There are many wonderful spots to call home in the Granite State. New Hampshire is a state in the New England area that embodies the best of nature’s beauty. It is the second-best state to live in the US. New Hampshire is renowned for its high standard of living, thriving economy, and untainted nature. Actually, finding the best towns and places to live for fall foliage and families in New Hampshire might be challenging, despite the state’s numerous positive qualities. Don’t panic.

In this article, we discussed the best beautiful towns in New Hampshire where families can live and enjoy the fall foliage.

#1. Portsmouth

best towns to live in new hampshire for fall foliage and families
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One of the nicest locations to reside in New Hampshire is Portsmouth, which is in Rockingham County. Portsmouth residents nevertheless enjoy a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority own their houses. It is home to many young professionals, and the city’s populace leans left. Surprisingly, Portsmouth’s public schools attract praise. The Strawbery Banke Museum has a number of notable 17th and 18th-century homes where costumed staff members exhibit old-fashioned skills.

However, market Square downtown is under the watchful gaze of the nearby 1855 North Church. You can find Riverside Gardens and boat docks at Prescott Park. The decommissioned research submarine USS Albacore is located in a park, next to a tourist center, in the northwest.

#2. Hanover

best town to live in new hampshire for fall foliage and families
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There are 11,612 people living in the New Hampshire town of Hanover. However, being one of the greatest locations to live in New Hampshire, Hanover is located in Grafton County. Hanover surprisingly provides its inhabitants with a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority own their houses. It also has a large population of young professionals and a moderate political climate. Hanover public schools attract praise.

#3. Bedford

best towns to live in new hampshire for fall foliage and families
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The Manchester town of Bedford has a population of 23,157. Bedford, in Hillsborough County, notwithstanding, is among the best towns to live in New Hampshire. Consequently, it offers residents a basic suburban feel, and most residents are homeowners. In Bedford, there are several parks and coffee shops. This amazing town also has a sizable family population and a populace that leans liberal. in addition, Bedford’s public schools enjoy a good reputation.

#4. Madbury

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There are 2,166 people living in Madbury. One of the nicest locations to reside in New Hampshire is in Strafford County’s Madbury. As a matter of fact, the majority of people who live in Madbury are house owners, giving the community a suburban-rural vibe. Also, Madbury has a large family population and conservative-leaning individuals. Well regarded are Madbury’s public schools.

#5. Lincoln

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The town of Lincoln is one of the best towns in New Hampshire and is situated in the White Mountains. In Franconia Notch State Park, a boardwalk crosses Flume Gorge, a canyon at the base of Mount Liberty. Meanwhile, nearby lies The Basin, a huge granite chasm at the base of a neighboring waterfall. Ski trails can be found on Loon Mountain, which lies east of Lincoln. As a matter of fact, there is a theme park nearby named Clark’s Trading Post, featuring a steam railroad, an Americana museum, and a bear show.

#6. Sandwich

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The state of New Hampshire contains the town of Sandwich in Carroll County. Sandwich, nonetheless, is made up of the towns of North Sandwich and Central Sandwich. Squam Lake and the White Mountain National Forest both have portions that are located in the town’s northwest and southwest corners, respectively.

In as much as this community of Sandwich, which is tucked between Squam Lake’s loon-filled shoreline and the White Mountains’ wooded foothills, has a ton of hiking trails, driving routes, and a covered bridge, it is also a warm downtown. Also, the 100-year-old Sandwich Fair, which has midway rides, livestock events, and more, is a good time to visit.

#7. Walpole

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New Hampshire’s Cheshire County includes the town of Walpole. While documentary director Ken Burns was seeking a place to live, he came across this lovely community with a town green encircled by houses from the 19th century, farms, orchards, and the Connecticut River nearby. Meanwhile, the breathtaking vistas of Alyson’s Orchard, one of the greatest orchards in the nation, should not be missed. Also, allot time to visit L.A. Burdick and sample its renowned chocolate.

#8. Conway

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Conway, one of the best towns for fall foliage in eastern New Hampshire, is located there. a path that circles the lake that Cathedral Ledge at Echo Lake State Park views. Meanwhile, views of the White Mountains can be seen from the top. To the north is the waterfall complex known as Diana’s Baths. The Mount Washington Observatory Weather Exploration Center in North Conway, however, offers interactive climate displays. At a Victorian station, Conway Scenic Railroad’s vintage trains depart.

In addition, to see the leaves in New Hampshire, use the Conway Scenic Railroad. Use the White Mountains’ clefts and trestles while passing through Conway’s plethora of restaurants and outlet businesses. Again, you can find a stunning group of swimming holes and waterfalls at Diana’s Baths.

#9. Waterville Valley

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The American community of Waterville Valley notwithstanding is located in the New England region of Grafton County, New Hampshire. The U-shaped mountain range that encircles Waterville Valley is the pinnacle of feng shui. The region is especially beautiful in the fall when the slopes, which are dominated by the towering peaks of Tripyramid and Osceola, come alive with color. Also, many hiking paths entice outdoor enthusiasts to explore the forest.

#10. Amherst

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Amherst, a region in Manchester, has 11,712 residents. This town, which nevertheless is one of the nicest locations to live in the US state of New Hampshire, is located in Hillsborough County. Also, residents in Amherst enjoy a rural lifestyle, and the majority own their homes. There are several parks and coffee restaurants in Amherst. As much as Amherst locals tend to lean left, they regard its public schools very well.

#11. Greenland

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The population of Greenland is 4,006. Consequently, the town of Greenland, which is located in the county of Rockingham, is among the best towns for families in New Hampshire. Greenland also offers residents a suburban rural mix feel, and most residents are homeowners. Meanwhile, there are lots of families, and a liberal outlook is common in Greenland. The public schools in Greenland receive high recognition.

#12. Bow

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There are 8,227 people living in the New Hampshire town of Bow. However, the town of Bow in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, is among the best towns for families. Also, the majority of Bow residents own their homes, giving the neighborhood a sparse suburban feel. Bow residents often lean liberal. The public schools in Bow attract praise a lot.

#13. Exeter

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Exeter is a town located 30 minutes east of Manchester in southern New Hampshire. Consequently, it is one of the top 30 retirement destinations in the country, with 5.42 medical facilities per 1,000 people. It also has the greatest number of retirement communities (0.43), and a tax load of 11.30%. Exeter has a long history, with a church that was started in 1638 and is still operating today. Additionally, in our list of the top retirement communities along the East Coast, Exeter is ranked second.

#14. Rochester

best places to visit in new hampshire for fall foliage and families
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Another town at the border between New Hampshire and Maine is Rochester. With barely 1.10 medical centers per 1,000 population, it falls in second-to-last place on this list. However, with 18% of the population being over 65, the city has the second-highest proportion of elderly citizens. Rochester’s tax burden is 11.30%, much like the rest of the places on this list. Also, the Rochester Museum of Fine Art, which is located in the city, has a collection of modern artwork in several mediums.

#15. Concord

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The nearby city of Concord, which has 1.93 medical facilities per 1,000 residents, ranks sixth on this list. With 0.71 leisure centers per 1,000 population, it is sixth among those. However, like in every other city on our list, there is a tax on local income at a rate of 11.30%. Concord, the state capital, is home to a sizable number of historic structures. This is particularly true for the state’s capital, which is located in New Hampshire, a region that was home to several early colonial settlements. The oldest state building in the United States where the legislature still convenes in its original chambers is the New Hampshire State House, which was constructed between 1815 and 1818.

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