Looking for a quick getaway from Philadelphia’s bustle and noise? No matter if you enjoy the outdoors, history, or good food, there are tons of fantastic weekend getaways nearby. There are countless possibilities, from quaint, tiny villages to beautiful state parks. Pack your bags, round up your pals, and go out for a weekend of unforgettable adventures.

We’ve compiled some of the top family weekend trips from Philadelphia in this post, which are sure to sate any traveler’s wanderlust. Prepare yourself to go to new locations, sample exotic cuisine, and create lifelong experiences. Without further ado, let’s begin with the best weekend trips from Philadelphia that are unquestionably worthwhile.

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#1. New York City, NY

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One of the top family weekend trips and vacation destinations close to Philadelphia is New York City. It has five boroughs and famous skyscrapers, such as Central Park and the Empire State Building. Travelers can drive from Philadelphia to New York City in 1 hour and 38 minutes. They can also wander through Times Square, take in a performance at the Broadway Theater, and explore Central Park’s eight trails.

#2. Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn is without a doubt a fantastic weekend getaway from Philadelphia, offering boutique hotels, a flourishing dining scene, and a reasonable number of museums. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a scaled-down counterpart of the New York Botanic Garden, is accessible by train from Philadelphia. Beautiful gardens of all kinds exist, including the Fragrance Garden, which was created with various smelling plants so that people with visual impairments can enjoy it. The braille-readable signage and raised-bed plant growth in the Fragrance Garden make it accessible to wheelchair users and small children.

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#3. Pine Creek Gorge

In north-central Pennsylvania, on 160,000 acres of the Tioga Forest, is the 47-mile-long Pine Creek Gorge. It takes 3 hours and 17 minutes to drive from Philadelphia to Pine Creek Gorge. Its natural splendor makes it one of the top romantic weekend trips from Philadelphia. Together, hike the Chimney Hollow Falls path or the Barbour Rock Blue Overlook Trail. When you reach the conclusion, despite the rougher and steeper terrain, there is a lovely waterfall.

#4. Pennsylvania Dutch Country, PA

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This is one of the family weekend trips from Philadelphia. This is the Amish country, mostly centered around the city and county of Lancaster, a rural region about 90 minutes outside of Philadelphia, where you’ll share the road with horse-drawn buggies. Although the region was inhabited by German immigrants in the 17th and 18th centuries and they were known as the Pennsylvania Dutch, the word “Dutch” in the name is a misnomer. Together with Dutch Wonderland, a 50-acre vintage amusement park for young children and families, the neighborhood is well-known for its antique shopping and mud sales.

#5. Ocean City

Ocean City is also one of the family weekend trips from Philadelphia, and the town is located on the Jersey Shore. The beaches, boardwalk, and theme parks there are well-known. If you’re traveling from Philadelphia, it will take you 1 hour and 5 minutes to reach Ocean City. Furthermore, Philadelphia and the surrounding area provide a wide range of possibilities if you’re looking for the finest family vacation. One of them is Ocean City. Visit Gillian’s Wonderland Pier with the kids.

Additionally, the Canyon Falls Log Flume, which plunges from a height of 35 feet, will appeal to them greatly. Join them in Castaway Cove at Playland and ride the Wild Waves Coaster or the swings. Take them to the beach if they get bored of the rides at the amusement park. For the ideal family bonding experience, splash around in the water while the skies are clear.

#6. Gettysburg, PA

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President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous speech in the historic Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg National Military Park. It is located two hours from Philadelphia’s center and was just recently purchased by preservation organizations and restored to its pre-Civil War condition. The opportunity to walk around the revered battlefield site is the highlight, despite the presence of a sizable visitor center and museum.

In addition, the little town of Gettysburg hosts living historical activities, including combat re-enactments and a few old boutique hotels. The nearby Eisenhower National Historic Park, which includes the former president’s house and farm, is also open to visitors.

#7. Jersey Shore, NJ

The 127-mile-long Jersey Shore begins in Monmouth County and runs through Cape May in southern New Jersey. The region includes cities such as Wildwood, Seaside Heights, Ventnor, Margate, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Sea Isle City, and Ocean City. While Cape May is populated with families and opulent Victorian mansions, Wildwood offers a carnival-like environment.

Philadelphia is a 60 to 90-minute drive from every Jersey Shore location, with Atlantic City being the closest at 1.5 hours. Given that it still upholds certain good laws from its earlier days as a religious coastal resort, Ocean City is the ideal vacation spot for families.

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#8. Montreal

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The Notre Dame Basilica and the bohemian Plateau neighborhood are located in Montréal, which is the province of Quebec’s capital and largest metropolis. Although it is 452 miles away, Philadelphia can be reached in 7 hours by car. The Basilica, one of the most magnificent specimens of Gothic Revival architecture, and the Plateau neighborhood, with its colorful homes and neo-Art Deco exteriors, are both worth the long drive. A permanent collection of 44,000 pieces of art is housed at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

#9. Rehoboth Beach, DE

Wide, sandy beaches, a wooden boardwalk filled with attractions, and even a large space where bands frequently perform can all be found in this small seaside community in Delaware. Delaware has no sales tax, which further contributes to its affordability (plus there is a sizable outlet mall just outside of Rehoboth). Due to its close proximity to President Biden’s former summer retreat home, the community has also grown in notoriety.

Just over two hours away from Philadelphia, Rehoboth Beach is mostly a summer vacation spot that attracts lots of families. The city (and its neighbor, Dewey Beach, next door) consistently ranks in the top 20 beaches in the nation for water quality. The beach and water are both exceedingly clean. Rehoboth Beach is also famous for being an LGBTQ-welcoming beach community with a large number of LGBTQ-owned small businesses.

#10. New Hope

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This municipality in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, spans 906 acres. Famous tourist attractions, such as the Parry Mansion and the New Hope Arts Center, are included. Philadelphia to New Hope is a 47-minute drive, on average. And what’s this? New Hope is one of many quick excursions from Philadelphia that are worthwhile. In this stunning location, you can do a lot of things without spending a fortune.

You can also visit the 1784 Parry House to see its collection of antiques from many eras. Likewise, you can get your artistic fix at the New Hope Arts Center. The museum displays modern artwork in historically significant settings. This is one of the least expensive weekend trips near Philadelphia overall, and it deserves to be done again.

#11. Bermuda

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Bermuda, an island that resembles the Caribbean, is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean Sea. It offers a tropical, paradisiacal escape with plenty of golf courses, pink sand beaches, and five-star hotels. Because it is a British Overseas Territory, the British government has sovereign authority over it. From dishes such as fish and chips to sports like cricket, island culture, and traditional British culture are blended. In addition to enjoying themselves on, above, in, and beneath the water, visitors can learn about history.

#12. Annapolis

The capital of Maryland is Annapolis. The 5,190 acres of the United States Naval Academy are situated on Chesapeake Bay. Two hours are needed to go from Philadelphia to Annapolis. This is without a doubt one of the better possibilities for weekend getaways in the Philadelphia region.

The name “capital of American sailing” has been given to Annapolis for a reason. Just take in the almost 3,000 vessels that call the city’s marinas and bays home. Avoid skipping a trip to the US Naval Academy. Its sailing team is regarded as one of the best in the country.

#13. Washington, DC

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Just a 2.5-hour journey will take you to the nation’s capital, which is well-connected to Philadelphia by rail. Get a one-day Unlimited Metro Pass, which entitles you to unlimited travel on the Metrobus and Metrorail systems, to move around Washington. There are many museums in the city, so if you just have a short amount of time, you should concentrate on the Smithsonian Institution. The Old Stone House is the oldest, unaltered pre-Revolutionary War residence in the city, and the Georgetown district is an excellent place for dining and shopping.

#14. Reading, PA

With its vibrant art scene, baseball stadium, and eccentric sights, Reading makes for a fantastic weekend vacation. From Philadelphia, it takes just over an hour to get there, making it a convenient location to visit quickly. One of only four P-61 Black Widows from World War II is still on display at the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Museum’s renowned collection of restored aircraft. Baseball games, concerts, musicals, and other forms of entertainment are also available in Reading, and the Reading Pagoda gives breathtaking vistas.

What Cities Are Two Hours From Philadelphia?

DC’s Annapolis. Only a two-hour journey separates Philadelphia from Maryland’s historic capital city, which is home to cobblestone streets and is situated on the Chesapeake Bay. Additionally, a vacation in Annapolis allows you to discover the history of the area, including the US Naval Academy and the numerous museums.

How Long Is Texas Away From Philadelphia?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Texas are separated by a total of 1,615 miles (2,599 kilometers) of travel distance. The first city on your journey in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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