Although city life has some of the greatest restaurants, entertainment options, and theaters, there are times when you simply want to get outside, get some fresh air, and explore some quiet open paths. You don’t need to go to the White Mountains or the Appalachian Trail to satisfy your yearning for nature. Around Boston, there are many beautiful hiking trails. These nearby treks are ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle of The Hub, whether you choose to climb gorgeous forest preserves or explore shoreline pathways. No time to venture outside the city limits? Get one of Boston’s top parks. 

Check out the greatest day excursions from Boston and the best weekend vacations from Boston if you want to escape from an afternoon stroll.

#1. Blue Hills Reservation, for your Best Hiking near Boston Massachusett

hiking near boston massachusett
Image Source: Boston University

Although Boston is not Colorado, there are still some mountains (more accurately, glorified hills) to climb. 125 miles of immaculate hiking paths are located on a 7,000-acre area within a short distance from the city center. Climb Great Blue Hill for an unrivaled perspective of the Hub’s skyline, but be prepared to share the vista with throngs in the summer. Ski enthusiasts can also come back in the winter for a little light slalom action.

#2. Middlesex Fells Reservation

one of the Areas for your hiking near Boston Massachusett. More than 100 miles of trails can be found in this 2,500-acre state park near Stoneham, which is close to Boston. The Skyline Trail is the most difficult and well-traveled trek on the property, which offers hikes for all skill levels. Seven miles of rocky terrain go around beautiful lakes, across hills, and into forested woods. Beautiful views of Boston can be had by ascending Wright’s Tower while it is open for much of the afternoon. You can still get those views from atop the ledges of the rocks around the building, even if the observation tower isn’t open to guests.

#3. World’s End Hiking Near Boston Massachusett

hiking near boston massachusett
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This lovely nature reserve is only 11 miles from the city, despite its tiny size (251 acres). However, there are 4.5 miles of easy-to-intermediate trails that overlook Hingham Harbor. Walk across undulating hills, past saltwater marshes, and along the waterfront while gaining sights of the Boston skyline. Return to the forest to observe the vast variety of bird species that call this preserve home.

#4. Breakheart Reservation

hiking near boston massachusett
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This state park offers a variety of paths through deep hardwood forests that range in difficulty from moderate to strenuous, making it great for both mountain biking and hiking. The park, which covers Saugus and Wakefield, has seven hills that provide views of Boston, New Hampshire, and central Massachusetts. Also, the Saugus River runs through the park, and paths straddle its banks close to two lakes.

#5. Mount Misery, a Hiking Trail near Boston Massachusett

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While this region is the biggest conservation area in the green city of Lincoln, the mountain that bears its name is more of a manageable hill. You will undoubtedly see cute animals while you walk these pathways, including chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and deer. The top of Mount Misery offers views of the Sudbury River and Fairhaven Bay. Make a day of it and visit both of these natural beauties while you’re out there. Moreover, Walden Pond in Concord, which served as the basis for Thoreau’s book Walden, is close.

#6. Harold Parker State Forest

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This huge area, which is located near Andover, has 11 small, serene ponds and 35 miles of paths, some of which are suitable for a leisurely day of canoeing. Don’t overlook an overnight stay at the 91 sites of the campsite, which is surrounded by more than 3,000 acres of hardwood, hemlock, and white pine forest. In addition, if your schedule just allows for an afternoon, take a stroll down the Yellow Diamond Trail to Salem Pond.

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#7. Wachusett Mountain State Reservation

According to those memorable advertisements, we are all aware that Wachusett Mountain is a well-liked ski resort in the winter, but the biggest mountain close to Boston also provides trekking during the rest of the year. The neighboring property has 17 miles of trails, a raised bog, ponds, streams, and the biggest tract of old-growth woodland in Massachusetts. On a clear day, you can view the Boston skyline and Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire from the mountain’s top, which is reached by the 2.6-mile Harrington Trail, which is a well-liked climb.

#8. Hopkinton State Park

Most locals are familiar with Hopkinton as the location of the Boston Marathon’s starting line. Yet, Hopkinton State Park, with its 1,500 acres of woodland and several trails, is a mecca for outdoor pursuits. All skill levels of walkers can utilize the pathways, some of which are also suitable for equestrian riding. Swim in the reservoir to cool yourself in the summer and wash the perspiration off.

#9. Battle Road Trail

Image Source: Trailforks

The Boston Marathon’s starting line is mostly known to locals as being in the sleepy little town of Hopkinton. Yet with several paths winding through its 1,500 acres of woodland, Hopkinton State Park is a hub of outdoor pursuits. There are pathways for different levels of walkers, some of which can also be put to use for horseback riding. Swim in the reservoir to cool yourself and wash away the perspiration throughout the heat.

#10. Freedom Trail

A three-mile city stroll known as the Freedom Trail traces the occasions leading up to the American Revolution. It starts at the Boston Common tourist center and stops at 16 historical landmarks and locations, such as the Paul Revere Mansion, Old South Meeting House, Old Granary Burying Site, and Boston Massacre. Furthermore, tourists can take a Boston Freedom Trail to Copley Square Walking Tour on their own or with a knowledgeable guide to follow the path.

#11. The Atlantic Path and Halibut Point

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With 2.5 miles of paths and a granite quarry, Halibut Point State Park is a two-mile stroll along the Rockport, Maine, shoreline. Notwithstanding, the history and functioning of the quarry are explained on an informative walk, and vistas across Ipswich Bay extend as far as Maine and New Hampshire. In addition with its rocky shoreline covered with bayberry and shad, two excellent habitats for little birds, birders will like the area. The further edge of the park is where the Ocean Trail continues.

#12. Charles River Reservation

The Charles River, which flows in a broad stretch between Boston and Cambridge, is shared by both cities. However, 20 miles upriver from Boston Harbor, there is a linear park called the Charles River Reserve. The trails that follow the river connect, diverge, and cross local trail networks. A 16-mile route called the Charles River Link connects parks in Newton, Wellesley, Needham, Natick, Dover, and Medfield. Finally, go for the suburban riverfront pathways if you want to see more wildlife and less traffic.

#13. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, for a Breathtaking Hiking near Boston Massachusett

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Dr. John Bigelow and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society established the 170-acre park known as Mt. Auburn in 1831. Meanwhile, the quantity of famous authors, scientists, artists, professors, clergy, and performers buried there has led to comparisons to Westminster Abbey. Visitors can tour the Asa Gray Garden, Fountain Avenue, Halcyon Lake, and other sights. They can also stop by the office for maps and information. The 10 miles of paved roads and walkways are also open for exploration.

How Close Are the Mountains to Boston?

The Blue Hills are some of the few hills within 30 miles of the coast that surpass 300 feet, and they are located just 10 miles from the heart of Boston. It’s interesting to note that the Great Blue Hill near Milton, Massachusetts is said to be the source of the state’s name, which translates to “the big hill” or “huge hill site.”

What is the Famous Trail in Boston?

A ship, parks, burying grounds, museums, churches, meeting houses, historic monuments, and more make up the Freedom Trail, a special collection that tells the tale of the American Revolution and beyond.

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