BEST WATERFALLS IN MAUI: Top 15 Waterfalls to Swim

Best Waterfalls in Maui

Maui is sometimes referred to as the “Magic Isle” or the “Romantic Island.” The names are really appropriate. Planning a trip to go waterfall-chasing is simple, which is one of Maui’s many waterfall beauties. Off the iconic Road to Hana, you will find the best of the island’s waterfalls. Besides, you and the kids will have the chance to explore the unique jungle’s overgrown vegetation. For your convenience, get comfortable water sandals or water shoes for trekking. This article talks about the best waterfalls in Maui to swim in.

10 Best Waterfalls in Maui

There is freedom in a tropical waterfall that seems to sum up what it means to be on an island. In Maui, often you will see waterfalls anywhere, from public “bridal veils” along the road to private, rocky cascades nestled away deep in the rainforest. The trip’s most memorable moment maybe when you share an island honeymoon kiss beneath a calm cascade or trek to a tall, multi-tiered tumbler where your neck soars upwards.

We’ve put together this list of the best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii, to assist you on your trip.

#1. Waimoku Waterfalls

The Waimoku waterfalls hike is one of the top 10 most romantic waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii for adventure-loving couples. On this four-mile (roundtrip) journey, you’ll see a huge banyan tree, a charming bamboo forest, a gorgeous grove of apple trees, and a 400-foot-tall waterfall.

#2. Twin Waterfalls

The first waterfall along the road to Hana is Twin Waterfalls. You have to trek through a farm to get there. In addition, the track is level, and the first half is a short jungle stroll. Nevertheless, most people stop at the first set of falls, which feature an upper and lower tier, before leaving.

#3. Alelele Waterfalls

Driving the “back road” from Hana, this is most likely the last waterfall you’ll see among the 10 best waterfalls in Maui. Also, you’ll come across this 50-foot cascade overflowing into a remote plunge pool below after traveling for five minutes on a constrained dirt track. Winter is the greatest time to visit because the waterfalls are barely a trickle in the summer.

#4. Honokohau Waterfalls

One of Maui’s most unique waterfalls also happens to be its highest. Also, from the cockpit of a hovering helicopter, you can see this 1,100-foot jaw-dropper. Generally, you need to Book an early morning flight for a tour of West Maui and Moloka’i to avoid the clouds.

#5. Wailua Waterfalls

In Maui, Hawaii, a waterfall called Wailua is 80 feet high and is so close to the road that it almost splashes the roadway. Furthermore, guided trips to Maui’s renowned Road to Hana are the best way to experience the waterfalls. In particular, there is a small route that leads to the base of the roaring falls for guests.

#6. Punalau Waterfalls

It takes around 15 minutes to walk to this beautiful waterfall in Maui Hawaii, which is 100 feet tall. Although, there is no path, and depending on the stream’s water level, the ascent up the boulders can be treacherous. Due to its short distance, it is one of the 10 top best waterfalls in Maui hikes for kids. However, it can’t be seen from the road, because it’s typically not that visible. As a result, its falls are among the best waterfall in Maui that is not really seen from a distance. 

#7. Hanawi Waterfalls

The Kopiliula waterfalls are a lesser-known hidden waterfall among the 10 best in Maui, Hawaii, and are set off the well-known Road to Hana. Furthermore, even though the distance to the falls is only a mile, getting there requires climbing over rocks and perhaps even walking through muddy, treacherous terrain. But only a route in the Nahiku town leads to the Lower Hanawi Waterfall, and that path travels through personal land.

#8. Makapipi Waterfalls

Of the best 10 Maui waterfalls along the Hana Highway, one stands out for having the form of a bird’s eye. For instance, Makapipi Falls is the only one where you may stand at the top and observe a torrent of water cascading into a stunning pool below. Parking your car at the little pull-out shortly following the Makapipi Bridge, which spans the Makapipi Stream, will allow you to enjoy this special vantage position. Subsequently, you can proceed to cross the bridge again.

#9. Makahiku Waterfalls

In the Oheo Gulch along the Pipiwai Trail on Maui, Hawaii, are the Makahiku Waterfalls. The infinity pool at the 184-foot horsetail waterfall appears to reach the sky. Similarly, under calmer occasions, you could also wish to try to go to the upper pool, which really feeds into the waterfall below.

#10. Seven Sacred Pools (Oheo Gulch)

One of Maui, Hawaii’s best 5 to swim and busiest waterfalls with wading sites is Oheo Gulch, where a number of beautiful waterfalls drop into crystal-clear swimming holes. Additionally, it produces a picture-perfect natural swimming pool with tiers. The valley, pierced by a luxuriant stream, is also known as the Seven Sacred Pools. Nevertheless, there are more than seven freshwater pools when the water level is high. This area along the beach of Kipahulu is best referred to as the Garden of Eden.

Furthermore, if you’re allowed to take a dip, use caution and pay attention to any warning signs. Because of flash floods, the pools are often off-limits to swimming. (We also caution against cliff leaping; there have been fatalities here.

Best Waterfalls in Maui to Swim

The list of the best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii, where you may swim, is provided below. Surely one will do.

#1. Waikamoi Falls (Mile 10 Falls)

Just a few steps from the road, the first waterfall cascades down into a seductive pool of crystal clear water. To reach the second fall, you must scramble up a stream bed, but when the bed is dry, it is not too difficult. But if you put in the extra work to get to the second, bigger waterfall, that’s the one that steals the show. Moreover, it’s not a terrible way, in our opinion, to pass some leisurely time in Maui while you swim in these waterfalls. When you get there, at best, relax in the pool and enjoy the refreshing water.

#2. Upper Waikani Falls (Three Bears Waterfalls)

The Upper Waikani waterfalls on Maui, Hawaii, will entice you to see them right away because they are easily visible from the Hana Highway. Getting down there is the difficult part. Although, the descent from the bridge to the path is a little frightening. But once you’ve mastered that first part, you’re good to go. Also, at the Three Bears Waterfalls, you can have your best experience in Maui to swim, and snapping some pictures.

#3. Kopiliula Falls (Kopihula Waterfalls)

On Maui, the Kopiliula waterfall is not really popular, and it is hidden. These falls are about a mile away. However, getting there requires climbing over rocks and sometimes even walking through muddy, slippery terrain. In addition, you could have the site to yourself because it’s not a popular tourist attraction. Additionally, once there, enjoy the calm and solitude. Moreover, the base of the Kopiliula waterfalls in Maui is the best spot to swim.

#4. Pua’a Ka’a Falls

On Maui’s best waterfalls, one of the easiest walks is to Pua’a Ka’a Falls. Moreover, there are two waterfalls nearby; the one that is closest to the parking lot is smaller and busier. It also takes a little longer to walk along a dirt path to reach the second, bigger waterfall. Also, there is a swimming pool there as well.

#5. Makamakaole Falls

Makamakaole Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii, with a great experience. Furthermore,  the 13 Crossings Hike goes to a bifurcation with waterfalls and swimming holes at the end of both pathways, and it spans the Makamakaoles Stream 13 times. Likewise, the Waihe’e Ridge Trail trek will burn calories and allow you to view the falls from a distance (the trail ascends 1,500 feet).

Where Is the Secret Waterfall in Maui?

Honokohau Fall

Being the highest and most inaccessible waterfall on Maui, its 1,100-foot grandeur can only be appreciated from a helicopter. Honokohau Falls are in a secluded valley, so the perfect circumstances are necessary to enjoy them.

Is the Twin Falls Worth It in Maui?

With Trek Maui, your family may take part in a family-friendly hike to Twin waterfalls with special access to a couple of other waterfalls. It’s undoubtedly one of Maui’s best waterfall treks.

Is Road to Hana Worth It?

If you are on any of the  Hawaiian Islands, doing the Road to Hana tour and drive is certainly worthwhile. It will be a vacation you won’t soon forget thanks to the breathtaking scenery and extensive history. Additionally, the Road to Hana was named the Hana Century Historic Path by former President Bill Clinton.

Are There Any Waterfalls in Maui Not on the Road to Hana?

Makamakaole Falls is situated along Waihe’e Ridge. Also, one of the few waterfalls on Maui’s western shore.  Furthermore, it is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Maui that is not linked to the Road to Hana and is reachable by land.

Are There Any Hot Springs in Maui?

Although Hawaii is very hot and has a lot of volcanic activity, there aren’t many typical hot springs there. Also, you’ll discover some warm springs and tidal pools instead. Sometimes, you may find these distinctive mineral water ponds just next to the lake.


The trips to the waterfalls in Maui, Hawaii are a lasting experience. sharing the island honeymoon kiss and having behind you a peaceful waterfall while you take your tour around is amazing.   However, employ caution and pay attention to any warning signs when swimming. Besides this, your trip to Maui, Hawaii waterfall will be worthwhile due to its magnificent beauty and rich history.

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FAQs About the Best Waterfalls in Maui

Can You Drive to Waterfalls in Maui?

One of the best waterfalls on Maui is accessible by car; you just need to walk a little distance off the road to obtain a close-up view. In addition, no matter what you have planned for the day, you can easily include a visit to Waikamoi Falls in your agenda. 

What Should I Wear to Twin Falls Maui?

Wear comfortable footwear and clothing that you don’t mind getting filthy or wet. Pack a towel. Put on a swimsuit.

How Long Is the Walk to Twin Falls Maui?


In the vicinity of Haiku, Maui, explore this 1.8-mile out-and-back route. Also, it requires an average of 53 minutes to finish and is typically regarded as a moderately difficult course.