Without a doubt, the global travel industry is rapidly expanding, and travel agencies have emerged as critical service providers when it comes to planning a memorable trip. The industry has also become more sensitive to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and it is making a concerted effort to absorb and encourage black tourism worldwide. As a result, many black-owned travel agencies have emerged, putting their best foot forward at all times.

Five Best Black-Owned Travel Agencies in Atlanta

#1.Epperly Travel 

Epperly Travel is a black-owned travel agency service-based luxury travel agency that specializes in 4- and 5-star customized vacations around the world. Nevertheless, the friendly agents get to know your travel needs and work with you to make your dream vacation a reality.

#2. Vacation Express

Vacation Express is an Atlanta-based black-owned travel agency operator. Additionally, the company was established in 1989. However, Sunwing Travel Group paid an undisclosed sum for Vacation Express in 2011. Besides, over two million vacation packages have been sold by the company.

#3. Phoenix Travel

Phoenix’s highly professional, dedicated, and also its passionate team is a true testament to its ability to remain one of the country’s most preferred black-owned travel agency providers.

#4. Travel Merry

TravelMerry is a leading US-based travel company that offers a diverse range of travel options. Nevertheless, they play a key role in helping you choose the best spot for your vacation.

#5. Personal Touch Tours Travel Agency 

Personal Touch Tours Travel Agency customizes your vacation to your preferences. In the same fashion, with each trip, they ensure that you have a personalized experience, from cruises to weddings and small getaways.

Five Best Black-Owned Travel Agencies in South Africa

#1. Travelling Cheapskates

Traveling Cheapskates is a black-owned travel agency social enterprise that packages low-cost travel deals. Philile Nzimande and Pearl Nkosi founded the Melville, Johannesburg-based company, which specializes in custom-made and pre-packaged deals for groups, solo travelers, families, and couples.

#2. Soul Traveller Tours

Soul Traveller Tours is a group travel tour operator that aims to create “immersive tours” that include urban culture and cosmopolitan neighborhood food crawls as well as nature-focused getaways. Based in Johannesburg, was founded in collaboration with Thebe Tourism Group, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Thebe Investment Corporation, by Siphesihle Penny Ndlela, who is also the CEO.

#3. Travel Noire

Travel Noire is a digital publishing platform dedicated to developing tools and resources for “the unconventional traveler.” Curators from the African diaspora are chosen by the startup to share their experiences on the platform. Also, they provide travel packages to Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as other African cities.

#4. Camissa Marketing and Travel

Khonaye founded Camissa in 2006 as a true “black-owned and managed South African” company. In addition, the agency offers a knowledgeable and reliable perspective on travel and special events that people will value.

#5. Travelstart South Africa

Travelstart South Africa is a travel agency in Darter Studio located at Longkloof, Darters Rd., Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa, 8001. Furthermore, this company puts a lot of effort into getting customers to their desired locations with the help of a team of travel industry professionals.

Five Best Black-Owned Travel Agencies in Maryland

#1. KT Travel & More, LLC 

KT Travel & More LLC is a company that provides travel services, based in Dallas, Texas, but operating on a national scale, is a certified destination wedding travel agency that provides travel planning services for wedding couples and their guests to Mexico and the Caribbean.

#2.  I Do Destinations, Taneytown, Maryland

I Do Destinations by Lacie is a Taneytown, Maryland-based wedding travel agency that specializes in romantic destination weddings and honeymoons. Also with over 15 years of experience, the agency offers a seasoned and dependable approach to travel and special events that couples will appreciate.

#3. Travel Suite Dreamz, Cockeysville, Maryland

Suite Dreamz Travel is a Cockeysville, Maryland-based travel agency with over two decades of experience. Without a doubt, allow them to plan your destination wedding or honeymoon so you can concentrate on other things.

#4.Charm City Travels, Maryland

Charm City Travel is a wedding vacation company located in Baltimore, Maryland. Indeed, this company, run by a diverse team of travel experts, works hard to get couples to their dream destinations.

#5. Wander in Wonder,   Maryland

Wander in Wonder Travel is a travel consulting firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. In detail, they specialize in destination weddings, family and group travel, and other activities. Undoubtedly, Wander in Wonder Travel works hard to make your vision a reality.

Five Best Black-Owned Travel Agencies in Chicago

#1. Gone Again Tours & Travel

Particularly, they are crucial in assisting you in finding the ideal location for your family vacation. Above all, the agency provides a knowledgeable and trustworthy approach to travel and special events that people will value.

#2. Windy City Travel consultants

For nearly 40 years, they have been serving travelers. Also, a group journey of eight or more people or luxury travel is a specialty of Windy City Travel consultants. Also, they will assist you in planning your ideal vacation to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and everywhere in between.

#3. Down Under Endeavours, Inc.

Handcrafted luxury travel to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific experts. Particularly, individuals will appreciate the agency’s experienced and dependable approach to travel and special events.

#4. South Shore Travels

South Shore Health offers recommended vaccinations for international travelers, as well as updates on routine immunizations, to ensure your protection against a wide range of illnesses.

#5. Menatours 

Menatours is a forward-thinking digital travel management company that helps companies and tour guides around the world. In truth, you will experience the most incredible locations on earth with a travel agency that has visited each one.

How Do Private Travel Agents Make Their Money?

To clarify, commissions paid by suppliers on vacation packages, cruises, air, and other add-ons are travel agencies’ primary sources of income. However, as organizations work to diversify their revenue streams to become less reliant on supplier commissions, consultation fees and service fees are becoming more prevalent.

Is It Cheaper To Use A Travel Agent?

A travel agent will typically only charge you a small fee, and occasionally they won’t charge you anything at all. However, a large portion of their income comes from commission payments from hotels and wholesalers.


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FAQs On Black-Owned Travel Agency

Which Are The Top 8 Travel Companies?

  2. Agoda.
  4. Expedia.
  5. Hotwire
  6. Bookmundi
  7. Skyscanner.

How Can I Locate A Reliable Travel Company?

Start by requesting recommendations from reliable friends and family. However, Ms. Belles said, “The same holds true for any professional service in your life.” “A great place to start is if you know someone who has worked with a travel advisor and was satisfied with the results.”

Is  Travel Noire Black Owned?

Yes. Importantly, this Black-Owned Travel Company Aids Black Women in International Travel.