Indonesia is well-known for its warm beaches, commanding volcanoes, as well as historical and spiritual attractions that have a distinct local appeal. Being an archipelago, Indonesia is made up of a total of 17,000 different islands. They differ from one another in that they have unique geographical characteristics and cultural traits. There are a lot of tourist attractions spots and things to do in Indonesia. Well, it is always fun when you plan a trip, but the feeling is different when you know that there are other interesting activities that follow. Indonesia has a lot to offer everyone on a vacation here.

Especially in Bali, there are different temples with old historical backgrounds and traditions. Some of these top tourist attractions include Borobudur temple which is one of the most well-known cultural and important sites. Others also have UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Read on to discover the best tourist attractions and Things to Do in Indonesia.

#1. Borobudur, Indonesia

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One of Indonesia’s most well-known and culturally significant sites is this old temple. Designed after a conventional Buddhist mandala, Borobudur was erected in the eighth century. It is ranked among the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is regarded as one of the most important Buddhist places on Earth. Many people are thought to have relocated to eastern Java as a result of volcanic explosions, leaving the enormous temple abandon for decades.

The 1800s saw its rediscovery, and now it is one of Java’s top tourist attractions. Visit the complex at daybreak for a spectacular experience of seeing everything covered in sunlight and for a torchlight ascent to the temple. Yogyakarta, a historic city, is close to Borobudur.

#2. Bali 

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Bali boasts a lot of cultural treasures and attractions that make a trip here worthwhile. It is arguably Indonesia’s most well-liked vacation destination. But for a lot of people, Bali is known for its stunning beaches. If you’re looking for a beach holiday, you might want to visit one of Bali’s opulent beach resorts and spend some time basking in the sun. Bali doesn’t let visitors down when it comes to their expectations of a warm beach and clear sea. The most well-known beach, Kuta, is excellent for people who prefer to mix socializing, surfing, and the sun. Due to its popularity, there are a lot of restaurants and activities to do in this area.

#3. Gilli Island

Lombok is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia. Lombok has become increasingly popular among travelers and backpackers over the years, and the Gili Islands are one of its main draws. These beautiful islands provide beaches that are just as beautiful as Bali’s, as well as diving and snorkeling options at a turtle sanctuary. The things to do here also include a visit to the turtle hatchery, where hundreds of these animals are hatched each year, if you are seeking more turtle action.

In the Gilis, kayaking is also very popular, and there are lots of places to take yoga courses if you want to find a place to relax your body and mind. A less hectic, although nonetheless interesting, substitute for well-known Bali is the Gili Islands.

#4. Kawah Ijen

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At the center of a reserve that encompasses the summits and slopes of three volcanoes is the mysterious crater lake known as Kawah Ijen. It is home to a labor-intensive sulfur mining plant and one of the world’s most acidic lakes. Every day, an elite group of rugged men known as the “sulfur slaves” tirelessly carry baskets of 200-pound-plus yellow pebbles from the lake’s edge to the rim of the crater and back down the mountainside. The lake’s milky turquoise hue, mineral purity, and the surrounding volcano walls provide a magnificent spectacle. Particularly at night when the blue fire is produced by the combustion of sulfuric vapors.

#5. Tana Toraja

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The Toraja people live in Tana Toraja, a region on the island of Sulawesi that is characterized by green, lush rice terraces and blue, misty mountains in the distance. They are famous for their peculiar burial practices, including the act of “walking” deceased mummified bodies, but they are popular for the distinctive architectural style of their “Tongkonan,” boat-shaped ancestral homes. Funerals are elaborate events, and the typical cemeteries include tau life-sized wooden effigies, hanging graves, cave graves, and baby tree graves.

The lesser-known information about Toraja is that it makes the most famous coffee in the nation. If exploring the depths of local cultures and coffee farms appeals to you, include Tana Toraja on your itinerary for Indonesia.

#6. Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud

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The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, a tranquil area where you can sense the historic majesty of the island, is located near Ubud, the cultural center of Bali. Long-tail macaques, a species of monkey typically found throughout Southeast Asia, are widely distributed. Additionally, the sanctuary is home to three Hindu temples from Bali that date back to 1350.

Avoid holding anything that can attract the monkeys’ attention as you move through the jungle, such as umbrellas and water bottles, or exhibiting any food. They might attempt to steal anything you have on you. The temple, the artwork, and the breathtaking natural backdrop make a journey to the forest and to the nearby village of Padangtegal, which has long attracted artists of all kinds.

#7. Kalimantan, Borneo

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Borneo is one of the few places that evokes wild, untamed adventure. Borneo is home to orangutans, rare birds, Sumatran rhinos, pygmy elephants, and a variety of other animals, making it one of the planet’s most ecologically diversified regions. You will explore the longest river in Indonesia, the Kapuas, Kalimantan, and Indonesian Borneo. Visit the Dayak communities, and see Chinese, Malaysian, and even European influences in the ports and cities along the way.

For a chance to observe some of Borneo’s famous wildlife in person, you can also go hiking in the rainforest. Located in West Kalimantan, Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya National Park is a protected area that contains two of Borneo’s tallest mountains. And is home to orangutans, clouded leopards, and slow lorises.

#8. Gunung Rinjani

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Gunung Rinjani, one of Indonesia’s famous volcanoes, is a major draw to Lombok. Even though Rinjani does not experience the same level of activity and eruptions as some of the other islands. Its late 13th-century caldera-forming eruption is true to have been among the most powerful in recorded human history. The crater of Rinjani has a lake, and Mt. Baru, another active volcano, is located within the lake.

You might see uncommon animals like the sulfur-crested cockatoo, long-tailed macaques, black ebony leaf monkeys, and other exotic species in Rinjani National Park. There are guided walks available, and the park allows overnight camping. The park also has many mountains, which means there is something for you to do when you get here.

#9. Mount Krakatau

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Without a doubt, the 1883 eruption of Krakatau, the most well-known volcano in Indonesia, is the biggest eruption to receive a record. The eruption has a significant impact on global climate conditions and had a terrible impact on human life in the surrounding islands of Java and Sumatra. The newest of the islands created by the 1883 eruption, Anak Krakatau, or “Child of Krakatau,” made its way to the surface in 1930. This immature, unstable volcano keeps rising higher out of the water and erupting significantly. Tourists can visit Anak Krakatau for a reminder of the immense, unseen power that exists beneath the surface at every turn in Indonesia.

#10. The Kalimantan orangutans

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Without viewing some orangutans, a journey to Indonesia would be incomplete. The biggest orangutan population in the world, as well as other primates, birds, and reptiles, can be found in Tanjung Puting National Park in Kalimantan, Borneo. Although orangutans still exist in the wild, land development continues to impact their natural habitat, so many sanctuaries rescue and guard these lovely, endangered animals. The native boats that have been turned into Borneo cruise boats are the simplest way to get there. As you ride a little wild river into the rainforest, the experience stays incredibly personal and genuine.

#11. Flores, Indonesia

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One of Indonesia’s most stunning locations is Flores, which you will find between Komodo and Lembata islands. Untouched regions of lush, tropical nature abound throughout the island. The Kelimutu volcano is Flores’ most well-known landmark. It is most well-known for its three lakes, each of which has a unique color that varies according to how acidic the water is. Additionally, Wae Rebo and the town of Bena both have traditional conical homes known as Mbaru Niang, as well as Stone Age megaliths.

#12. The Indonesia National Monument, Monas

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The Indonesia National Monument is located on Merdeka Square, which is around four miles six kilometers south of Fatahillah Square and in the geographic center of Jakarta. Also, it is conveniently close to the Gambir train station, or you can take any of the numerous buses. Nevertheless, many people choose to drive their own vehicle through Jakarta’s traffic in comfort. The National Monument and Merdeka Square are frequent stops on Jakarta sightseeing excursions. However, most of them only stop at the square rather than going up to the viewing platform.

While it is free to visit Merdeka Square and view the monument, you must purchase a Jakcard pass in order to enter the Indonesia National Monument and take the elevator to the top of the building. Although you don’t require a guide to see the monument, if you choose to visit the viewing platform, a guide will help point out Jakarta sights.

#13.  Tirta Empul Temple

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The Top Attractions and Things to Do in Indonesia are all in the Tirta Empul Temple. About 9.5 miles and 15 km northeast of Ubud, in the community of Tampaksiring, is where you will find Tirta Empul Temple. Private transportation is necessary unless you are fluent in Indonesian and have a lot of time. Although Tirta Empul Temple is simple to visit on your own, it is also a very popular destination for all sizes of Bali tours. In general, hiring a private guide or joining an organized tour can help you get the most out of your Bali trip.

Owing to excessive traffic, meandering roads, and language challenges. One of the simplest methods to take part in a Balinese Hindu water blessing is to pre-book a trip. Many Bali temple tours include a stop at Tirta Empul, allowing visitors to visit several of Ubud’s most well-known temples in a single day.

#14. Taman Mini Indonesia

One of the Tourist Attractions in Indonesia Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a beautiful Indonesia Mini Park. Located in East Jakarta, which highlights the incredible diversity of this archipelago of over 18,000 islands. The 247-acre 100-hectare area includes museums, theaters, gardens, a waterpark, an aviary, an IMAX theater, a cable car, and full-scale reconstructions of residences from other cultures. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah has a nominal entrance fee, and there are additional fees for attractions like museums and theaters.

However, admission to the cultural acts at the traditional homes is free. Tours of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah can be very beneficial because they give door-to-door round-trip transfers through Jakarta’s congested traffic. An introduction to the various cultures that inspired the diverse architectural styles, and directions to the highlights.

What Is Indonesia Famous For?

Indonesia is well-known for its warm beaches, commanding volcanoes, as well as historical and spiritual attractions. Being an archipelago, Indonesia is made up of a total of 17,000 different islands. They differ from one another in that they have unique geographical characteristics and cultural traits.

Is Indonesia Worth Seeing?

Yes, Indonesia is well worth visiting if you’re searching for an adventure in a vibrant and diverse country.

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