UNDERGROUND HOTEL: 9 Caves in the United States


Imagine a place where there is no sound or light. There is no heat or humidity. It feels completely calm as if time does not exist and the space around you has no meaning. You’re tucked up in a comfortable bed and drift off to sleep, with nothing to wake you up until your mind and body decide to reawaken. This is what you get when you stay in an underground hotel. This article talks about underground hotels.

What Is the World’s Deepest Hotel?

Deep within the dark tunnels and cavity shafts, guests can sleep in the world’s deepest underground hotel suite in an old Swedish silver mine.

The Silver Mine Sala

Sweden / Sala Silver Mine Underground Hotel

The Sala Silver Mine was once thought to have one of the world’s top five silver deposits. Sala Silver Mine now has the world’s deepest hotel suite, 500 feet beneath the surface. In addition, there are no rats or bats, and the environment is strangely quiet and dry.

What Is the Location of the World’s First Underground Hotel?

Without a doubt, the location of the world’s first underground hotel is Shanghai. Strange and surprisingly innovative architectural projects can be found in China, where a significant portion of the country’s accumulated capital has been allocated. One of the most recent examples is Shanghai’s world’s first underground hotel

What Is a Cave?

Caves are dark and hollow places. They can form underground, on hillsides, or on cliff walls. Nevertheless, water carved out some of the caves. Others were formed by cooling and hardening lava. Furthermore, caves may contain stalactites and stalagmites. They are formed by the minerals in dripping water. A spelunker is someone who explores and studies caves. There’s a lot to discover in this one-of-a-kind habitat.

What Is the Temperature in the Cave?

Cave temperatures tend to remain constant all year because they are underground and are not affected by surface weather patterns. A cave’s temperature is usually close to the average annual temperature for the region in which it is located. 70º Caves in Texas, for example, can reach temperatures of 70º F.

9 Cave Sleeping Locations in The United States 

For some, they are terrifying places: dark, dank, and crawling with creepy crawlies! For others, caves hold an allure that makes them exciting places to explore. There are now numerous ways to experience cave life, ranging from actual cave excursions and overnight stays to fantasy theme suites that combine the thrill of spelunking with the luxury of a high-end hotel room. There’s a world of fun waiting for you underground, whether it’s a fantasy or a family gathering.

#1. Worley’s Cave, Bluff City, Tennessee

Tennessee is abundant with caves and underground passageways. And some places allow you to stay late, explore, and sleep in the cave. After the tours at Worley’s Cave in Bluff City, Tennessee, you can spend the weekend underground. Grab a flashlight and a friend, then explore the cave’s 4,000 feet of caverns and tunnels before retiring to a sleeping bag on the ground. Showers and camping are available near the cave’s entrance on the topside. However, be warned: it gets cold in there. Dress warmly or bring someone to cuddle with!

#2. Mammoth Cave Hotel 

The Mammoth Cave Hotel is located in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. Check into the historic Mammoth Cave Hotel for an authentic look at what Mammoth Cave was like during one of its heydays in the 1950s. In addition to regular hotel rooms with views of the cave area, there are cabins in the woods that provide the sense of adventure that comes with being atop one of the world’s longest cave systems while not being directly inside of it.

#3. Eureka Springs, Arkansas Hobbit Caves

The Eureka Springs Treehouses, Castles, and Hobbit Caves are themed rooms that will allow you to live out your childhood dream of staying in a woodland fairyland.

The cave rooms are actual recreations of what modern Hobbit holes might look like. The hobbit caves allow you to experience Eureka Springs and the surrounding area in an unusual and fantastical way, from the rock formations on the walls that lead to the cave-like living area to the private courtyard outside the door. The rooms have king-sized beds, a two-person shower, and a jacuzzi hot tub.

#4.  The Grand Canyon Caverns Cave underground Hotel

The Grand Canyon Caverns Cave Hotel Room, located in Peach Springs, Arizona, is a hotel room deep within the Grand Canyon. It is one of the largest hotel suites in the world, measuring 200 feet wide by 400 feet long and boasting a 70-foot ceiling. And, technically, it is one of the oldest because it is located inside a cave that took 65 million years to form. Or, at the very least, it took the longest to build.

The Cave Room is directly above the concrete paths that wind their way through the cave. As a result, you must take an elevator 220 feet into the ground to reach it.

#5.Farmington, New Mexico’s Kokopelli’s Cave

This tranquil haven for viewing the unrivaled southwest sunsets is built into the cliffs of Tertiary Ojo Alamo sandstone near the La Plata river. Four states can be seen from here: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.

The cave, which was originally intended as a geologist’s office, now has 1,700 square feet of living space, including a master bedroom, a native American kiva replica, a kitchen, and a bathroom with rock walls to house the waterfall shower and jacuzzi tub. At the front, and at the back of the house, there are two porches with sliding glass doors. Because the cave is underground, the temperature stays between 68 and 73 degrees all year.

#6. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is located in the Ozarks of Arkansas.

Beckham Creek Cave is located in the Ozarks of Arkansas. It is truly one-of-a-kind, nestled inside a natural cavern and overlooking one of the most beautiful valleys in the Ozarks. The Cave, a private home on a 260-acre resort, provides peace and quiet to all of its guests.

The cave has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. The place sleeps eight people, but it will cost you around $1,600 per night to hang out with your friends. Another eight people can sleep in the house, but they must bring their own sleeping mats. Hiking, canoeing, fishing, helicopter rides, and horseback riding are all nearby activities… though at those prices.

#7. Radisson King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Room

The Radisson at King of Prussia, located near Valley Forge and Bryn Mawr University, has several themed rooms, including one cave room. It’s a prehistoric-themed suite with a faux wood-burning fireplace, a primitive cave, and a leopard-print curbed couch. It’s difficult to book it onsite, so call them up to find a time to escape to the underground.

#8. Miami Executive Fantasy Hotel

The Executive Fantasy Hotel, near the airport, has a variety of hotel rooms, including the cave room. The room’s design is to look like a cave on the inside, and it has a king-sized bed and a doorless shower. There is also a dancing pole, a private pool, a bar, and a love chair in the suite (whatever that is). According to the room’s description, it also has its own disco ball and a fully stocked bar!

#9. Wildwood Inn Cave Rooms, Florence, KY

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a cave while also enjoying a tropical pool and a Jacuzzi hot tub, Wildwood Inn is the place for you. There are also five cave rooms, each decorated to look like a cave from a different part of the country or pole — the Arctic, Kentucky, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah Canyon. 

Each windowless room has a king-sized bed and a hot tub surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. A refrigerator, a full-sized bathroom, and an HD TV round out the amenities. A tropical pool under a dome, a game room, and a continental breakfast are available to hotel guests outside. But be cautious. The cave room’s lights are on a timer, and if you don’t keep an eye on them, you’ll be fumbling around in the dark for the light switch!

Where Can I sleep in a cave in Texas?

Big Bend National Park is the best place in Texas to stargaze, and what better way to do so than to sleep in a luxurious suite inside an actual Texas cave surrounded by a limitless sky? This isn’t just any cave; the Summit has outfitted several caves in Big Bend so you can enjoy nature’s tranquillity in your own cavernous oasis. You’re in luck because Big Bend has several unique accommodations, including a glamping bubble, an off-grid adobe dome, and a land yacht! This luxurious cave is also close to Terlingua, which has several activities to add to your Big Bend itinerary.

Is Cave Water Safe to Drink?

If you go underground for an extended period of time, you will need to bring some water with you. It may be preferable to drink cave water instead, allowing you to travel lighter, especially on long journeys. Is it, however, safe to drink?

Is it safe to drink cave water? Not all cave water is drinkable. Because contaminated water can cause serious illness, you should always filter it. Pools are frequently more dangerous than water dripping from the ceiling, but dripping water is never a guarantee of safe water.


Tourists who have had enough of traditional hotels now have a plethora of interesting hotels to choose from. The fantasy of travelers and hotel owners attempting to entice tourists to spend the night in their establishment knows no bounds. That is to say, hotels in unusual locations and conditions are no longer a surprise.


FAQs About Underground Hotels

What are the names of cave rooms?

They are called GROTIO A modestly sized but lavishly decorated cave room

Is it possible to sleep in a cave?

The world’s best cave hotels are more like luxury hideaways, with no bats, cobwebs, or annoying drips and drops—instead, they’re beautifully furnished, come with all the modern amenities, and offer endless ocean or mountain vistas right outside your door.

Can I cave in my jeans?

Long, loose-fitting pants that are comfortable (wool is best, army fatigues or hiking pants are good, jeans are not recommended). A thick, long-sleeved shirt (wool is best, but any work shirt will do).