the nation. This is because of its extraordinary beauty, breathtaking scenery, and range of activities.


#1. Cambridge

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This is one of the top towns in Massachusetts to live in. This is Cambridge, a small town that is home to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), two of the top universities in the world. Few cities in the entire world can guarantee you a fulfilling life as much as this 108,000-person Middlesex County city can if hanging around with a group of ridiculously intelligent people is your idea of a fulfilling existence.

But, Cambridge, it’s not like life is all work and no play. The region contains some of the best pubs, restaurants, and art centers. It also has one of the liveliest nightlife scenes. The average price of a home in Cambridge is $581,700, or around the price of a two-bedroom, one-bath condo.

#2. Lexington

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You’re certainly familiar with Lexington, which was ranked first on Niche’s list of the Best Places to Live in Massachusetts for 2017. That’s because the American Revolutionary War’s opening salvos were fired here. Every year on the first Monday in April, the neighborhood of about 33,000 people remembers the early years of the fight for independence.

It was only fitting that such a significant national landmark develops into a respectable community long after the gunfire subsided, and Lexington did just that. With a negligible crime rate, the region is home to some of the highest-performing public schools in the whole nation. Despite the high cost of living and substantial median home values of $736,600, the locals also have among the highest median household earnings in the country, at $149,306.

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#3. Boston

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Boston is both Massachusetts’ state capital and largest city. This makes it unquestionably one of the best towns in Massachusetts to call home and travel to. Together with exciting Colonial and Revolutionary War sites scattered throughout its historic cobblestone streets, you can also experience the city’s vibrant nightlife and exciting sporting events.

The city serves as New England’s commercial and cultural hub, dominating the eastern Massachusetts Bay region. Despite having a high cost of living and housing, residents enjoy excellent public services and are close to all of Boston’s fascinating attractions.

You can unwind along the picturesque harborfront or visit some buzzing bars in addition to roaming along the Freedom Trail and seeing important locations from the city and country’s fight for freedom. A trip isn’t complete without attending a game featuring the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, or New England Patriots in front of their passionate supporters.

#4. Leverett

Leverett is the best option if peace and quiet are important ranking aspects in your location evaluation criteria. Besides, Leverett, which is a part of Franklin County, is on our list. This is because of its reasonable cost of living in comparison to the benefits it offers. Aside from the peace and beautiful surroundings, the hamlet of 2,000 people has a top-rated school system and a virtually nonexistent crime rate.

With property values averaging $343,900, life is reasonably priced for a place of its stature. Yet, as a resident, you will have to deal with the absence of any pubs, eateries, or theaters in the neighborhood. Leverett compensates for this lack with a wealth of natural attractions and things to do, so you could argue that it promotes a more traditional way of life.

#5. Worcester

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This is also one of the top towns in Massachusetts to live in. Worcester, the second-most populous city in New England after Boston, is known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth” due to its geographic location in the middle of the state. Its undulating hills and valleys are home to an astounding twelve schools and institutions, and many people come here to study because of all the remarkable advancements it has produced.

Despite having a fairly large student population, Worcester is not at all a college town. This is because the city’s educational institutions seem to have had little impact. Instead, because of the excellent public schools and verdant open spaces, many families and young professionals of all different nationalities and cultures choose to live here.

Due to the city’s large size and the fact that many of its most noteworthy museums and monuments are located far apart from one another. The Worcester Art Museum and lovely Elm Park are both must-see locations, and the beautiful 1857 Mechanics Halls offer a jam-packed schedule of world-class performances and concerts.

#6. Winchester, Massachusetts

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The population of Winchester, a neighborhood in Boston, is 22,000 people. This is one of those communities that was built with families in mind. In actuality, Winchester has retained this reputation ever since the 1970s, when it was first generally seen in that way. Winchester’s school district, which received the highest possible score of 10 on GreatSchools, performs among the finest in the country, similar to practically every family town in Massachusetts. The town is close to the main metropolis, and there are not many crimes committed there.

When locals want to swim, paddle, sail, or ice skate, they frequently congregate at Mystic Lakes. Nonetheless, Winchester doesn’t provide an inexpensive way of life. On average, rent costs $1,565 a month. A dream home will cost you, on average, $738,200, but there are numerous possibilities in the area if you want to splash out on one.

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#7. Springfield

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Springfield, the biggest city in western New England, serves the surrounding region as a cultural, economic, and media center. Due to the abundance of work prospects and entertainment alternatives, including places like Six Flags and the Basketball Hall of Fame, many people relocate here.

It’s on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River and is known as the “City of Firsts” since so many significant inventions have their roots there. Springfield is currently experiencing a cultural revival as a result of greater economic investment, following decades of bad planning decisions. Its inclusion in the Knowledge Corridor has also aided in its ability to draw business and laborers.

Visitors can explore the quadrangle’s wonderful institutions and wander around the walkable Metro Center. However, they can also find many beautiful old Victorian buildings in the city’s more affluent neighborhoods.

#8. Newton, Massachusetts

best towns in Massachusetts to live and retire to
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According to TIME’s Money Magazine, Newton is the 26th finest city in the country to live in. The wealthy town of 88,000 residents is made up of 13 settlements. It is highly renowned for its top-notch public schools, lush green streets, and historic mansions with a $739,700 median valuation.

Less than 10 miles separate Garden City from Boston, but despite being a commuter town, it has a thriving economy of its own. The Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Boston College are the two largest employers in this incredibly strong job market. Due to the high cost of living, Newton residents benefit from high wages, with households earning an average of $121,000 annually.

#9. Somerville, Massachusetts

best towns in Massachusetts to live and retire to
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This is another one of the best towns in Massachusetts to live in. Somerville, formerly known as “Summerville,” is now frequently cited as one of the state’s best-run cities. The primarily residential suburb, which spans a sizable region northwest of Boston and north of Cambridge, is home to a variety of top-notch eating and drinking businesses.

Davis Square and Union Square are the principal centers of communal life in this city, which has been in decline for many years. Here, you’ll discover some fantastic neighborhood stores and eateries as well as excellent transportation options to places like Harvard and the city center. The Tufts University campus is home to some attractive architecture and offers a wide range of educational opportunities.

Somerville, which most recently won the All-America City Award for its exceptional and significant civic participation, provides people with all the advantages of living in a city while still maintaining a small-town atmosphere.

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#10. Marblehead

best towns in Massachusetts to live and retire to
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In Marblehead, families make an average total income of $102,993 per household. Their children attend public schools that have almost perfect ratings on GreatSchools, where some of the brightest minds in the nation educate their offspring. Marblehead is also eager to promote a sense of community, and this trickles down to the students via the Marblehead High School booster club, which offers academic scholarships for on-field success.

#11. Sudbury, Massachusetts

best towns in Massachusetts to live and retire to
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The population of Sudbury, a lovely town in Middlesex County, is 18,400. Well-recognized and rated as among the best in the state are its public schools. It features a close-knit community, convenient access to grocery stores, restaurants, and shops, and all of these amenities. The high cost of living, with residences costing an average of $640,700 and rent costing an average of $569, is the area’s main drawback. $165,745 is the median household income.

Where Do Rich People Live in Massachusetts?

Dover is the wealthiest community in Massachusetts. This city, which is primarily a residential region, is located along the southern banks of the Charles River and is about 40 minutes from Boston.

Where Is the Safest City in Massachusetts?

The safest community in Massachusetts and the third safest in the nation is Andover. North Andover, Arlington, and Needham also made the top 15.

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