best beaches in st audustine florida

The gorgeous beaches in St. Augustine, Florida, are just as deserving of attention as their historical significance as the country’s oldest city. The 42 kilometers of beaches along the Atlantic Coast provide a relaxing day in the sun. Surfside relaxation, a stroll down the St. Johns County Ocean Pier, boutique shopping, and carriage rides are all available to visitors.

It’s amazing to know that the beaches of St. Augustine include a variety of sand types, with Matanzas Inlet and Vilano Beach having crushed coquina shells and a deeper hue. Speaking of St. Augustine Beach and Crescent Beach, they have soft, white, sugary sand. Each provides distinctive sensations, from surfable waves to shark teeth that can be discovered in the sand.

March through November are the ideal months to enjoy the beaches in St. Augustine. Our selection of the greatest beaches in St. Augustine, Florida, will help you schedule your vacation along the Atlantic coast.

#1. Ponte Vedra Beach

best beaches in st augustine florida
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One of the most visited beaches in St. Augustine, Florida, is Ponte Vedra Beach. An early European explorer who marked the location on his map gave it its name. A 15-foot monument of Ponce de Leon with an exhibit showing his travels in 1513 is the beach’s most noteworthy landmark. The PGA Tour, the area’s opulent resorts, and water sports are all well-known draws. Additionally, it is the ideal location to discover shark teeth, some of which date back to the Ice Age. Mickler’s Landing is the ideal entry point for searching the beach for shark teeth.

Finding shark teeth is best done after a storm when the waves are stirring up the beach sand. There are grills and picnic tables at the South Ponte Vedra Beach recreation area. A wonderful way to take advantage of a beach day is to picnic. Ponte Vedra Shore allows dogs as long as they are on a leash, and there are facilities and parking places away from the shore. Both the Lodge & Club at Ponte Vedra Beach and the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club are seaside inns that provide opulent lodging.

#2. Vilano Beach

best beaches in st augustine florida
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Water sports, such as fishing, skimboarding, jet skiing, and surfing, are quite popular at Vilano Beach. With a dolphin-themed canopy over the pier and statues along the walkway, the contemporary Vilano Beach Pier is a wonderful area to sit and people-watcSeveral public access spots to the beach offerfer convenient parking, picnic tables, restrooms, and showers. Additionally, dogs are welcome at the beach as long as they are on a leash.

Tourists frequently gather at Vilano Beach to view the magnificent St. Augustine sunset. Additionally, it offers some of the best outdoor dining at taverns and cafés that are located along the shore. From campsites and RV parks to motels, beach house rentals, hotels, and lodges, Vilano Beach offers a variety of housing options. One of St. Augustine’s newest full-service hotels, The Hyatt Place St. Augustine/Vilano Beach, has luxury dining and accommodations near the ocean.

#3. St. Augustine Beach

best beaches in st augustine florida
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The primary beach in St. Augustine, Florida, is St. Augustine BeacIt it is a socially busy beach with outdoor music every Wednesday from Memorial Day to Labor Day and a farmers market every Wednesday morning. It is frequented by visitors and residents who come to enjoy the soft sand, coastline, and surfing on its tremendous waves. It was the site of a Wade-in protest during the Civil Rights Movement.

The focal point of the beach and a favorite spot for fishermen is the St. Johns County Ocean Pier. Anglers can visit the pier for a modest charge to enjoy the sunset, people-watching, and fantastic beach views.

Furthermore, with plenty of parking, facilities, showers, food options by the sea, and pet-friendly eateries, St. Augustine Beach is a sandy beach. Additionally, there is a tourist center offering a range of hotel choices, general information, and suggestions. Family-friendly beachfront lodging options include La Fiesta Ocean Inn & Suites and Castillo Real Ascend Hotel.

#4. Butler Beach 

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Butler Beach’s allure extends beyond its stunning surroundings and flawless sands. The history of the beach is significant from both an ecological and historical perspective. The beach, which sits between St. Augustine and Crescent Beach, is well-liked by both locals and tourists. Swimmable waters, horseback riding, and seaside recreation are all popular at Butler Beach.

Some individuals go to the beach merely to learn about the origins of its name. Frank Butler was a key figure in the civil rights struggle in St. Augustine in the 1960s. Butler campaigned against the discrimination of the area’s white-only beaches and finally acquired enough land on Anastasia Island to open a tiny section of beaches to African-Americans.

In addition, Butler Beach is a popular destination for visitors due to its protected ecosystem and the Frank Butler County Park on Anastasia Island. Butler Park East and West are beachside parks with picnic pavilions, public restrooms, parking, boat ramps, and a playground. Dogs are allowed on a leash, and there are a variety of beachside dining options.

#5. Matanzas Inlet Beach

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One of the greatest beaches in St. Augustine Florida for people seeking a combination of terrific waves for swimming, surfing, and surf fishing, as well as a great place for kayaking and paddleboarding, is the Matanzas Inlet Beach, which is situated near the Matanzas National Monument. The beach’s sand is formed of crushed coquina shells and is well-liked by various kinds of shells that wash ashore.

Due to its large, sandy footprint and variation of water, with waves in some areas and a lagoon of calm water in others, it is an ideal family beach. This region is a hotbed for water activities, and kayak rentals are close by.

It is important to arrive early to get a place at Matanzas Inlet Beach if you intend to spend the day there due to its popularity. The coastline at the beach is constantly changing due to weather and sea conditions. Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa, a fine hotel with beach access, a spa, a golf course, and a water park, is located approximately three miles south of the inlet.


#6. Crescent Beach

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Located 10 miles south of St. Augustine on Florida’s Historic Coast, Crescent Beach is a four-mile expanse of snow-white, silky sand. It is well-liked for unwinding and soaking up the sun on the Atlantic Coast, but it can also be utilized for water sports like paddleboarding. The park near the beach is ideal for a picnic lunch due to its easy parking and toilet access. Due to its residential neighborhood rather than being a popular tourist destination, it is a little calmer than neighboring beaches.

During the spring and summer months, vehicles are permitted on the beach with permission. A true seaside village, Crescent Seaside offers open-air eating and tiny neighborhood eateries. Beacher’s Lodge offers condominiums with fully equipped kitchens, amazing Crescent Beach views, and convenient access.

#7. GTM Beach

North Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach are separated by the 74,000-acre estuary reserve known as GTM Beach. It is a wonderful way to take in St. Augustine’s stunning waterways and preserved natural surroundings. Shark teeth and shells can be found on the beach, making it a fun activity. Given the area’s natural surroundingyou may’ll come across unusual findings that have washed up on the coast. Visit the GTM Reserve visitor center to learn about local wildlife and explore the beach. From the shorsome trails leadead to the structure.

In addition, The Hampton Inn & Suites St. Augustine -Vilano Beach, which is next to the GTM Beach and just a few kilometers from the historic center of St. Augustine, is one of the lodging alternatives close to the reserve.

#8. Anastasia State Park Beach

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The beach in Anastasia State Park is a wonderful place to spend the day swimming and enjoying the other park amenities. The four kilometers of sugar-granule sand on this unspoiled natural beach are encircled by hind dunes. It is among St. Augustine’s most lovely areas with the secure surroundings it resides in.

You can go kayaking, paddle boarding, or bicycling on the park paths in addition to unwinding by the surf waves. There is a rental outfitter inside the park. You can plan your trip such that it includes both time at the beach and admission to a performance at the outdoor amphitheater.

Within the park, there is a protected wildlife area where you can see tortoises, deer, and several bird species, such as roseate spoonbills, tricolor herons, and wood storks. There is a day-use ticket to enter the park, but it grants you access to all the activities as well as facilities like the snack stand and bathrooms. The park’s roomy campsite offers the best accommodations. Tents and RVs can park at 139 different campsites. Each campground offers seclusion and is encircled by beautiful vegetation.

#9. Matanzas National Park Beach

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This is also one of the most visited beaches in St. Augustine, Florida. The Fort Matanzas National Monument is directly across the street from this little beach. It is a wonderful choice if you are visiting monument park and want to fit a trip to the beach into your day without having to spend extra time traveling somewhere else.

There are no driving restrictions on the sand at this beach since the least terns nest there, but you can swim there and relax while taking in the scenery. This stretch of coastline is stunning because of the natural surroundings, which are under the National Park Service’s care.

Enjoy the Fort Matanzas National Monument Park’s grounds for a while. Visit the oldest part of the barrier island, surrounded by forest. Additionally, you can take a stroll in the marsh region or prolong your outing by taking a boat to the fort. There are other smaller hotels nearby, but La Fiesta Ocean Inn & Suites is a beachfront hotel with accommodations with ocean views that is just a short drive away.

#10. North Beach

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The North Beach in St. Augustine is the best family beach for sunbathing and swimming. There are many ways to get to the beach, including a walkover over the road at North Beach County Park. In addition, the park offers comforts including parking, barbecues, public bathrooms, showers, and a playground.

North Beach is home to some of St. Augustine’s top eateries, such as Aunt Kate’s, The Reef, and Cap’s on the Water. North Beach is close to several vacation homes, but if you wish to camp in St. Augustine, the North Beach Camp Resort offers complete facilities, restaurants, and a terrace that overlooks the beach for guests.

Does St. Augustine Have Good Beaches?

St. Augustine has 42 miles of stunning beaches, from the unspoiled Ponte Vedra Beach shoreline to the energetic surf of St. Augustine Beach and south to Crescent Beach’s expansive sands.

Which Beach is the Closest to St. Augustine?

Butler Beach, one of the most beautiful Florida Atlantic shore beaches, is a short distance from the city center on Saint Augustine’s historic shore. Swimming and sunbathing are the most popular activities due to the extensive areas of beach. A tranquil bike ride along Butler Beach is another option.

What is the Name of the Beach in St, Augustine?

Vilano Beach, the primary beach in the region, has a fishing pier, restaurants on the sea, a town center, a pavilion, a boardwalk, and stores. Check out Porpoise Point, a well-liked St. Augustine beach launch for kayaks and personal watercraft, as well as Surfside Park with picnic shelters and outdoor restrooms.

Can You Swim at St. Augustine Beach?

As long as you are more than 400 feet away from the St. Johns County Ocean Fishing Pier, you are permitted to swim at St. Augustine Beach.

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