Hotel and restaurant management degree

Hotel and restaurant management is a curriculum designed to give students the knowledge and skills needed for careers in the hospitality industry. This also includes overseeing the operations of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality enterprises, with a focus on customer service, food and beverage operations, human resources, and business management. Read through to learn about hotel and restaurant management degrees.

What Is Hotel and Restaurant Management?

A segment of the hospitality business that focuses on running accommodation or food service establishments is called hotel and restaurant management. In organizations such as casinos, hotels, restaurants, and resorts, experts in this sector may manage teams. Hotel and restaurant managers are in charge of supervising daily operations, managing workers, and making sure that every visitor has a good time. Additionally, businesses could benefit from their assistance in achieving their financial targets, keeping a secure and enjoyable workplace, and promoting staff members’ professional development.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Degrees

A formal degree in hotel and restaurant management equips graduates to hold managerial positions in resorts, dining establishments, spas, casinos, and other hospitality-related firms. Both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in this field are readily available from numerous educational institutions. For those interested in careers in the culinary, travel, or tourist industries, this degree path may be appropriate.

Specific degree programs differ, and certain universities might offer focused emphases. For instance, you might be able to concentrate your study on topics like hospitality, meetings, and events. Coursework for a degree in hotel and restaurant management often covers subjects such as accounting, business communications, convention management, cuisine, culinary guides, and facility design.

Numerous degree programs in hotel and restaurant management also include a practicum or demand the completion of an internship. This is often useful since it gives you the chance to obtain real-world experience and enables you to determine which facets of the business you enjoy the most. Also, you might be able to better decide which profession within this field is best for you by exploring a variety of experiences.

List of Hotel and Restaurant Management Degree Programs

If you’re thinking about earning your bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management online, keep reading to compare the top options based on tuition, flexibility, and accreditation.

#1. Florida International University Miami, FL

Through a variety of programs, including an online bachelor of science in hotel management, FIU educates about 58,000 students yearly. You can also complete the education program entirely online using the Canvas learning management system, or you can take some courses on the FIU Miami campus. In addition, the program’s 120-credit curriculum includes classes in commercial food production, managing hotel operations, revenue management, and hospitality analytics. A minor in hospitality management or restaurant/food service management is an option for students. Students must complete at least 500 hours of practical industrial training to complete the program.

ACT or SAT test results are required of applicants. The dual-degree program at FIU allows students to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years.

#2. The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL

Through its Bama By Remote program, which makes use of the Blackboard Learn platform, UA supports distance learning. The UA’s fully online bachelor of science in hospitality management program is open to undergraduate students. Students also acquire the skills necessary to pursue professions in convention sales and marketing, food service management, and the hotel and resort business throughout the program’s 120-credit curriculum.

Furthermore, principles of food preparation, catering management, quantity food, and employee hiring and management are all included in the program’s courses. Additionally, management accounting and computer information systems are studied by the students. A 500-hour internship is also completed by participants. Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. The ACT or SAT scores are not required for applicants who graduated from high school at least four years prior to enrolling. Financial aid is available from UA in several forms, including scholarships designed especially for online students.

#3. Johnson & Wales University Providence, RI

JWU has nearly 7,300 students enrolled, many of whom pursue their education online, and is based in Providence, Rhode Island. An online bachelor’s degree in hospitality management is one of JWU’s undergraduate options. Meanwhile, the Blackboard forum is used by online students in this program to access their 11-week, asynchronous classes. Participants might complete their degrees in less time.

Moreover, strategic marketing, operations analysis, tourism dynamics, and sustainability are some of the more popular courses. Along with managing the hotel guest experience, students also study industry standards and quality assurance. Internships give students practical experience, and minoring in human resource management allows them to further their education. JWU provides four start dates each year. After graduating from high school, program applicants must have at least two years of full-time work experience.

#4. Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX

Over 300 academic programs are offered at TTU, a public research institution. An online bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management is available to undergraduate students. Additionally, participants in this two-year program, which targets students who already have an associate’s degree in applied sciences, can complete their degrees.

Topics such as personnel management, marketing and sales, and strategic purchasing procedures are covered in online courses. Using labs and internships, students complete 1,200 hours of practical work experience. Moreover, with 36 elective credits, they can customize their course of study by selecting from top-tier classes like wine tourism and hotel management. Through the Blackboard platform, the initiative offers asynchronous delivery of the course material. The Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration has accredited TTU’s bachelor’s program in hotel and restaurant management.

#5. University of Missouri Columbia, MO

About 30,000 students are served by Mizzou’s more than 300 academic programs, which include a fully online bachelor of science in hotel management that places an emphasis on developing practical business skills. The 120-credit curriculum includes courses in strategic management and hospitality law.

Students enroll in advanced courses in the expert field they have chosen. They can choose from alternatives including food and beverage management, conference and event management, or housing management. The management of sporting venues is another option for students who want to learn how to plan facility upkeep and manage live entertainment. Similarly, all students must complete an internship. Mizzou offers start dates in the spring, fall, and summer. The minimal ACT or SAT requirements for first-year applicants are scaled based on their high school GPA and class rank. Candidates for transfers must have a GPA of 2.5 or better.

What You Can Do With Hotel and Restaurant Management Degree

Below is a list of the careers one can pursue with a hotel and restaurant management degree

  • Manager of banquets and events
  • Owner and manager of a bed & breakfast
  • Manager of Business Operations
  • Manager of a club, hotel, or restaurant
  • Representative of customer services
  • Front desk manager, food service manager
  • Supervisor of guest services
  • Director of sales at a hotel or resort Human resources manager
  • Hotel manager

Skills in Hotel and Restaurant Management

To work in hotel and restaurant management, a person must possess a variety of hard and soft skills. You can get soft skills through experience and hard skills through formal education. To broaden your skill set, you can also enroll in more workshops and certification programs. Having the following abilities can help you succeed in a career in hotel and restaurant management:

  • Customer service
  • Attention to details
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Communication

Is Hotel and Restaurant Management Hard?

Although it is not simple, the hospitality sector is a difficult one to study. You must be highly motivated, adaptable, and eager to put in a lot of effort. You must also be an excellent communicator. Those who are proficient at this will succeed in the field.

Is Hotel Management Good for the Future?

Hospitality management is a golden career opportunity for those looking for a solid and stable foundation for the future.

Which Field Is the Best in Hotel Management?

B. Sc. Hospitality and Hotel Administration is one of India’s most famous hotel management courses at the undergraduate level.

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FAQs About Hotel and Restaurant Management

Which field is the best in hotel management?

B. Sc. Hospitality and Hotel Administration is one of India’s most famous hotel management courses at the undergraduate level.

What is the highest salary in hotel?

The highest salary that a Hotel Manager can earn is ₹8.2 Lakhs per year (₹68.3k per month).

Is hotel a good job?

First to answer this in a nutshell- yes, it’s still worth it. However, like almost every other industry it has its pros and cons.