Global, National Geographic Traveler Magazine Jobs

Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or just a way to earn some extra cash, Traveler magazine is a great option. With plenty of opportunities for writers, photographers, and other creative professionals, there’s sure to be something for everyone. So if you’re ready to start your next adventure, be sure to check out National Geographic and Global Traveler magazine jobs today.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine Jobs

If you’re looking for National Geographic Traveler magazine jobs, then you’re at the right place.

List of National Geographic Traveler Magazine Jobs

Below is the list of National Geographic Traveler magazine jobs

#1. FCM – Corporate Travel Consultant Chicago, IL

For eight years running, FCM has been recognized as the world’s best travel management company at the World Travel Awards. Besides, FCM blends local knowledge with international experience to give clients a customized experience and is supported globally by Flight Centre Travel Group. In addition, with global offices in London, Brisbane, Singapore, and New York, it has a business network spanning over 97 nations.

About the Opportunity

You will be responsible for planning complicated domestic and foreign itineraries for busy executives, including ground, air, and hotel travel. You will spend one to three weeks (paid) training remotely with Sabre before starting your work. Similarly, this course will improve your understanding, give you contract airfare training, and hone your Sabre abilities. To meet the needs of our business travelers, you must also deliver first-class customer service.


Candidates should possess strong problem-solving skills, strong written communication, interpersonal and organizational skills and must be able to effectively multi-task while maintaining a good rapport with corporate clients. Experience with complex international fares is strongly recommended. Impeccable business acumen, high attention to detail and international destination knowledge are necessary.

Experience & Qualifications

  •  Experience in Corporate Travel required
  • Sabre skills required

#2. FCM – Corporate Travel Agent – Chicago, IL

You will be responsible for planning complicated domestic and foreign itineraries, including ground, air, and hotel travel, for busy executives. You will complete one to three weeks of paid remote training with Sabre before starting your role. Through this program, you will also learn more, receive contract airfare training, and hone your Sabre skills. In order to meet the demands of our business travelers, you must also provide great customer service.

Moreover, our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST. Five 8-hour shifts make up a normal schedule for a 40-hour work week. Be ready to put in a once or twice-weekly evening shift that lasts until 7:00 p.m.


Candidates must possess decisive and successful problem-solving skills. Strong written communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills are required, as well as strong technical skills. Must have the ability to effectively multi-task while maintaining professional rapport with corporate clients. Experience with complex international fares is strongly recommended.

#3. Senior Corporate Travel Consultant – Lubrizol Corporation

The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway firm, is a globally operating, market-driven business with clients in more than 100 nations. In addition to having sales and technical offices all over the world, we own and manage manufacturing sites in 17 different nations. We are able to provide the goods and services our clients require, when and where they require them, thanks to our extensive global manufacturing and sales networks.

What You Will Do

Communicate with all levels of the organization with clarity, tact, and diplomacy. Also, you will coach and guide travel teams where more difficult and complex travel computations/allowances are involved. Develop metrics and reports to help influence decisions, foster improvements, as well as ensure policy compliance. Besides, you will take the lead in resolving debit memos, technical issues, and quality control of reservations.

What We’re Looking For

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to forge relationships are combined with high energy, innovation, and a focus on results. You should also have a thorough understanding of locations and suppliers in terms of geography and industry products. Ability to prioritize several tasks and deadlines under time constraints, with excellent attention to detail and analytical abilities. Ability to change course and adapt to the requirements of the teams you support. Moreover, 10+ years of corporate travel experience are required; a college degree in travel management is preferred. Must have excellent knowledge of ticketing rules and regulations, complex domestic and international fares, as well as regional and international travel trends.

#4. Chief Human Resources Officer – Lindblad Expeditions US

The first tourist expedition through the Northwest Passage was led by Lindblad Expeditions in 1984, and we launched our ground-breaking partnership with National Geographic in 2004. We also brought the first citizen explorers to Antarctica in 1966, opened up the Galapagos and Easter Island to tourism in 1967, and led the first tourist expedition through the Northwest Passage in 1984. Moreover, our fleet of 15 ships now transports approximately 25,000 visitors annually to some of the most inaccessible and pristine regions on the planet, and we go above and beyond to make sure that they feel the “exhilaration of discovery.”

The Role

Lindblad’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is tasked with creating an overarching people strategy that can support a company the size and scale of Lindblad. HR must: also “employ innovative and creative methods of attracting, hiring, and retaining employees in a strong labour market.” Ensure that the company can hire the quality and quantity of talent it needs to continue growing. Lindblad’s chief human resources officer (HR Officer) is responsible for leading and developing the company’s HR team, as well as helping to build future leaders in the function. In addition, she/he must ensure that all employees have access to comprehensive compensation and benefits plans that are competitive and cost-effective. Shepherd communication and processes regarding company-wide or broad-reaching processes and policies. Coach and mentor employees and establish a sound plan for management succession.

Knowledge and Experience

The ability to manage talent management and acquisition, total rewards, HR operations, and diversity, equity, and inclusion is made possible thanks to broad knowledge and expertise in all areas of HR. Developed a people strategy for a business that is going through an accelerated growth phase, displaying success as a positive change agent. Brings a human perspective to debates on corporate strategy.

Global Traveler Magazine Jobs

You’re in the right place if you’re seeking jobs at Global Traveler magazine.

List of Global Traveler Magazine Jobs

Below is the list of Global Traveler Magazine jobs

#1. Travel Risk Program Manager – Pinkerton

Pinkerton has been a reliable, successful business for more than 170 years. You may be confident that joining us now will mean joining a company that is looking to the future because we are recognized leaders in the corporate risk management sector around the world. We are a flourishing community of more than 2,000 risk management experts, and we will still be here tomorrow.

Job Summary

The Global Travel Senior Manager and the Senior Manager of the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) of the client are responsible for working with the Travel Risk Program Manager to establish and implement an enterprise-wide travel risk management program. Also, the program manager coordinates the travel component of incident response, conducts audits, and works with cross-functional business partners. At the same time, this job can be performed remotely anywhere in the United States.

Education, Experience, and Certification

A bachelor’s degree or the equivalent mix of training and expertise in travel risk management. In addition, preferable qualifications include corporate travel or risk management expertise. Pinkerton is an open-minded employer that seeks applicants with a variety of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences.

#2. VIP Traveler Experience Leader – CWT US

As a business-to-business-for-employees (B2B4E) travel management platform, Crown Wealth Travel (CWT) is one of the top digital travel management firms in the world. Similarly, organizations and governments depend on us to keep their people connected. In addition, we offer their employees cutting-edge technology and a quick, secure, and safe travel experience across six continents. We are committed to providing our clients with a world-class experience by combining people and technology and doing it through the channels they prefer.

Position Description

Oversees a group of travel consultants who develop and correctly complete complex travel requests (vehicle, hotel, air, rail, and train) for high-touch customers and exclusive passengers. At the same time, he/she will ensure that operations are appropriately staffed, scheduled from start to finish, and have real-time protocols in place to prevent long waits or a high average response time (multi-channel).

Position Requirements

  • 7+ years of experience working in a customer service environment that includes 5+ years as a leader
  • Contact center leadership experience required
  • Travel industry experience required
  • University degree or equivalent experience preferred

#3. Travel Experience Counsellor II – CWT United States

Makes and completes travel plans for fairly complex accounts (vehicle, hotel, air, rail). Sells goods that have commercial value to CWT and increases the company’s profitability. It also sells “add on” attachments (hotel, etc.) and upsells certain vacation destinations. You will also act as a reliable advisor by making recommendations that are well-informed and perceptive and that, in each case, will maximize the traveler’s experience.

Addresses somewhat complex issues involving several destinations, probable non-standard routes, ticket swaps, and complex pricing. Delegates more difficult issues to personnel with more expertise Assignments contain both normal and unusual labour.


  • High School diploma
  •  2+ years of experience working in a customer service environment that includes 2+ years as a travel counselor

How Do I Get a Job at Travel Magazine?

The qualifications to work for a travel magazine are a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and several years of related experience. Other requirements vary based on the job but may include journalism training, regional travel experience, and a passion for travel.

What Jobs Will Pay You to Travel?

Top Jobs that’ll Pay You to Travel the World

  • Travel Blogging.
  • Freelance Travel Writer.
  • Teach English Abroad.
  • Become a Local Tour Guide.
  • Work On a Cruise Ship.
  • Au Pair Traveling Jobs.
  • Work as a Flight Attendant.
  • Freelance Travel Photographer.

How Do You Get Paid for Travel Writing?

Publications That Will Pay You for Travel Writing

  • Great Escape Publishing. Great Escape Publishing focus on working while you travel, so if you like my blog, you’ll probably like these guys.
  • Verge Magazine.
  • Horizon Guides
  • Go World Travel
  • Tales to G
  • Matador Network
  • Listverse
  • Fund Your Life Overseas & Incomes Abroad.

How Do I Become a Full-Time Traveler?

Here are the ways to make full-time travel a reality.

  • Figure out how much money you need
  • Put money into savings before you spend it
  • Follow a budget to learn how to travel full-time
  • Pay off debt
  • Create a vision board
  • Work while you travel and be location-independent
  • Find jobs in the places you are visiting.

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FAQs About Traveler Magazine Jobs

Do travel agents do cold calling?

Travel and hospitality companies usually make cold calls to connect with customers, hotels, tourism companies, and travel agencies all around the world. They often target travelers during peak travel periods and offer them discounts and promotions.

How can I live a life of travel?

Steps to Living a Life of Travel

  1. Change your spending habits. …
  2. Find Affordable Things to do. …
  3. Downsize. …
  4. Get Rid of Debt and Wasted Expenses. …
  5. Keep All Options Open. …
  6. Nothing is Waste of Time When Searching for your Purpose. …
  7. Focus on Strengths. …
  8. Do Something Epic.

Is traveler a good career?

Whether you’re just starting out, or considering a career shift, it’s never too late to find a job you can trip on. An obvious pick for keen travellers, it’s a glamorous, exciting and well-paying profession. Although training is expensive, the investments are easily recovered when one begins working.