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Are you considering a career in hotel management? If so, you’ll need the right qualifications to get started. In this article, we explore the various degree available, the courses to consider, and the best institutions offering hospitality management courses. So if you’re looking for a career in hotel management – Read on!

What Is a Degree in Hotel Management?

Marketing, accounting, and lodging management courses are frequent parts of bachelor’s programs in hotel management. An internship may be necessary for some programs.

Courses in Hotel Management Degree

The qualities that companies expect recent graduates to have, such as excellent communication, decision-making, and problem-solving ability, are emphasized in hospitality management degree programs. The best programs typically call for a hands-on learning component, like an internship at a nearby hotel or inn. The general education classes in speech, science, and economics are among the other program highlights.

The three core courses in hotel management are described in the sample curriculum that follows. Students are introduced to various facets of the field through these and other prerequisites.

#1. Managing the Hotel Guest Experience

A successful hotel encourages visitors to come back repeatedly. Hotel management makes sure that visitors have a wonderful time while staying there. These experts supervise room cleaning, plan advertising campaigns, and coach front-of-house workers. This program also teaches students how to solve issues, such as accommodating tardy guests and giving refunds.

#2. Hospitality Strategic Marketing

In this course, students learn how to create effective advertising campaigns. Sample advertising campaigns that incorporate corporate purchasing, strategic planning, and consumer outreach are produced by degree seekers. Students may need to write websites, email campaigns, and television scripts for these projects. Hotel management professionals use These methods to draw in and keep customers.

#3. Hospitality Management Licenses and Certifications

To differentiate in the employment market, professionals frequently require more than just a hotel management degree. A drop in open positions in the industry is predicted by the BLS, therefore prospective hotel managers can increase their marketability by obtaining professional qualifications. In most cases, you will need a college degree, professional experience, and a passing exam score for certification.

#4. Certified Professional in Catering and Events

This certification shows that the bearer has developed eight essential competencies, such as accounting, food production, and human resources. Candidates must have at least 30 hours of professional development and three years of experience. Candidates are given study materials by the National Association for Catering and Events, and the required exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions.

#5. Certified Rooms Division Executive

Top managers of front-of-house workers receive this accreditation from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. Candidates must pass a proctored exam and have at least one year of managerial experience. Certified professionals must renew their credentials every five years.

#6. Destination Management Certified Professional

Professionals with at least three years of experience are eligible to receive this certificate from the Association of Destination Management Executives International. Candidates include a resume, documentation of their qualifications, and two letters of recommendation. Additionally, candidates must successfully complete the certification exam within two years of applying.

Best Hospitality Management Institutions

Below are the best hospitality management institutions

#1. Columbia Southern University 

Students can pursue or advance in a profession in hospitality and tourism by enrolling in Columbia Southern University’s online Bachelor of Science in business administration with a specialization in hospitality and tourism. The management, operations, administration, and other topics for hotel and tourism assets are the core of this degree program. Their courses are also designed to accommodate working professionals, moms, dads, and anyone else who is balancing school with other life commitments. Columbia Southern University makes the transition to an online student a smooth process. Columbia Southern University faculty and staff are always just fingertips away to assist you in completing your degree online. On average, CSU’s tuition is less than half the cost of our competitors. Plus, there are many ways to save including scholarships, military tuition assistance, Learning Partnerships, and more.

#2. LYN- Best Hospitality Management Institutions

With an online bachelor’s in business administration from Lynn University, you will also build a strong foundation in leadership, management, and business. This institution is also among the best hospitality management institutions. With cutting-edge iPad-powered learning, you may complete your degree entirely online and also, on your own time. A highly regarded institution of higher learning, recognized as one of the best online bachelor’s programs and online bachelor’s in business programs. Your life doesn’t end just because you’re getting a degree. Because of this, our programs are made to be adaptable for students who have responsibilities like families and careers. Completely online courses allow you to study whenever you choose

In the southern U.S., Lynn University is ranked #4 for graduating students with the least amount of debt. To assist you in achieving your objectives, They are also committed to offering online degree programs that are both reasonable and accessible.

#3. Aurora University 

With an online business administration degree from Aurora University, you can gain a thorough understanding of subjects like accounting, finance, organizational behavior, human resources, marketing, and also a global business. By developing your business knowledge and problem-solving abilities, get ready to pursue further career prospects. Aurora University Online offers the extensive program selection of a university with the individualized attention of a small college. It is an inclusive community committed to the transformational power of learning.

At Aurora University, knowledgeable professors interact closely with students on all aspects of their coursework. The highest degree available in their specialties is held by more than 85% of our professors. Our lecturers, who are practitioners, are committed to assisting working professionals in achieving their objectives.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With a Hospitality Management Degree?

A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management may equip graduates for positions as general managers, operations managers, human resources managers, restaurant managers, hotel managers, event managers, and lastly, event planners.

What Kind of Degree Is Hospitality Management?

Degrees in hospitality management integrate business administration principles with subjects pertinent to the industry, such as management of operations and food production. Event planning, restaurant management, and hotel management are all options for degree seekers.

How Long Does It Take To Earn a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management Degree?

The typical time it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree for students who enroll full-time is roughly four years. Part-time students could also need a lot more time.

Which Degree Is Best for Hotel Management?

Top Hotel Management Courses

  1. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  2. Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
  3. BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.
  4. BA in Hotel Management.
  5. BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism.
  6. MBA in Hotel Management

Is a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management Worth It?

Learners can be prepared for a wide range of occupations with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. Students can pursue their interests and professional objectives in the hospitality management field both throughout their studies and after they graduate.

Do You Need a Degree to Be a Manager at a Hotel?

For their leadership positions, several inns and hotel companies value and employ professionals with suitable degrees. You must also possess a high school diploma at the very least. A bachelor’s degree is typically required for employment at full-service hotels, but getting a master’s degree might help you grow in your profession.

Can a Hotel Management Course Be Done Online?

Both online and offline modes are available for certificate programs in hotel management. A certificate in hotel administration from an institution is preferable because it comes with extra benefits like one-on-one sessions, job placement assistance, and career coaching.

How Many Years Is Hospitality Management?

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BS HM) curriculum focuses on the planning, development, and human resource management of the various parts of the operations of hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Additionally, the curriculum aims to impart entrepreneurial skills.

How Do You Become a 5-Star Hotel Chef?

One may work as an intern in any hotel after earning a bachelor’s degree, a certificate, or a diploma from an educational institution. After graduating from class twelve, one may choose to pursue an apprenticeship in the hotel industry. In hotels, there are numerous chances for a qualified chef.

What Degree Does a Chef Need?

Although there are many different educational paths that one can take to become a chef, many students opt to finish a 2- or 4-year culinary arts school. For becoming a chef, undergraduate certificate and degree programs are the most popular. Actually, there are MBA programs available for hotel management as well.

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FAQs on a Hotel Management Degree

Do you need Grade 12 to become a chef?

Depending on the chosen field of study, a Grade 10 certificate or a National Senior Certificate that fulfills the prerequisites for a diploma or degree program is a must! Many chefs only have a two-year degree and rely on further job experience to advance in their careers.

What is the youngest age to go to culinary school?

Again, there are no subject-specific prerequisites, but you must show that you have a passion for the culinary arts and be at least 18 years old.

What are the four basic duties of hospitality management

Although the job descriptions for these tasks differ, there are primarily five major functions that any hospitality manager should anticipate performing: controlling food and beverage operations, maintaining equipment, monitoring maintenance, coordinating departmental activities, and managing budgets

Hospitality degree salary

Almost all hospitality careers pay a median salary of around $50,000, though some can bring in as much as $100,000 per.