Istanbul 5-Star Hotels: The Best & Most Luxurious in 2023

Istanbul 5-Star Hotels

With the complexities and challenges of the world, occasionally all one needs is a break. Certainly, there are many places to visit and hotels that make excellent places to relax and consider one’s options. Are there hotels around the world that you feel compelled to visit but lack the desire to do so? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled the list of the best 5-star hotels in Istanbul for you in this article. They also provide world-class, overwhelming comforts and conveniences for your vacation on a golden platter.

#1. Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus

Istanbul 5-star hotels
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Among the many hotels in Istanbul, The Conrad 5-Star hotel is the best for an institution, not just the stern-faced business executive or career woman. For instance, the location transforms into a loving sanctuary once visitors get past the formal exterior, marble columns, and steadfast doormen. Hzr and Hasan were especially friendly and polite.

The total price for a night is $191.66

#2. Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia

Istanbul 5-star hotels
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Among 5-star hotels, Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia provides the ideal mix of affordability, comfort, and convenience. Also, the  Marriott Istanbul 5-star hotel is a great place to stay because of the nearby attractions like the Mimar Sinan mosque (0.9 mi), Golden Horn (1.7 mi), and Bagdat Avenue (3 mi).

The total price for a night is $146

#3. Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy

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The Hyatt Regency Istanbul Atakoy is one of the 5-star hotels by the Marmara Sea in Istanbul. The hotel’s 284 luxuriously spacious guestrooms also feature 30 suites. Along with other 5-star hotels, it also has a recreation center with therapy rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a cutting-edge fitness center.

The total price for a night is $206

#4. Address Istanbul

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Address Hotels + Resorts is among the 5-star luxury hotels and residence brands in Istanbul, which has positioned itself as a perfect choice for business, leisure, and group travelers. Moreover, it has established new benchmarks with its gracious hospitality and exceptional service standards. Additionally, its uniqueness has given the global hospitality and service industry a new identity.

The total price for a night is $257

#5.  Raffles Istanbul

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It is an alternative viewpoint on a timeless city. In this historic and thriving metropolis, the Raffles Istanbul 5-star hotel rises above. Additionally, a hotel with a stunning view of all of Istanbul is an oasis of calm and cool among other hotels.

The total price for a night is $739

Where Should I Stay in Istanbul First Time?

in the city center so that they can be close to the city’s top attractions and easily accessible mass transit. Additionally, the best options would be Taksim, Karakoy, or Sultanahmet.

Furthermore, you should avoid staying at low-cost accommodations that are located far from the city’s center.

Which Part of Istanbul Is Best?

These are the best part of Istanbul for Tourists

#1. Sultanahmet

This is the most attractive location for its history, ambiance, and proximity to four of the city’s top attractions: the Blue Mosque, the former Greek cathedral Hagia Sophia, now a museum, the 15th-century Topkapi Palace and its surrounding gardens, and the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest in the world with more than 4,000 stalls.

#2. Sirkeci

Süleymaniye Mosque is the largest active mosque in Istanbul and Rustem Pasha Mosque is a 16th-century landmark.

#3. Taksim

The gathering of the main water lines from the city’s north at this location before branching off to other areas. In addition, the local congregation is often in this square because of the abundance of eateries, stores, and hotels there.

#4. Karaköy & Galata

The western part of Istanbul can be seen in Karaköy and Galata. Moreover, this area, which is primarily inhabited by Christians and Jews, still contains the most magnificent churches and synagogues. As a result, the region is famous for its structures, which include the Galata Tower and the Kamondo Stairs.

#5. Maçka & Nişantaşi

One of Istanbul’s top-ranked shopping areas is Nişantaş, which has boutiques selling both foreign and domestic brands. It is also a modern restaurant that serves Turkish and foreign cuisine housed in Art Nouveau structures. 

Where Is the Best Place for Tourists to Stay in Istanbul?

Istanbul’s Historical Peninsula (Sultanahmet) is the best area for places to stay. In addition, the Sultanahmet neighborhood, which is part of Fatih, is home to many of Istanbul’s most popular tourist destinations and is the ideal area to stay if you want to explore the city. Thus, the historical center of ancient Constantinople is Sultanahmet.

How Many Days Do I Need in Istanbul?

If you’re visiting the city for the first time, give it at least three days’ notice. Also, you can see all of Istanbul’s famous sights in three days. However, if you want to get the most out of your trip, plan on having a busy schedule.

As a visitor, it’s worthwhile to visit the Basilica Cistern, the Hippodrome, the Egyptian Serpent Column, and the Hippodrome. Also, you can grab a bite to eat while admiring the stunning view of Istanbul from the Galata Tower. Relax completely in one of Istanbul’s hammams, which are traditional Turkish baths.

Where Can I Find Celebrities in Istanbul?

The Bosphorus is a good place because it is home to some of the city’s flashiest nightclubs, like Reina, Sortie, and Supperclub. These are all very popular clubs, and it’s not uncommon to see celebrities there. In addition, the only island that gets away from it a little bit (also called Suada) is where Suada is. In sum, Istanbul has many outdoor clubs, which are great in the summer because of the breathtaking views and refreshing breezes. Most also have good food.

Which Is the Best Star Hotel?

#1. Sheraton Istanbul Levent

Sheraton Istanbul Levent welcomes visitors to experience Istanbul at its center, whether they are in town for business or pleasure. In addition, it offers 248 contemporary guest rooms, 9 cutting-edge meeting spaces, a grand ballroom measuring 521 square meters, a fully-stocked fitness center, and a refreshing spa.

The price on average per night is $185

#2. Ajia Hotel

The A’jia Hotel was labeled the “Most Excellent Charming Hotel” in Europe by the 2009 Condé Nast Johansens Award for Excellence. Also, it is a prestigious boutique hotel, a traditional Ottoman mansion that beautifies the Asian Bosphorus shores.

The price on average per night is $226

#3. W Marriott Istanbul Bosphorus

The bohemian environment inspires JW Marriott Istanbul Bosphorus. The 180-year-old Veli Alemdar Han has established itself as one of Istanbul’s most luxurious hotels. Additionally, its light-filled provides a trip down memory lane with thoughtful programming and a variety of dining options.

The price on average per night is $342

#4. Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

The Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul offers the utmost luxury and glitz. Presently, the Raan Palace Kempinski hotel building in Istanbul is undergoing a revitalizing renovation. In addition, please be advised that our renowned palace restaurant, Tura, does not allow shorts, flip-flops, or sportswear.

The price on average per night is $604

#5. Tomtom Suites

The Tomtom Suites are in the Old Franciscan House, a true Istanbul building whose posture depicts Pera’s social history. In light of this, the structure has housed Levantine families of note as well as French nuns at various points in its history. It also has a terrace with a panoramic view of the old town and a nostalgic outlook, along with 20 suites.

The price on average per night is $237

First-Time Visitors Should Book a Hotel

There are certainly excellent hotels in one of the best locations for a first-time visitor to book in Istanbul. Most convenient location in the city, reasonably priced. For this reason, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and archaeological museums are conveniently close by for first-time visitors in Istanbul.

The price on average per night is $125

Is There Any 7-Star Hotel in the World?

The term “7-star” was created by a journalist who saw the Burj Al Arab’s official opening in Dubai and believed the standard five stars didn’t do it justice. Even a 5-star rating can vary from one country to another, and there is no international standard for 7-star hotel ratings.

Which Is the 7-Star Hotel in World?

let’s take a look at some Hotels in the world that can be tagged 7-star

  • Emirates Palace, the United Arab Emirates
  • the Dubai Burj Al Arab
  • Milan’s Town House Galleria
  • Fiji’s Laucala Island
  • New York City’s The Mark Hotel
  • Paris, Hôtel Plaza Athénée
  • Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson

What Is a 7-Star Hotel?

The existence of 7-star hotels worldwide is unique because they exude timeless luxury and class. However, they boast exquisitely crafted exteriors set against vast backgrounds. The seven-starred hotels have a lot to offer. One tends to cherish a stay at one of these palace-like hotels forever. Furthermore, some nations use their standards, while others adhere to a mutually agreed-upon regional classification. In light of all of this, knowing which hotels are the best seven-star properties worldwide can be difficult.

Here are a few factors that can make a hotel be rated among the best 7-star hotels in the world:

  • It costs much more and provides more luxury than a five-star hotel.
  • World-class comforts and conveniences are offered on a silver platter.
  • Each customer’s experience is tailored to suit their interests, preferences, and lifestyle.
  • The rooms are large, but they also come in a variety of room types.
  • The views from the rooms are overwhelmingly impressive.
  • Every amenity, including a butler and a pool, is private.


Certainly, there are many places to visit and 5-star hotels that make excellent places to relax occasionally. You will enjoy first-rate comfort and convenience with overwhelming impressions in Istanbul for a vacation on a golden platter.

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FAQs on Istanbul 5-Star Hotels

Where Is the Most Beautiful Hotel in the World?

The world’s most beautiful hotel, according to the Instagram user, is the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai. It also offers a Rolls-Royce chauffeur service and access to a 24-hour concierge service.

Is Istanbul Closed On Sunday?

The stores are open on Sundays in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. However, the Grand Bazaar is an exception because it is closed on Sundays. You can go to the malls and shops as usual on Sunday, but the shopping won’t be the same as it is on Saturday.

Can You Go Clubbing in Istanbul?

The capital of Turkey is home to some of the best nightclubs in the world, as well as venues for Turkish jazz and folk music.