After a long day of travel, nothing beats snuggling into a warm and comfy bathrobe in your hotel room. Nothing, other than wearing those ultra-luxurious hotel robes at home. We have put together the best hotel collection of robes based on the degree of comfort, style, durability, and lastly, adaptability. Continue reading to find out about the best Mascioni Hotel Collection robe you can buy for your home.

Best Hotel Collection Robe

Here is the list of top best hotel collection robe

#1. Parachute Waffle Weave Robe

This lightweight bathrobe is inspired by Zen hotel spas and is also made of Turkish cotton. It has a waffle shape with two pockets and is available in a variety of plain colors. It’s a summer essential, reminiscent of something you’d find in a luxury Caribbean resort, and it’s ideal for lounging about the house or packing in your bag for your next warm-weather vacation. If you’re looking for new bath towels, Parachute also sells a nice pair of spa-like towels.

#2. Riley Luxe Terry Bathrobe

This full-length terry robe’s material is fantastic: it’s incredibly absorbent, so you’ll dry rapidly. It’s also soft and thick, keeping you warm and comfy to the point that you won’t want to take it off. If you like an oversized fit, order one size larger than your usual size. The robe comes in white or platinum.

#3. Universal Standard Rachele Lounge Robe

This silky, buttery Pima cotton-French terry blend robe is a wardrobe must-have for those low-key nights home with a glass of wine in hand. This sleek and attractive robe will improve your staying-in style with a belted tie and two color options (lavender gray or black). It appears like a cardigan from the waist up. So no one will notice if you’re wearing it on a Zoom call for business.

#4. Natori Soho Brush Robe

This wonderfully soft, multipurpose robe looks great over pyjamas or fresh out of the shower—the fabric isn’t as absorbent as terry cloth, but it won’t leave you feeling damp either. The mid-calf length and soft material feel nice against your skin without adding weight as other robes may.

#5. Ugg Miranda Fleece Robe

When you hear the word “ugg,” your brain instinctively thinks of comfort. This robe is no exception, with its smooth double-face fleece fabric, shawl collar, hood, and pockets. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a blanket when relaxing in the Miranda robe, but in a more elegant sense than a Snuggie. It’s also light enough to pack in a bag if you’re staying in a hotel that doesn’t have a robe waiting for you in the closet.

#6. Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Robe

This robe is of high-quality Turkish cotton and falls just beyond your knees. making it ideal for post-shower naps or cuddling up with your favorite book. The robe is available in gray, mineral blue, blush pink, and fawn brown in addition to white. 

#7. Westin Spa Robe

Meet your self-care uniform: a Westin Hotel’s incredibly silky microfiber robe. The luxurious spa robe has beautiful embroidery and a traditional shawl collar. It’s a 48-inch-long robe that’s one size fits all.

#8. Target Stars Above Cozy Chenille Robe

Who can say no to chenille? of course, nobody because of its soft textiles, whether a slipper, a throw blanket, or a robe, which is still the reason why people are addicted to this ultra-comfortable long-sleeve robe. Although seen in cream, it is also available in heather gray.

#9. Mascioni Hotel Collection Robe

Below are the best of mascioni hotel collection robe

#10. Lago

The Lago Robe, a subtle companion to the Lago bath line, is made of American and Turkish Aegean cotton velour fabric with a checkered pattern accent. 100% Aegean cotton velour from the United States and Turkey The collar, cuffs, and pocket hem have a checkered design.

#11. Luna

The Luna Robe is one of the best Mascioni Hotel Collection robe. It’s made of 100% American and Turkish Aegean cotton velour and has a sophisticated pattern. The collar, cuffs, and pockets are accented with black piping. 100% Aegean cotton velour from the United States and Turkey. The collar, cuffs, and pocket hems have black accent piping. Comfort and refined style

#12. Lido

The Lido Robe is 100% American and Turkish Aegean cotton and has a timeless diamond weave pattern, making it a classic addition to the Lido bath line. Aegean cotton from the United States and Turkey. Diamond weave outer shell with silky terry lining

#13. Luce

The Luce Robe is made of 100% American and Turkish Aegean cotton velour in an elegant kimono style. The channel stitch trim on the collar, pockets, cuffs, and removable belt demonstrates precise tailoring. 100% Aegean cotton velour from the United States and Turkey. Kimono with less weight. Channel stitch hems on the collar, pocket hems, cuffs, and belt

#14. Lene

The Lene Robe is 100% American and Turkish Aegean cotton velour, with grey linen accents on the shawl collar and cuffs. The Lene Robe is a popular robe option in the Mascioni Hotel Collection, known for its elegance and comfort. Its Collar and cuffs are in grey linen shawl

Tips for Buying Bathrobes

Here are some tips to consider when you are about to buy a robe

Consider Temperature

When looking for a new bathrobe, bear in mind that they come in a variety of fabrics, lengths, and thicknesses. That’s why you should also think about the temperature or season you’ll be wearing your robe in. Plushy fleece robes are undoubtedly comfortable to wear, but if you intend on wearing them in hot weather, you’ll be sweating in no time. Short robes and silky robes may appear adorable, but don’t expect them to keep you warm in the winter or in an overly air-conditioned hotel room.

Think About Water Absorbency

When looking for a robe to wear after a shower or bath, look for something absorbent to avoid the need for a towel. However, not all robes absorb extra shower water. If you want something absorbent, stick to terry robes and avoid satin, fleece, and anything thin and elastic.

Prioritize Comfort

Is your main goal to become cozy? If this is the case, opt for a robe that makes you feel fantastic. And also, If a soft fleece robe is your weakness, it will keep you warm while still being comfortable enough to snooze in. If you prefer a lightweight robe that won’t weigh you down, look for breezy waffle knit patterns and polyester robes that breathe. Whatever your preference, be sure you’re purchasing something that genuinely fits. When you’re trying to unwind, the last thing you want is a bathrobe that’s overly tight.

How Much Does a Hotel Charge for a Robe?

Hotels often pay between $30 and $50 per robe and purchase three sets for each room to guarantee they have ample time to clean them between visitors.

Can You Take Home a Hotel Bathrobe?

Yes, it is quite OK to steal toiletries. The bathrobe, long a staple of hotel larceny, is one of the most contentious ‘can I take this?’ things, although in general, these are off-limits and will be cleaned and reused for the next visitor. Most hotels will also charge you if one is lost or stolen.

Is It Okay To Take Hotel Toiletries?

Despite how illegal it may feel (and people sometimes refer to it as “theft”), there is nothing wrong with taking the small bottles of toiletries home. Your payment covers the cost of these complimentary hotel products, and hotels really allow visitors to take the toiletries home with them.

Will a Hotel Notice if I Steal a Pillow?

“Bathrobes, coat hangers, bed linen, mattress coverings, towels, cushions, toilet-seat covers – basically everything in the room.” As we’ve previously stated, hoteliers don’t mind if you take little items like toiletries – in fact, they expect it.

Do Hotels Know if You Take a Towel?

Do not attempt it. Guys, the hotels are aware. 

What Happens if You Take a Robe From a Hotel?

If you steal something from your hotel room, you will be charged an additional fee on your payment. Robes and towels are so often stolen that many hotels now publish the fee directly on the hangar; they will immediately bill the credit card on file for the additional cost of replacing these goods.

Will a Hotel Notice if I Steal a Pillow?

“Bathrobes, coat hangers, bed linen, mattress coverings, towels, cushions, toilet-seat covers – basically everything in the room.” As we’ve previously stated, hoteliers don’t mind if you take little items like toiletries – in fact, they expect it.

What Is the Most Commonly Stolen Hotel Item?

Towels are the most commonly stolen item from hotel rooms, which is why many high-end hotels have electronic tags installed on them. Because of the tracking microchips embedded in towels and even bed linens, you may wind yourself having to pay for everything you took.

Can You Take Hilton Bathrobes?

According to cleaning staff, you may remove hotel dressing gowns and towels without being paid.

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FAQs About Hotel Collection Robe

Do hotels clean sheets between guests?

All large hotel companies, including Hampton, certainly tell their housekeepers to change linens between visitors. Yes, there will always be some no-tell hotel out in the backwoods that tries to skip a guest or two, but the bedding is usually changed.

Why do hotels use white towels?

This has a practical purpose in that it allows bed linens, towels, and other soiled clothing to be washed together without any color bleeding. Furthermore, if all else fails, white linens are only a bleach bath away.

Do you get to keep the robes from hotels?

You can utilize these on your next romantic getaway, but you can’t take them with you.