Virginia is renowned for its historical sites, quaint rural towns, and natural splendor. It also has some of the most amazing beaches in the nation, with clear waters and activities for every kind of beachgoer. There are several options to select from, ranging from the gentle sands of Virginia Beach to the rocky shoreline of Chincoteague Island. Continue reading to learn more about these undiscovered treasures if you’re planning a beach vacation and want to see the top amazing beaches in Virginia.

#1. Virginia Beach

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This is one of the best amazing beaches in Virginia. Virginia Beach, with its three-mile boardwalk and amazing coastal attractions, is the beating center of the state’s beach culture. The Chesapeake Bay lies nearby, adding to the area’s allure. One of the reasons Virginia Beach is so well-liked by both locals and visitors from outside the area is the variety of sea and land experiences it offers.

There are many reasonably priced hotels along the beachfront, including pet-friendly hotels, but if you’re searching for something a little more opulent, check out the historic Cavalier Virginia Beach, which is a part of the Marriott five-star Autograph Collection and has rooms with views of the ocean and tastefully restored interiors.


#2. Sandbridge

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One of Virginia’s best-known beaches, Sandbridge, is situated on the Currituck Banks Peninsula, south of Virginia Beach’s main promenade. Little Island Park is located near the southern end of the 4.5-mile-long beach. There are lifeguards on duty at specific locations around the beach. Market Place Beach has four stands, while Little Island Beach has 10. The region is frequently referred to as the “Outer Banks of Virginia” because of its comparable geography. In Sandbridge, there are just beachside residences and vacation rentals.

#3. Assateague Island

Maryland and Virginia share a boundary at Assateague Island. The wild horses that graze on the island are its greatest attraction. In addition to the horses, there are many other things to discover on the island. You can pass the time by exploring the marshes, the vegetation, and the several beaches.

The fact that the whole island is regarded as swimmable is one of the nicest aspects of visiting Assateague for a beach day. You don’t need to be concerned that the swim will be too risky due to pollution or hazardous pebbles. Flags are used to indicate specific locations that are thought to be very secure.

However, you must continue to take precautions. No lifeguards are on duty at this location. The lone exception is during summer’s busier weekends when the park can have staff on duty if the rangers expect large crowds. It is indeed one of the most amazing beaches in Virginia.

#4. Yorktown Beach

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Yorktown Beach, located on the outskirts of old Yorktown, features everything you could possibly need for a day at the beach. The beach offers designated picnic spots, restrooms, and a pier that protrudes out into the frequently calm, lifeless water and is only a few steps from stores, restaurants, and bars.

Accessing Yorktown Beach is simple because of its proximity, convenience, and free parking. You can quickly go to the white sand from your parked car by hopping on a shuttle. Look across the spotless York River and the bridge after laying down the beach town. It’s lovely to swim here, and you can also use a kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) to navigate the river. Visit the Victory Monument and Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center after your beach day.


#5. Colonial Beach

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This is also one of the best amazing beaches in Virginia. Between the Potomac River and Monroe Bay, in Northern Virginia, sits Colonial Beach. For visitors from Washington, D.C., it is a well-liked beach. This is because the area boasts a charming historic town, cozy facilities like restaurants, and a variety of water-based activities, such as kayak rentals from Ferry Landing Pier.

A full beach program with a variety of activities, such as swimming, water sports, boating, and fishing, can be planned thanks to the abundance of marinas in the area. Pets are permitted at Colonial Beach between October 1 and March 31, as long as they are leashed. Colonial Beach, the neighborhood’s lone remaining seaport village on the Potomac River, has historical value and small-town charm.

#6. Belle Isle State Park

Belle Isle State Park is one of the most amazing beaches in Virginia, and a big place for a weekend escape, with around 900 acres of land. You can camp, go fishing, or take a cool swim. Swimming at the seaside is normally safe, especially if you remain close to it. The current grows a little stronger as you dive deeper into the sea. Although there are rapids in the park, avoid attempting to swim in them. The water is too choppy to even wade in safety without a raft, and there are no lifeguards.

Remember that many people enjoy visiting the park on weekends in the summer, so if you can, try to schedule your trip within the week to ensure there is room for you. Additionally, you can guarantee that there is enough space for spreading out.

#7. Buckroe Beach

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Buckroe Beach is situated on the edge of one of Virginia’s first public parks in Hampton, which is located along the Chesapeake Bay. It served as a base for some of the country’s initial settlers and a fishing camp in the years before the Civil War before it became a place for relaxation.

It is now a well-liked beach location, replete with a charming bridge that attracts many anglers on sunny days. Due to the frequent performances held in the pavilion, the family-friendly beach offers a lively environment. For paddling around the pier, rental companies offer beach chairs, umbrellas, and kayaks. Visitors to the beach can eat throughout the day at neighboring restaurants.


#8. Cape Charles Beach

On the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, Cape Charles Beach is one of Virginia’s less well-known beaches. Families and visitors who prefer not to swim in the ocean waves can use it because of its quiet, shallow waters. It is 10 miles north of the tunnel for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and welcomes pets. There is a public beach and restrooms at the nearby Kiptopeke State Park. Restaurants and specialty stores can be found in Cape Charles, a small historic town. The majority of the housing alternatives are modest bed and breakfasts, such as the Alyssa House Bed and Breakfast.

#9. Ocean View Beach

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There are numerous miles of Chesapeake Bay shoreline in the Norfolk, Virginia, coastal community of Ocean View. It has a long history, and around the end of the 19th century, a sizable amusement park was constructed there. After the main highway on I-264 was built, it used to be more well-liked by visitors from outside the area, but it now draws more residents and Virginians than visitors from other states.

The city also created a brand-new neighborhood in the 1990s called “East Beach,” which was recognized as one of the top 7 repaired beaches in the country. One of the nicest spots to visit in Norfolk, Virginia, is the 1,690-foot-long fishing pier at Ocean View.

#10. Bethel Beach

As a natural preserve, Bethel Beach is the ideal destination if you want a genuine seaside experience. In contrast to what you might see in larger cities, there aren’t any beachside businesses, umbrellas, or cafes lining the shore. Considering that nobody is there to rake the sand, it is soft and remarkably smooth. Instead, the tide and wind that impact Bethel allow the coast to maintain itself naturally.

The safest place to swim is close to the coast, but you don’t have to fear if you go a little further out because there won’t be a sudden, steep drop-off. In the summer, lifeguards are on duty, particularly on weekends. They’ll watch over you and address any concerns you may have regarding the safety of the water.


#11. Westmoreland State Park

This is another one of the most amazing beaches in Virginia. Westmoreland State Park in the Northern Neck is a destination for beach lovers who like to take risks. You must first stroll down the lovely Big Meadow Trail for just under a mile before arriving at the lovely Fossil Beach on the Potomac River.

When you get there, you’ll discover one of Virginia’s best shelling beaches. Both young and old can scour the shore in search of ancient shark teeth. You can also rent a kayak inside the park and paddle along the stunning coastline to see the magnificent Horsehead Cliffs. Book a cottage or pitch a tent for a night under the stars to keep the good times coming.

#12. Jamestown Beach

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Jamestown Beach, which is adjacent to the historic Jamestown Settlement and other Williamsburg attractions, is one of Virginia’s best-kept beach secrets. A seaside park is available, complete with amenities like food stands, a pier, picnic spots, restrooms, and covered areas. When you need some time away from the sun, there are lagoons and a pleasant park at this family-friendly beach.

If you’ve previously been to Historic Jamestowne or Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Jamestown Beach is the ideal add-on. Non-residents must pay a nominal day-use fee to enter the park.

#13. Chesapeake Bay

Make sure you are familiar with Chic’s Beach and Chick’s Beach if you intend to travel to the Chesapeake Bay. The beach is serene, safe, and clean for families or tourists who simply want some peace and quiet because it is situated in a residential area. However, there aren’t many companies nearby that are accessible on foot. Before you go for the day, ensure that you pack everything you’ll need, such as a meal and drinks. If not, you’ll need to take a car somewhere.

Except on holiday weekends, this beach doesn’t get too crowded because most tourists prefer to visit nearby beaches. If you don’t enjoy feeling like a tourist while you’re traveling, you can merely share the sand with the natives. If you wish to take a stroll, the sand is very gentle and easy to walk on.

#14. Smith Mountain Lake Beach

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Smith Mountain Lake Beach is among the top options for non-ocean beaches in the state. The second-largest lake on Virginia’s shoreline is surrounded by freshwater, which is perfect for kayaking, SUPing, and swimming. A fishing pier divides the beach, and boats can be seen idling in the middle of the lake. The lakefront is surrounded by charming homes, and tourists and weekend visitors combine to create a lively but family-friendly ambiance.

You can hang a hammock on one of the numerous nearby trees to get some shade if you want to avoid the sun. Even better, you might spend the night at the campground and awaken only a few steps from the pristine sand.

#15. Kerr Lake

On Clarksville’s Buggs Island, Kerr Lake is your best bet if you prefer lake beaches to ocean ones. With 50,000 acres of water, it is the biggest lake in Virginia. There are hidden coves and more than 800 kilometers of beachfront surrounding the lake.

There are various places to go swimming and engage in water sports, including sailing, water skiing, and boating. Due to Kerr Lake’s size, there are many alternatives for choosing the ideal section of the canal that meets your interests. There are a number of parks with services near the lake if you want to camp, including Ivy Hill Park, Buffalo Park, North Bend Park, Rudds Creek, Palmer Point Park, and Longwood Park.

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