The state of Alabama is located in the southern United States and is named after a native American tribe of the same name. It is well-known for its Civil Rights Movement landmarks, beautiful landscape, and over 1,500 miles of inland waterways. The state of Alabama, also known as the “Yellowhammer State” due to its state bird, and the white sand beaches of Alabama, attracts over 20 million tourists each year, with the majority of visitors drawn to the state by its beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Read through to find out about the white sand beaches in Alabama.

Does Alabama Have White Sand Beaches?

Alabama has beautiful white sand beaches. Due to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Shores, which has 32 miles of white sand beaches, is one of Alabama’s most well-liked coastal getaways. There are numerous beach access points, but Gulf Place is especially well-liked because of its many amenities.

What Alabama White Sand Beach Has the Clearest Water?

Beach at Fort Morgan is the beach with the clearest water. Nothing compares to the breathtaking beaches along Alabama’s Gulf Coast, which draw lots of tourists each summer. Even one of these beaches has water that rivals the Caribbean in terms of clarity and color. The only Fort Morgan Beach is this one.

Is the Sand White in Orange Beach Alabama?

Alabama Point Beach in Orange Beach is close to Gulf State Park and has access to more than a mile of white sand beach. Photographers benefit from having front-row views of boat traffic passing through the Perdido Pass because the beach is close to the Perdido Pass Bridge.

Best White Sand Beaches in Alabama

Below is the list of the best white sand beaches in Alabama

#1. The West Beach

The West Beach considered Alabama’s best, stretches from Fort Morgan peninsula to Mobile Bay and is separated from the Bay by Little Lagoon lake. Though the majority of the island’s shoreline is dotted with residential homes, West Beach’s white sugary sand is mostly open to the public.

Though you can visit here at any time, the months of May to October are ideal for some private beach time. Along the coast, there are several restaurants and luxury hotels. The nearby Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is a popular destination for nature lovers. The refuge, which opened in 1980, is home to sea turtles, the Alabama beach mouse, and a variety of migrating birds. There are several trails that are open to the public all year around the Wildlife Refuge.

#2.  The Orange White Sand Beach in Alabama

Orange Beach, one of the white sand beaches in Alabama and a popular family white sand beach destination, is an eight-mile-long stretch of white, sugary coastline where everyone can find some sort of amusement to fill their hearts with joy. Aside from the numerous tourist facilities and services available at the beach, the main draw is the variety of activities available—either in or near the water.

Flyboarding is one of the most distinctive attractions here. Other popular sports and activities in Orange Beach include a sunset dolphin cruise, sailing, and diving to the state’s first intentionally sunk ship wreckage. Fishing is another popular recreational activity in the area. Red snapper, marlin, and tuna are common catches in the waters off Orange Beach.

#3. The Gulf State Park White Sand Beach in Alabama

The 6,000-acre Gulf State Park white sand beach is located between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and is known for its two-mile-long beautiful beach as well as a variety of activities and facilities. The beach pavilion area is a relaxing spot with a shaded picnic area and public restrooms. The surroundings are adorned with natural sand dunes and sea oats.

Surf fishing is a popular pastime in this area. You can also spend time biking or walking the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. Wild animals that can be seen in the area include alligators and deer.

#4. Park and Beach on Dauphin Island

Another Alabama beach gem known for its stunning natural landscape is Dauphin Island Park and Beach in Mobile County. Though there is a small entrance fee (only in the spring and summer), the visit is well worth it. The area has a variety of landscapes and resources to explore and enjoy, including parks, trails, and exhibits. Dauphin Island Park and Beach, the region’s only pet-friendly beach, is open all year and has camping facilities for RVs, trailers, and even buses.

The campground surrounding the park has 151 campsites, 99 of which have full hookups. Other amenities include, but are not limited to, free Wi-Fi, a free boat launch, 30/50 Amp service, picnic areas, a dump station, a boardwalk leading to a secluded beach section, and a playground area.

#5. Fort Morgan

The Fort Morgan peninsula is well-known not only for its beautiful beachfront but also for the history and luxury it provides to visitors. The long, finger-shaped peninsula west of Gulf Shore is ideal for getting away from the crowds and getting close to nature and serenity. Though the majority of the headland is part of the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, the beach at Fort Morgan is open to the public. The area is best explored if you stay at one of the beach hotels that provide private access to the beach.

#6. Cotton Bayou Beach

Cotton Bayou Beach, another beach jewel within the boundaries of the Gulf State, is the epitome of a perfect beach vacation. The beach area is very popular among visitors due to its perfect white sand and rolling waves.

Cotton Bayou Beach, located at the intersection of Highways 182 and 161, is well-known not only for the landscape and pleasantness it provides but also for the presence of several public facilities and amenities that make the area very convenient for hassle-free relaxation. Restrooms, showers, lifeguards, and free parking are among the amenities available. There are also several restaurants and shops.

#7. Gulf Shore Main Public Beach

Gulf Shores, Alabama’s quintessential beach town, has everything you could want from a beach vacation in the state. Though the Gulf Shores is made up of several beaches, the main public beach is one of the best. There are numerous restaurants, shops, activities, and nightlife options in the surrounding area. Gulf Shores Main Public Beach offers picnic pavilions, showers, restrooms, lifeguards, and free parking.

#8. The  West End Public Beach

Dauphin Island’s West End Public Beach, located on Dauphin Island’s western end, is a true example of beauty meeting nature. The beach has the same laid-back and relaxed ambiance as the other beaches on Dauphin Island, as well as a variety of public facilities.

West End Public Beach is open seven days a week, from morning to evening, and has strict policies against pets, littering, and overnight stays. Residents with parking permits on the island are free to park, but non-residents must pay a small fee for parking and entrance. The West End Public Beach is an amazing place to relax, with sugary white sands, parks dotted with ancient oaks, and a public golf area.

#9. Fairhope

Fairhope, Alabama, home to several illustrators and novelists, has some of the most beautiful views of Mobile Bay. The beach here, located next to the Fairhope Municipal Pier, has the most spectacular sunsets in the region.

Swimming, snorkeling, and speed boating are among the activities available in the area. If you enjoy a peaceful beachside picnic, Fairhope is the place to be. The beach here has a lot of facilities and is therefore very family-friendly. Restaurants, boutiques, a popular rose garden, picnic tables, a duck pond, and an eye-catching boardwalk are just a few of the attractions. Seeing coastal birds like pelicans is common near the pier.

#10. Florida Point Beach 

 Point Beach is a mile-long beach located east of the Perdido Pass in the town of Orange Beach, Florida. In fact, the Pass separates Florida Point from Alabama Point and is located at the mouth of the same-named river. Florida Point, which is part of Gulf State Park, is mentioned on the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail.

Beach parking is free at Florida Point. There are several public facilities in the area, including restrooms, showers, and shaded picnic areas. Surfing is possible on Perdido Pass’s western side. It’s a little further away from the popular Cotton Bayou Beach. This makes it calmer and less crowded, which is ideal for those seeking privacy and peace.

#11. Romar Beach

Romar beach, one of the Gulf State Park’s many scenic beaches, is less well-known but equally beautiful. It is a few miles east of Highway 59, is a charming area ideal for beach strolls and picnics. There are a few resorts and condominiums nearby, but the majority of the area is undeveloped, which explains the lack of public facilities. Though there are plans to build a few amenities in the area, there is currently only free parking and restrooms.

#12.Kiva Dunes Resort and Gulf 

Kiva Dunes Resort and Golf, located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a beachside holiday resort that provides all of the luxuries that one could want. The resort got its name from a Native American word that means “retreat and rejuvenation.”Kiva is a popular choice for luxury vacationers due to its mile-long sugar white private beach. The private beach at Kiva, surrounded by magnificent turquoise blue waters and rolling dunes, provides access to several nearby resort attractions.

Kiva has it all, whether you want to dip your toes in the sand and unwind in your beach chair while losing yourself in the sound of waves crashing on the shore, or you want to get a little more active and enjoy a game of golf or tennis. You could also relax with a soothing massage at the on-site massage center, watch the sunset while balancing your mind, body, and soul with yoga, or share a hearty meal with your loved one at the beachside restaurant.

What Is the Prettiest White Sand Beach in Alabama?

When it comes to Alabama’s most beautiful beaches, some of the best are in Gulf Coast Park, such as Orange Beach and Cotton Bayou Beach.

Which Beach Is Better Gulf Shores or Orange Beach?

Which is better, Gulf Shores or Orange Beach? Gulf Shores is a great destination for a family vacation or weekend getaway, but if you prefer a small-town atmosphere or want more golf courses and upscale amenities, consider Orange Beach.

Is Dauphin Island Worth Living In?

Dauphin Island is an excellent place to live. In terms of a variety of factors and diversity, Dauphin Island ranks highly. Dauphin Island truly has something for everyone, making it an ideal place to live.

Is Destin or Gulf Shores Better?

In any case, the Destin area is larger than the Gulf Shores area, so there are more options. There are also more bars along the main strip in Destin than in Gulf Shores. While both Destin and Gulf Shores can be enjoyable at night, Destin is the preferred choice.

What Is the Most Affordable City in Alabama?

Gadsen is the most affordable city in Alabama, according to our research. Gadsden, which is located along the Coosa River, is home to waterside hiking trails, wildlife parks, and Noccalula Falls. People further into the city enjoy playing golf at the local course, visiting the Gadsden Museum of Art, and shopping at the local mall.


In conclusion, Alabama has some of the best beaches on the Gulf Coast. Although they are less crowded and developed than more well-known beaches, there are plenty of fun activities nearby. Many people are unaware that Florida has beaches.


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FAQs About White Sand Beaches in Alabama

Why do Alabama's beaches have white sand?

The sand is softer and finer than that found on the majority of other beaches around the world. That’s because pure, white quartz crystals washed down from the Appalachian Mountains and ended up in the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the composition of white sand?

White sand beaches are made up of quartz-rich sediments. Quartz is a very durable mineral that is difficult to weather and erode due to its hardness and chemical structure. As a result, quartz is frequently the most abundant mineral found in beach sediments. 5 Mar 2019

What is Alabama's most popular beach?

Gulf Shores, with its 32 miles of white sand beaches, is one of Alabama’s most popular coastal getaways, thanks to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There are several beach access points, but the one at Gulf Place is particularly popular due to its numerous amenities.