THE BEST HOTELS IN PARIS: Top 11 Hotels in Paris


There are a lot of interesting and beautiful things to enjoy and look out for while in Paris. Starting from the unique culture, and beautiful historic structures down to the tourist attraction. Whether you are a tourist looking for unique boat excursions in Paris or a couple wanting to enjoy a romantic boat dinner on the River Seine. I am happy to present you with the most prestigious and original way to see the city. As well as the most distinctive and interesting hotel in Paris. Your breath will be taken away by our dinner cruises, which are unique in Paris. Read on to find out about the best hotels in Paris.

#1. Hotel Madame Reve

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Hôtel Madame Rêve, which is housed in a 19th-century post office, recently debuted in October 2021. The 82-room hotel, which features 19 suites on the top floor, has views of the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Coeur, and Notre Dame, as well as a brand-new rooftop bar from which to take in the amazing splendor of the City of Light. Madame Rêve gives a rare window into the lives of the locals, as is abundantly clear from both reader comments (many of which were posted in French) and the bustle surrounding La Plume, the hotel’s French-Japanese restaurant (one reader referred to it as “the Parisian place to go out”).

One reader who read the evaluations in French praised the hotel’s “splendide vue et service” (wonderful view and service), and another who had a “séjour superbe” (amazing stay) described the setting as “hors du temps” (timeless). One reader of the French reviews praised the hotel’s “splendid”.

#2. Malta Hotel Astotel

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The Hotel Malta offers a fantastic position for a wonderful stay close to the Stock Exchange, the Louvre, and Place des Victoires in the 2nd district of Paris. This Malta hotel is the ideal accommodation for your stay in the city, whether traveling with family or alone. Also, its features include a convenient location, considerate staff, and a welcoming atmosphere, making it the right choice. Going further, the Malta Hotel is the best choice for shopping in the center of the department store district or visiting one of Paris’s major commercial districts.

Let yourself be taken in by our garden terrace, which is a pleasant experience on sunny days; our comfortable breakfast area; and the calming ambiance of our lobby, which is beautifully hidden behind a facade from the seventeenth century. You will also value the comfort of our rooms’ timeless and elegantly set up interiors after receiving a warm welcome from our expert crew, which is constantly at your disposal.

#3. Le VIP Paris Yacht Hotel

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Le Vip Paris Yacht Hotel is one of the best hotels in Paris. Whether you are a tourist looking for unique boat excursions in Paris or a couple who wants to enjoy a romantic boat dinner on the River Seine. Well, we are happy to present you with the most prestigious and original way to see the city, as well as the most distinctive and interesting hotel in Paris. Since you will now be sightseeing from your own hotel, a sailing yacht hotel. It is very important to know that our dinner cruises are unique in Paris and will leave you breathless.

Furthermore, at this hotel, the following services and amenities are included, paid private parking on-site, Free internet, a Hot tub, Conference facilities, Bar/lounge

#4. The Astoria Opera Hotel

the best hotels in paris
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The Astoria Opera Hotel is one of the best hotels in Paris. It is a local stay in a prime location with easy access to the Champs Elysees and Montmartre. Astoria opera hotel is situated in the center of a peaceful street between the opera house and large department stores, just steps from the Gare Saint Lazare, and close to Rome. You will also be welcomed by our courteous staff in our inviting lobby, which is furnished with soft leather sofas.

Additionally, warm colors and modern furniture are used to design our 86 rooms. They all have carpeting, a private bathroom with a hairdryer, and satellite TV. The goal of this warm and inviting setting is to make your stay as comfortable and restful as possible.

#5. Prince De Galles Hotel Paris

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Prince de Galles Hotel Paris is the two hotels, despite being located next to the Four Seasons, could not be more different. The following Features are its art-deco mosaics and Années Folles fashion photos, Prince de Galles is clearly 1920s. It is a classy homage to a significant period in Parisian history and a welcome change from the majority of the competitors. The bathrooms are as marble-heavy and the bedrooms are also as opulent as the nicest in Paris.

Additionally, the moment you come here you will enjoy the view of the more contemporary architecture and less of a “scene.”. There are also a lot of things to try out while in the hotel. This includes the Michelin-starred La Scène, which is run by one of the city’s few award-winning female chefs.

#6. The Ritz

the best hotels in paris
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This is one of a select few hotels that are so powerful that they design their own weather system. This made the criticism it received after a four-year renovation when it reopened in 2016 all the more puzzling. Some laughed it off as a mere replica of its former self that still smelled like new paint.

But what specific benefits would have resulted from redesigning the Ritz to resemble a Buddhist temple or a shrimp shack on Nantucket? Its detractors were leaning at windmills because it had remained steadfast. Although the hotel is as extravagant today as it has ever been, The Ritz is still The Ritz, mercifully, proving that often the most stunning improvements are the least remarkable.

#7. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

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The Four Seasons Hotel is one of the best hotels in Paris. This hotel, which debuted in 1928 and enjoys a fantastic location in the ever-chic eighth, is a true landmark in Paris. However, as soon as you go inside, it’s obvious that not everything is what it first appears to be. Flashes of contemporary style and an edgy attitude keep the venue from coming off as boring, despite the large and gilded entrance and the polite and helpful personnel who always welcome you by name.

Aside from being the first hotel in Europe with five Michelin stars under one roof, this establishment also boasts three other restaurants, including the exclusive Le Cinq, where lighter versions of French classics are prepared. Fortunately, all restaurants include premium vintages from the hotel’s storied 50,000-bottle cellar, whose 45-foot underground location allowed it to withstand the Second World War.

#8. Mandarin Oriental Paris

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With this high-gloss hotel, you can leave Paris and experience a place where the present rules and the past, charming as it is, doesn’t. You might refer to it as a different kind of elegance, but it makes sense that this would be the case at a Mandarin, where the standards for “luxury” differ and where both visitors and staff members extol the virtues of flawless service from beginning to end, trendy modern décor, and upscale dining and spa options.

Another method to bridge the gap is with the unapologetically modern Thierry Marx supervising Sur Mesure and Camélia; his hiring is a clear tribute to the local culture and culinary prowess, but his creativity as well as his broad culinary background reflects the hotel’s contemporary vibe. Another distinguishing quality of Mandarin? At the entrance, the to-go cake shop has its own offer.

#9. Paris SO

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This is also one of the best hotels in Paris. You might want to ask a question such as where can I see Paris the best?  Well, the million-dollar question is that. It’s not coming right now from Montmartre, the top of the Arc de Triomphe, or the Eiffel Tower. It’s from the 15th-floor roof terrace of SO/ Paris, scheduled to open in 2022 and developed by the Ennismore firm, which also developed Scotland’s Gleneagles and the hip Hoxton hotels.

The property itself seems out of place among the Parisian white-washed Haussmann structures and slate roofs because it is wedged between Bastille and Marais and immediately across the Pont de Sully bridge that goes to Notre Dame. The architects at RDAI, which is also responsible for a number of Hermès locations across the world, have reinvented a massive glass box constructed in the 1960s. The interiors have hints of burnt orange and a mid-century feel.

#10. 7th Arrondissement, JK Place

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Could this be Michele Bönan’s finest moment as a designer? Well, this is Italo-Israeli hotelier Ori Kafri’s tiny but expanding JK Place portfolio. As one of the best hotels in Paris, this hotel began in 2003 with the much-copied Florence bolthole before launching the same luxury outposts in Rome and Capri. For instance, the hotel has always had a need for additional effort from the Florentine interior maestro.

This 29-room restoration of a maison particulier in Paris’ Saint-Germain neighborhood is the group’s first hotel outside of Italy. Bönan has put together a unique set of post-Cubist paintings, classical busts, David Hicks sideboards, and Balmain and Hermès sketches from galleries, vintage stores, and the Saint-Ouen flea market. Furthermore, the smart chambers, which span five stories and three connected buildings, appear to beg for cufflinks. Lastly, they have benefits that are beneficial.

#11. Cheval Blanc Paris

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Where so many of its customers live, it seems appropriate that Cheval Blanc would create its first urban hotel, and what better location than inside the iconic La Samaritaine? The renovation of Cheval Blanc Paris consisted of approximately 600 artisans, and pieces by international artists are displayed around the property. It feels as though you are entering a living museum where you can easily spend the night.

Nearly all of the hotel’s 72 modern rooms, the majority of which are large suites, with views of the Seine. Therefore, before visiting the Dior-run underground spa, make a stop at Le Tout-Paris, an Art Deco restaurant and cocktail lounge on the seventh level. One of the favorite activities that you will enjoy in Paris is their first-ever spa boat down the Seine. 

Which Part of Paris Is Best to Stay In?

There are a lot of places to stay in Paris which include

  • Madame Reve Paris
  • SO Paris.
  • JK Place, the 7th Arrondissement
  • Cheval Blanc
  • Montmartre

What Is Paris’s Most Famous Hotel?

The most popular hotel to book in Paris is the 

  • La Reserve Hotel 
  • Madame Reve, 
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • SO Paris
  • The Four Seasons Hotel

What Hotel Do Celebrities Stay at in Paris?

Stick to the right bank (the north bank of the River Seine) if you want to spot celebrities in Paris. On this side of the river are several chic hotels, including the Hotel Plaza Athenee and Shangri-La Paris.  

What Are the Best Hotels in Paris?

The following are the best hotels in Paris

  • Hotel Madame Reve
  • Malta hotel Astotel
  • Le VIP Paris Yacht Hotel
  • Prince De Galles Hotel Paris
  • The Astoria Opera Hotel
  • The ritz
  • Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris
  • Mandarin Oriental Paris
  • Paris SO
  • 7th Arrondissement, JK Place
  • Cheval Blanc Paris

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