Small travel toiletry bags

For any traveler, a small toiletry bag is a necessity. You can keep all of your toiletries together and organized in one place, making it simple to locate what you need when you need it. When preparing for your next trip, investing in a high-quality small toiletry bag can save you time and trouble. Find the best small toiletry travel bag for your needs by browsing our collection of the top ones available.

List of Small Travel Toiletry Bags

Below is the list of the best Small travel toiletry bags

#1. Sea to Summit Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag

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Our reviewers were really pleased with Sea to Summit’s Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag, which received perfect scores across the board. For more than three decades, the Australian outdoor gear company has been working to create the lightest, toughest equipment possible. The various pockets and ample space of this compact toiletry bag were praised by our testers. The ability to store items of all sizes without feeling as though you are weighing the bag down makes this a great hanging bag, according to one reviewer. The Travelling Light Bag is made of Cordura nylon and weighs less than 5 ounces. With its stretchability and ability to reduce weight, that material makes room for all of the toiletries.

#2. State Bags Bensen Dopp Kit

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The State Bags Bensen Dopp Kit is a good option for more scenarios than any other bag we examined, even though it isn’t the greatest bag for every type of trip. It’s a terrific option for travelers who require a flexible kit that can store enough for longer journeys in addition to keeping smaller, travel-size goods tidy. Instead of opening at the top like a conventional Dopp kit, the toiletry bag unzips flat. Depending on the colour you choose, it is made of cotton, nylon, or polyester. The bag has two open pockets on one side and a mesh zip pocket on the other for organizing your gear. There is a plastic pouch that is detachable and can accommodate up to four 2.7-ounce travel bottles.

#3. WANDF Toiletry Bag

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The capacity of WANDF’s toiletry bag is the first thing to note; in fact, our testers joked that it could serve as an overnight bag due to its enormous capacity. Despite the jokes, people loved this bag for how much it can hold and how little it weighs (just 3.6 ounces). The nylon used to make the bag is thin but strong. It contains a handle for simpler portability and three pockets for effective organization. It was noted by our testers that it can be challenging to fit in a smaller bag, particularly if you make the most of the space and load it to the utmost.

#4. Peak Design Wash Pouch

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The Peak Design Wash Pouch was the most sensibly made Dopp-style bag we evaluated, with multiple organized sections for your miscellaneous items. However, this bag kept our items distinct, avoiding our toothbrush from inadvertently mixing it up with our razor in the pocket. Most Dopp kits simply have a single little pocket in addition to the main section.

The accordion-style opening of the toiletry bag and its broad base help to keep it upright. A 12-ounce shampoo bottle or an electric razor can fit on one side. Three mesh pockets on the opposite side are ideal for storing travel-sized essentials. The fact that the bag is divided in two by a toothbrush pocket that closes magnetically astonished the testers.

#5. Bagsmart Toiletry Bag

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Our testers were pleasantly surprised by this traditional-looking leather toiletry bag’s sturdy construction, organizational possibilities, and useful features, such as a waterproof pocket. Water-resistant polyurethane leather, multiple zippers in the main compartment, and mesh holders to hold toothbrushes in place are all characteristics of the large-capacity toiletry bag.

#6. Away Large Toiletry Bag

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The toiletry bag is an excellent addition to your Away collection for fans of the well-known suitcase company. This well-designed bag from Away keeps your toiletries tidy and divided, much like many of their other bags. You can easily see the contents of the pockets inside thanks to the mesh and clear material and the clamshell opening. In the event that you ever have a spill, the nylon material is easy to clean. Bonus: You can also personalize the front or back of the bag.

#7. Topo Designs Dopp Kit

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It’s interesting to look at the Topo Designs Dopp Kit. It has a prism form and is available in monochromatic or complementary colour combinations. When full, it stands erect yet collapses fully for storage. A full-size canister of hair spray or an electric razor kit fits well in its roomy main chamber, which is good for holding rectangular toiletries. Additionally, the structure is rather flexible, allowing you to stuff the bag into sharp corners of suitcases without sacrificing packing space.

A robust YKK zipper secures the Dopp kit’s cover, which is made of abrasion-resistant 1,000-denier nylon with a canvas-like texture. Nylon pack cloth is used to line the interior of the kit, making cleaning it simple and preventing moisture buildup or layer leaks. Additionally, the bag has a long strap that is more comfortable to hold with one hand. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is provided against manufacturer flaws.

#8. Lululemon Patch Logo Travel Kit

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Our selection for a bag that can conveniently fit into a weekender bag and store enough toiletries for an extended weekend is Lululemon’s Patch Logo Travel Kit. With room to spare, our testers were able to cram all of the toiletries within. Our testers weren’t sure about the value of an additional clear pouch that can contain extra items because it would take up a lot of space in the bag.

#9. Dare to Roam Steward Dopp Kit

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The Dare to Roam Steward Dopp Kit has a lot going for it. It is constructed with materials that have been ethically sourced. Given the amount of liquid and moisture that frequently comes with things stowed in these underappreciated luggage carriers, we’d like to see antimicrobial and water-resistant materials in a lot more toiletry bags. Despite taking up a lot of space when put inside another suitcase, this bag is most useful for lengthy trips where travelers are more likely to bring additional luggage.

#10. Matador FlatPak Zipper Toiletry Case

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Toiletry bags are useful for more than just traveling. They come in handy while camping and backpacking as well. We adore Matador’s FlatPak Toiletry Case for that purpose. When looking for a toiletry bag designed specifically for camping or hiking, the FlatPak checks off three important boxes. It includes one main compartment for easy access to all essentials and is extremely light (just 1.1 ounces). Simply described, it’s a minimalistic but highly useful bag.

What Size Toiletry Bag is TSA Approved?

You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.

Is Mascara a Liquid TSA?

Yes, liquid cosmetics such as nail polish and mascara are among the categories of makeup.

Can I Put My Toiletries in a Ziploc?

As a result, you are only able to use the liquids that fit within a 1-quart clear plastic bag (similar to a 1-quart Ziploc storage bag), and none of those liquids may be in containers greater than 3.4 ounces (regardless of the amount of product in the bottle).

Does Makeup Have to Go in Liquid Bag?

You don’t have to put powder makeup into the liquids bag, so don’t worry about getting eyeshadow, powder blush or bronzer, or face powder confiscated. Solid but creamy make-up like lipstick, cream blusher, solid balms, eye pencils, and stick bronzer is a grey area.

What Is Dopp Kit Short For?

“Dopp kit” is a term that people use in some parts of the US for toiletry bags. The name derives from the early 20th-century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, whose company designed the case in 1926.

Is TSA Strict About Quart-Sized Bags?

The TSA is not particularly strict about the exact dimensions as long as it is in the ballpark. You can use any clear bag that has approximately the dimensions of one quart.


We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading our list of the top small travel toiletry bags. There are travel toiletry bags out there for you, no matter what your budget is. You can choose the one that best suits your needs because we’ve given options for every kind of traveler.

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FAQs About Small Travel Toiletry Bags

How many Ziploc bags can you carry on a plane?

The TSA liquids rule is also called the 3-1-1 rule since you’re allowed to bring: a 3.4-ounce container. 1 quart-sized Ziploc bag. 1 bag per passenger.

Do toiletry bags need to be clear for TSA?

SA does not specify that toiletry bags need to be clear. However, when traveling with liquids, using a clear bag will help expedite the TSA process so agents can see everything easily without further inspection.

What is Dopp kit short for?

Dopp kit is a term used in some parts of the US for toiletry bags.