New Orleans or NOLA the city in Louisiana is not particularly well-known for its beaches. However, there are some beautiful areas to get away from the Big Easy along the shoreline of Lake Pontchartrain. Other beaches include Fontainebleau State Park beach, Dauphin Island, and the Gulfport among others. In addition, if you are up for a quick drive, there are so many real beaches within a two to four-hour drive. In this piece, you are going to explore the best beaches in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Best Beaches In New Orleans Louisiana

Below is a list of the best beaches in New Orleans Louisiana

#1. Grand Isle

best beaches in new orleans louisiana
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108 miles separate Grand Isle from New Orleans. One of the islands situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the city of New Orleans is this tiny barrier island, which has a geographical area of only around 8 miles. The Grand Isle region, well known for its shrimp, fish, and oysters, depends heavily on fishing for both its culture and economy. More than 280 different species of fish can be found in the waters surrounding the island. Some migratory birds reside on the island as well.

Ten kilometers of white sand beaches on Grand Isle are perfect for unwinding and tanning. You own this barrier island, which is nestled away along Louisiana’s lengthy coastline. There is no need for you to pack a lot of supplies and food.

#2. Holly Beach

best beaches in new orleans louisiana
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The distance between the center of New Orleans and this beach is a little more than 4.5 hours. Even while it might feel like a bit of a stretch now, it will all be worthwhile when you get there. If you enjoy crabbing, this beach is a terrific place to go, but it’s even better if you just want to pack for the day and relax.

You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the beach life by bringing a book, your blankets, and all the equipment you will need for water fun. Holly Beach has an interesting past and a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. There is a neighborhood of cabins, some of which are still being rebuilt after the hurricanes. Holly Beach is still one of the must-see beaches near NOLA despite the reconstruction.

This is one of our favorite activities, therefore you should include it in your weekend itinerary for New Orleans. One of the most enjoyable weekend beach getaways from New Orleans is Holly Beach. This beach is a nice antidote to your hectic existence with its relaxed atmosphere and unspoiled shoreline.

#3. Coconut Beach

best beaches in new orleans louisiana
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There is a beach volleyball if you just want to feel the sand between your toes. Lovers of beach volleyball can visit the man-made Coconut Beach Sand Sports Complex. Despite the renovation, There are organized volleyball leagues and competitions, 22 courts, a bar, and a grill on the property. What’s best? It is close by in Kenner, so you can get back to the city in only 15 minutes after receiving a tan and a full-body workout. Technically speaking, Coconut Beach is a man-made beach volleyball complex rather than a real beach.

Although there is sand underfoot, the area has a beachy feel, and the waterline is about 650 yards north of Laketown Park, which is sufficiently close.

The 100,000-square-foot complex has 22 courts, making it the largest sand sports complex in the US. You might be startled to learn that one of New Orleans’ top beaches is a sports complex that isn’t even close to the water. Locals frequent the area because of organized leagues and tournaments, and the on-site bar and restaurant create the ideal beach atmosphere. It really is one of the city’s favorite beaches despite the absence of water!

#4. Pensacola Beach

best beaches in new orleans louisiana
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Everyone from New Orleans will attest to the thrill of seeing the vibrant Pensacola sign right after the Waffle House and just before crossing the bridge to the beach. Just three hours from the city, Pensacola Beach offers crystal-clear waters that rival those in Miami and along Highway 30A. It is a well-known tourist destination in the South and is regarded as one of the best beaches in the nation.

Nevertheless, it’s a little quieter than busier beach towns like Destin (also in Florida), despite being smaller. There are extensive expanses of beach here, as well as mouthwatering meals at restaurants and a ton of family-friendly entertainment.

The waters along Pensacola Beach are just as crystal clear and brilliant blue as those of Miami Beach and Highway 30A. While at this beach, stop by Plaza Deluna. There are several family-friendly activities, long stretches of beach, and mouthwatering meals at eateries. Pensacola Beach, a well-liked beach location, has it all, including crow

#5. Fontainebleau State Park Beach

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Fontainebleau State Park is a 2,800-acre lakefront reserve that is mostly made up of trees and flora. There are plenty of great routes to explore on foot or by bicycle, and there are more than 400 different bird species and other wildlife to observe along the way. Near the lakeside, there are a few great beaches. Despite being on the other side of the lake from New Orleans, Fontainebleau Beach is a fantastic choice for families visiting the city.

It has gorgeous, soft white sand on the shore, small waves, and a gradual lakebed and is conveniently located next to bathrooms. Two portions of the beach are separated by the restroom facilities. It has 250 feet of sand on one side and about 1,100 feet on the other.

Families have long valued the camping, hiking paths, picnic spaces, and small sandy beach at this state park on the Northshore. People of all ages will like a water park with a splash pad because kids can cool off there and the water is calm and shallow. If you only want to spend a short period of time at the beach and don’t want to go too far, Fontainebleau is the place to go.

#6. Gulfport

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Gulfport is the second largest city in Mississippi and a good place to spend your day. So, Gulfport must be included on any list of the best beaches close to New Orleans, Louisiana. The Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum, the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center for Children, Chandeleur Island Brewing Company, and Gulfport Premium Outlets are just a few of the family-friendly options that will round out the beach activities.

Even though it’s only an hour and a half from New Orleans, it feels far away, especially if you desperately need a weekend away. This huge area, which extends from Biloxi to Long Beach, has a tranquil atmosphere and provides a wealth of thrilling activities.

The city is also brimming with sights that will appeal to tourists of all stripes. Check out the beautiful beachside paved trail in the park. This trail is great for a beautiful bike ride because it is simple, flat, and accessible to all skill levels. Along the route, you can make pit stops to look around in stores, grab a bite to eat, or relax on a beautiful beach.

#7. Dauphine Island

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Look no further than Dauphin Island for charming and lovely beaches if you’re traveling from New Orleans. The family-friendly island of Dauphin in Alabama offers a genuine sense of the Gulf Coast. This island, known as the “sunset capital of Alabama,” surprises visitors with its breathtaking views and fine sand beaches. The island also provides a wide range of thrilling maritime adventures, such as boating and fishing, to make things even better.

Visit Fort Gaines, at the island’s easternmost point. This fort, a fascinating historical location, will provide you with information on the history of the American Civil War in the area. Dauphin Island, a barrier island two hours drive from New Orleans, is situated three miles south of Mobile Bay. accessible via a bridge or a ferry.

Due to the breathtaking views, you can see from the shore, Dauphin Island is one of the best beaches close to New Orleans. It is, as you might expect, a fairly charming vacation destination. You can experience ocean activities at the Dauphin Island Marina, an aquarium and estuary, and a conserved archeological site named Indian Shell Mound Park, in addition to the extensive expanses of public beach with crystal-clear water and fine sand.

#8. Ship Island

best beaches in new orleans louisiana
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Ship Island, which consists of two separate islands, is a gem located 11 miles off the coast of Gulfport, Mississippi. Only boats or ferries can get there. West Ship Island is one of the remaining undeveloped barrier islands in the United States. Still in its natural state, with nicer beaches and an open-to-exploration historic fort. The neighboring island will astonish you with its untainted, undeveloped beauty.

The island’s stunning seas and tranquil stretches will provide you with a welcome break from frantic city life. Did we mention that it is home to a number of historical wonders? No overnight accommodations are available, and camping is not allowed.

#9. White Sand Lake Day Beach

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Lake White Sands An hour’s drive north of New Orleans, on the banks of a lake, lies a family-friendly establishment called Day Beach. The lake itself is quite strangely shaped and appears to be very out of place, but it is spring-fed and secure. On kayaks and paddleboats, you can see the lake, and on a floating inflatable course, you can have fun.

On land, there are also beach volleyball courts. Additionally, you can either bring your own grill or rent a cabana with one if you want to take a break from all the bustle. Please be aware that the beach has a stringent “no glass” rule that includes drink and food containers.

Make sure the snacks and beverages you want to bring are in plastic or metal containers. amazing water park with trampolines, floating mats, teeter-totters, and inflatable water slides. Furthermore, there is a white sand beach, a clear spring-fed lake, and volleyball nets.

#10. Pass Christian

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Pass Christian is one of the best beaches in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you have not spent a weekend on the beach, stayed at a friend’s family beach house, or driven to Pass Christian at some point in high school, that means you are in New Orleans. Although the ocean isn’t the cleanest (or clear at all), it is the epitome of a southern beach town because of the lovely homes that line the shore and the charming nature of the community. 

With a steakhouse, a few stores, and a cute coffee shop right across the street from the beach, the Hotel Whisky is a beautiful boutique hotel in the “downtown” area. This location is a sure bet for anyone searching for a fast getaway because it is only an hour outside of New Orleans’ city limits.

#11. Biloxi Beach

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A little over an hour and a half from New Orleans, and about 30 minutes after Pass Christian, is Biloxi, Mississippi. Biloxi has plenty of resort life and activity, however, the seas are not as pure and beautiful as those in Florida. If you want a weekend filled with more excitement, consider staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Live entertainment, pool scenes, casinos, and, of course, buffets are all available at both resorts. One of the best Mississippi beaches close to New Orleans is Biloxi Beach, which will make you want to return frequently.

This beach is ideal for a retreat to the white sands of the coast. You can hire a jet-ski and get some speed on the water in addition to relaxing in the water. Both the oyster and shrimp industries are booming in Biloxi, and the city also hosts a well-known crawfish festival. Aside from having mouthwatering flavors, these meals are also less expensive than those at fast food joints and restaurants.

#12. Bogue Chitta State Park

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One of the best man-made beaches close to New Orleans is Bogue Chitto State Park. The best part is that it’s only an hour and a half away from the heart of New Orleans, making it the ideal day excursion. Bogu Chitto State Park is one of the best beaches in New Orleans. This is a terrific destination to visit if you want more than just a beach day.

You can relax knowing that there will be plenty of beach space to go around throughout your trip because this man-made beach offers a ton of space to swim and enjoy the sea. However, the region close to the shore is among its coolest features. Camping is available at Bogue Chitto State Park in both RVs and more conventional tents. Most locals bring their mountain home.

#13. Gulf Shores

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The journey to Gulf Shores only takes one grueling day, but it is indeed rewarding. Despite being more than three hours away from New Orleans, Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach may have the best beaches along the Gulf Coast. There are also a lot of things to do in Gulf Shores, an Alabama coastal town whose economy is largely reliant on tourism thanks to the presence of resorts, condos, and a number of seaside bars.

Visit one of Gulf Shores’ top golf resorts or embark on a sunset cruise to the ocean to observe dolphins, fish, and other marine life. Without a doubt, pay a visit to Waterville USA, and the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Does New Orleans Have Nice Beaches?

Yes, although most of the beaches are near New Orleans which will take you like two hours to get there. 

What Is the Best Beach Closest to New Orleans?

The following is a list of the best beach close to New Orleans

  • Gulf shores
  • Biloxi Beach
  • White Sands Lake Day Beach
  • Ship island 
  • Dauphin Island
  • Gulfport

What Is the Closest Beach Town to New Orleans?

It is simple to go to Gulfport from New Orleans, and it is a popular day vacation.

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