best beach resorts in lagos nigeria

Lagos’ beach resorts are proving the myth that Lagos is only a city in Nigeria for stress. Although Lagos can be chaotic on occasion, this should not diminish the city’s distinctiveness. The fact that Lagos serves as both Nigeria’s and West Africa’s commercial and economic hub is hardly breaking news, and it is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s most picturesque cities.

Lagos is a busy metropolis, but it also has some of the best places to unwind. In Nigeria, specifically Lagos State, there are several beach resorts that offer the best stress-relieving activities and are the ideal location for solitary travel, retreats, or romantic getaways. The top beach resorts in Lagos Nigeria have been listed here for your convenience.

#1. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

best beach resorts in lagos nigeria
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One of the most well-known beach resorts in Lagos Nigeria is La Campagne Tropicana. It can be found close to the Lekki-Epe Expressway. Victoria Island in Lagos can be reached in less than an hour if there is no traffic. The beach resort features a mangrove forest, lake, and sandy beach. It is without a doubt one of Lagos’s top hideaway beach resorts.

In an effort to set oneself apart, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort offers a blend of contemporary elegance with an African flair. High-quality accommodations, amenities, as well as luxurious accommodations, are available. You can spoil yourself with the delight of both regional and global cuisine.

One of the top destinations for a romantic break is the resort. Therefore, you most likely just got married or are wanting to reignite the flame; either way, you have a spot. You can also go swimming, fishing, hunting, riding a horse, playing beach football, kayaking, and many other things.


#2. La Manga Luxury Beach Villa

The next beach resort in Lagos is La Manga Luxury Beach Villa. The beach resort is situated on the island of Ilashe in the Nigerian state of Lagos. As a tropical paradise, this location does not disappoint. The resort offers an outstanding variety of buildings and a lovely setting bordered by coconut trees.

Furthermore, the resort is renowned for its chic villas, which is a crucial point to remember. It is a great site to discover because of the buildings in La Manga Luxury Beach Villa and its coasts. Because of this, the resort is included in our list of Lagos beach resorts.

#3. Hermitage Garden Resort

best beach resorts in lagos nigeria
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The Lekki-Ajah Peninsular is where the Hermitage Garden Resort is located. It is one of Lagos’s top picks for beach resort locations. People frequently travel to this region of the state to escape the tension of the city. You can actually engage in a variety of activities here, such as beach football, fishing, boating, and every other type of water sport you can think of.

The resort offers the ideal level of opulence in a beautiful setting. Its villas are designed such that you can see the seashore from within. A run along the sandy shorelines would undoubtedly liven up your romantic holiday if you’re here. The best cuisines from around the world and locally would also be served to you.

#4. Eko Tourist Beach Resort

Also known as Akodo Beach, the Eko Tourist Beach Resort. One of the best beach resorts in Lagos Nigeria, to be exact. Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ibeju Lekki, is where the resort is situated. The Lekki Free Trade Zone is only five minutes away by car from the resort. The resort is recognized as one of the greatest in Lagos due to its amusement parks, swimming beach, and coconut groves, among other amenities. This is the area if you want to live in a luxurious environment away from the typical Lagos commotion. Lavish lodgings and services to up to visitors’ requirements.

Among Lagos’ beach resorts, the Eko Tourist Beach Resort’s dining options are among the best. The best cuisine is available at the Eko Akate House, Atlantic Cafe & Beach Bar, and Marmundo. It is one of the top vacation spots in Lagos because of its abundance of amenities such as a spa, free Wi-Fi, a library, internet terminals, and many others.

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#5. Inagbe Grand Resort

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One of Lagos’ finest and most well-liked beach resorts is the Inagbe Grand Report. One of Lagos’ most beautiful locations, Inagbe Island, is where the resort is situated. It is unquestionably a location to go to if you want luxury delivered up in flair. You can experience the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean more fully at the resort. As previously said, the Inagbe Grand Resort is where elegance and flair collide. Within fifteen (15) minutes, a boat can take you to Victoria Island.

It is a popular beach resort in Lagos due to the harmonious blending of nature and culture. The Inagbe Grand Resort is the place to go if you’re thinking about having the ideal getaway. It’s one of Lagos’ top vacation spots. You will fall in love with this location the moment you set eyes on it, from the skylines to the landscapes to the sandy beach. The level of service and accommodation quality is really great. This location is not for those with weak pockets.

The resort restaurant’s selection of international cuisines is something you should try. In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, there is also a bar and music. There are also many activities available to participate in if you are here with your children or other small children. Among other enjoyable activities, there is a children’s park, beach soccer, as well as horseback riding. All of these were put into place to ensure the best possible experience.

#6. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

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Along the coast of Lagos, there is a private beach resort called Kamp Ikare Beach Resort. In Badagry, Lagos is adjacent to the Ikare Village. It’s a great place to unwind because Kamp Ikare is one of Lagos’ greatest beach resorts. It’s interesting that you can only get to the beach resort by boat. So, starting with the boat journey, you should expect to have a good time.

In addition, great amenities and services are available there to make sure you enjoy the greatest beach experience possible. Palm trees, clear water, and beautiful sand line the area around this location. There are also private gardens and bungalows available. The cabins offer breathtaking coastal views. There are several services available here, depending on your tastes. The Kouch Suite, Classic Suite, Kamp Krib, as well as Kamp Kot, are available. Everything hinges on your decision.


#7. Epe Resort and Spa

One item you should cross off your must-do list is a trip to the Epe Resort & Spa. Epe Resort & Spa is situated in Epe, Lagos, as its name suggests. Meanwhile, it’s one of the finest beach resorts you could ever imagine exists in Lagos Nigeria. It is far from the usual clamor of Lagos. The Epe Resort and Spa is a haven of luxury and natural beauty.

Unlike other Nigeria Lagos beach resorts, the resorts can be reached in a variety of ways. You can choose to travel there by land, water, or air. The distance can be covered in an hour by car, 90 minutes by boat, and 15 minutes by helicopter. This is it for couples looking for some alone time!

#8. Lekki Beach Resort

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The Lekki Beach Resort is ideal for both golf enthusiasts and those looking for a good time. It is without a doubt one of Lagos’s best beach resorts. It is a popular location due to its tranquil surroundings and excellent Atlantic Ocean views.

Moreover, it’s the ideal Christmas vacation with loved ones. It seems to make sense that it attracts tourists and fun-seekers. The Lekki Beach Resort, a beach resort in Lagos, has some of the greatest recreational facilities. The resort as a whole is quite safe and secure. The advice to only approach the water with supervision is common. Making sand castles, gathering seashells, playing golf, as well as other exciting activities are just a few.

#9. The Whispering Palms


Another beach resort in Lagos is Whispering Palms, which is situated in Badagry. It is in Iworo/Adijo Town, Badagry, Lagos State. The resort’s overall mood is enhanced by the tranquil surroundings and lush terrain. Families and couples alike prefer to travel to The Whispering Palm Resort. This Lagos resort’s outstanding customer service is another appealing aspect. It is one of several factors that draw people to the location or encourage them to return. All the services offered have a hint of elegance and nobility about them.

#10. Protea by Marriott Hotel Lagos Kuramo Waters

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This upscale hotel is located near Murtala Muhammed International Airport and the Lekki Conservation Centre. The cozy, modern rooms have balconies and come equipped with flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, minifridges, in-room safes, and tea and coffeemakers. Suites offer pull-out couches, separate living areas, and/or gulf views. There is a room service option.

There is free parking. Other features include a bar, a casual dining establishment, an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, as well as a workout facility. Both breakfast and an airport transfer are chargeable extras.

#11. Eleko Beach

Our list of beach resorts in Lagos Nigeria concludes with Eleko Beach. Eleko is a frequent name for it. You and your family or friends will feel right at home here. Eleko Beach is the best location, whether you’re on vacation or just need a quiet place to yourself. Along the shorelines are a variety of restaurants, snack shops, and pubs, making it the ideal destination for entertainment. And that concludes our selection of beach resorts within Lagos. We’ve got you all on our list of places to go if all you want to do is visit a Lagos resort.

Which Beach is the Cleanest in Lagos Nigeria?

Atican Beach. The beach itself is one of Lagos’s cleaner beaches and a wonderful area to relax and enjoy the surf.

What Is the Most Expensive Beach in Lagos?

Around Ikate in Lagos, there is a beach called Elegushi. It is situated on a peninsula. The beach in Nigeria is the priciest beach. If you’re going, make sure you have enough cash with you or use an ATM instead.

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