when is the best time to visit Greece Santorini

For those seeking sunlight, the ocean, wine, history, and more, Santorini, Greece, is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. You’ll enjoy the stunning sunsets and diverse culture whether you’re a history enthusiast, an explorer, or just seeking some R&R! To make the most of your trip, you must understand the best and worst times to visit this well-known tourist destination. 

In this article, learn all there is to know about the best and Cheapest time to visit Greece Santorini and also examine Santorini crowds by month.

Why You Should Visit Santorini, Greece

Create time to visit the magnificent Greek island of Greece Santorini for a variety of reasons. Santorini is the ideal destination for an adventurous or restful holiday, regardless of whether you prefer a sunny beach day or a sublime climb up an active volcano. 

You can enjoy this well-known Greek island on any budget thanks to the beautiful hotels and resorts, which range from luxurious establishments to affordable ones. Consume genuine moussaka while enjoying wonderful Greek wine produced on the island!

Your visit to Santorini will be wonderful and unforgettable thanks to the island’s lovely weather and friendly residents. Actually, it’s challenging to think of a good excuse not to go to Santorini!

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What Is the Best Time to Visit Greece Santorini?

September through October and April through May are the best time(s) to visit Santorini, Greece as the weather is mild and there aren’t many tourists. If you plan to travel between June and August, book your accommodations months in advance. In the winter, hotel prices often fall. In the spring, there won’t be as many people, but tourists will start to swarm the islands.

What Is the Cheapest Time to Visit Santorini

Winter is the least expensive season to visit Santorini since fewer travelers and fewer hotel rooms are available. Unfortunately, even during the off-season, flights to Greece will probably always be expensive. However, you can obtain a hotel or resort reservation deal and save some money on the aircraft ticket. If you don’t mind carrying sweaters in addition to your beach suits, your ideal Greek holiday can be in the middle of winter! Everyone wants to save money on their vacation!

Santorini vacations are most affordable in the winter, but there are other methods to keep your costs down. Although it is dangerous, last-minute hotel and airfare bookings might save you hundreds of dollars if you have flexible employment and a travel companion. Many people find this concept absurd and stressful, yet there aren’t many walk-in hotel bookings in Santorini. Hotels will thus lower their costs as the end of the month approaches and they still have a lot of unoccupied rooms, often by as much as 75%.

Consequently, you can make a $200 hotel reservation for just $50! Not everyone will be able to make such a last-minute travel arrangement, but if it’s a possibility for you, take this tactic into consideration. Even if plane tickets can be marginally less expensive, buying a hotel at the last minute might save you a lot of money. Additionally, you will save more money the longer you want to stay in Santorini.

Best Time to Visit Santorini to Avoid Crowds

Because of the cooler weather and lower visitor traffic, the winter is a fantastic season to visit Santorini. The best time to travel is in the winter to avoid crowds and long lines. Plan a holiday trip to Greece and spend the New Year in a lovely island villa if you want to enjoy the beaches and engage in sports like scuba diving or snorkeling.

Santorini is a large island with a total area of around 30 square miles, yet when there are many visitors there every day, it can feel congested. Many visitors who escape the throng and visit during the less desired off-season report enjoying themselves despite missing the warm weather.

Best Time to Visit Santorini Greece for Honeymoon

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Early to mid-spring or mid to late autumn are generally the best times of year to visit Greece, Santorini. These windows won’t just cost less than they would in the summer, but they’ll also be less busy while still providing all the exciting extras and activities you’re looking forward to! When planning a costly trip, the majority of people want to save money, but they also don’t want to waste their money by choosing the wrong month. The ideal periods to visit Santorini are from late March to early June and from early September to late October. 

You can engage in excursions like scuba diving, mountain biking, and ocean swimming during these periods while taking advantage of the warm, sunny island weather. Although it’s not the top, this marks the beginning and conclusion of the on-season. From late June to early September, Santorini and all of Greece experience their busiest travel period. Therefore, you should avoid traveling during the summer when there are more tourists and lodging costs soar. 

On the other hand, you should avoid going between late November and early March, which is considered the off-season. It does become colder, even if the winters in Santorini are nothing in comparison to those in other regions of America and Europe. Winters in Santorini seldom dip below 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is a little bit more rain. In addition to the winter weather, you might be disappointed to learn that many restaurants, tourist sites, and other activities are closed from November to March.

This implies that not only will you not have the ideal weather for a beach vacation, but you also won’t be able to fully take advantage of any planned guided excursions or local food. 

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Santorini Crowds By Month

The Percentage of tourists vacation to Santorini by month

#1. Santorini in January (10% Crowded).

By Santorini’s norms, it was damp, chilly, and windy. The wettest and one of the coldest months is January. The island is uninhabited and has few visitors, yet local life continues at a cheerful pace. There aren’t many open hotels or restaurants, but Oia and Fira always have something going on. The coastal communities are closed off entirely. 14°C is the average maximum temperature. 42 millimeters on average.)

#2. Santorini in February (10% Crowded)

Similar to January. The coldest month in Santorini is February. Compared to December and January, there is a bit less rain (Average Maximum Temperature: 14°C. 35 mm of rain is typical.)

#3. Santorini in March (30% Crowded)

When compared to the preceding three months, March shows a significant shift. Less rain, more sun, and higher temperatures are all present. For hikers and tourists, this might be a pleasant time to go, but travelers should plan for possible rain and chilly evenings. Most hotels and restaurants open by the end of March. (Maximum Average Temperature: 16 °C. 32 mm of rain is typical.)

#4. Santorini in April (40% Crowded)

A fantastic month for going on hikes, sightseeing, and winery tours. A few beach days towards the end of the month are conceivable in warm years. (Maximum Average Temperature: 19 °C. 12 millimeters on average.)

#5. Santorini in May (60% Crowded)

Between early May, when cool, gloomy days might still occur often, and late May, when the days are typically bright and pleasant, there is a significant contrast. The coastal towns open for business in May after clearing off the cobwebs. (Maximum Average Temperature: 22 °C. 7 millimeters on average.)

#6. Santorini in June (75% Crowded)

June is a hot, bright month that marks the beginning of beach season when many visitors come. (Maximum Average Temperature: 26 °C. 0.3mm of rain falls on average.)

#7. Santorini in July (95% Crowded)

Sunny and warm. On Santorini, July is the busiest month together with August. For July travel, reserve rooms at least three months in advance; for premium hotels, six months. (Maximum average temperature: 27 °C. 0.9mm of rain falls on average.)

#8. Santorini in August (100% Crowded)

It’s hot and bright, with sporadic high gusts known as the Meltemi that can cause ferry and catamaran cancellations. For August travel, reserve rooms at least three months in advance; for premium hotels, six months. (Maximum average temperature: 27 °C. 0.4mm of rain falls on average.)

#9. Santorini in September (80% Crowded)

Sunny and warm, although a touch cooler than in August. While the weather is similar to June’s, the water is warmer due to the summer’s increased heat. The wind has subsided. The ideal time to visit Santorini is around September. Even now, hotels are sometimes fully booked months in advance. (Maximum Average Temperature: 25 °C. 6 millimeters on average.)

#10. Santorini in October (60% Crowded)

Although the weather is changing the other way, October is quite similar to May. Early October, when days might be warm and bright, and late October, when you can have some cold gloomy days and beach trips feel like a distant memory, are frequently markedly different from one another. (Maximum Average Temperature: 22 °C. 18 mm of rain falls on average.)

#11. Santorini in November (40% Crowded)

Winter’s chilly, overcast days start to appear around November. There can still be pleasant days in early November, making a trip to the beach conceivable. By the end of November, most upscale hotels are closed. Up until the last cruise ship of the season makes its visit (often in late November), Oia and Fira maintain a reasonable level of activity. (Median Maximum Temperature: 18°C; Median Precipitation: 44mm.)

#12. Santorini in December (20% Crowded)

Although there are frequent intervals of clear skies and sunny days, be prepared for chilly, overcast, and wet weather. Since most other towns are closed throughout the winter, Fira serves as the center of activities. At least a few restaurants, motels, and marketplaces will be open in Oia. (Maximum Average Temperature: 15 °C. 46 mm of rain is typical.)

How Many Days Do You Need in Santorini?

Greece’s most popular tourist destination, Santorini, is renowned across the world for its exceptional natural beauty. It is a well-liked holiday destination because of the caldera with the white settlements perched on top, the submerged volcano, and the lovely sunset. In order to see as many destinations as possible, we advise staying for 3 to 5 days.

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