The hospitality sector is a vibrant one that is expanding quickly. Transportation, hotels, food, drink, sightseeing, recreation, and related sectors are all included in tourism and hospitality. The sector is seeing progressive changes due to an increase in rivalry and rising customer expectations. Consequently, it is now in a worse situation with the introduction of new technology and dynamic corporate governance. In this situation, all parties involved must share their research and have up-to-date information across many fields.


Meaning Of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Tourism and Hospitality Management is an open-access, worldwide journal with a wide range of disciplines. We aim to advance and encourage research in all areas of the tourism and hospitality business, 

Explaining the Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The leading worldwide journal on the subject of travel and tourism is the Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The journal includes a wide range of activities that collectively make up one of the fastest-growing global industries. The journal adopts an integrative methodology and covers planning and policy elements of global, domestic, and local tourism as well as particular research in hospitality management. The journal’s writings on basic research, discussions on current events, case studies, reports, book reviews, and upcoming meetings are all examples of its integrated approach to publication.

At least two reviewers that the editors may pick will do better with their outstanding technical skills easily and securely and can review articles again for the journal that is pertinent to both academics and practitioners.

Aim And Scope

The journal published by CAUTHE is called Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education Inc.) The journal dedicates to covering a wide variety of subjects, such as tourism and travel management, and leisure and recreation studies. However, with a newly growing discipline of event management. It covers both theoretical and applied research papers, and it promotes the publication of the findings of joint academic-industry research projects.

Aiming to advance and encourage research in all areas of the tourism and hospitality business, Tourism and Hospitality Management is an open-access, worldwide journal with a wide range of disciplines. It promotes communication between tourism and hospitality scholars, teachers, and management by publishing peer-reviewed publications. Since 1995, the English language is producing twice a year on average. The Republic of Croatia’s Ministry of Science and Education supports its publication through the Opatija Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Generally speaking, the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management (JHTM) is the first peer-reviewed publication in the fields of tourism and hospitality with the following objectives:

  • A hub that gives teachers useful case studies to improve their teaching and learning strategies.
  • A new added-value option for members, giving researchers the chance to publish their study.
  • An additional significant contribution to research and teaching in tourism and hospitality.
  •  Up to 4 issues, including case studies and other teaching notes, follow in each yearly edition of the magazine. 

These issues cover a wide range of business subjects and challenges, disciplinary areas, and different types of companies in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management Impact Factor

The Impact of Tourism and Hospitality Management for the 2022–2023 Journal is 1.884, and it was just revised in 2023.

Impact Factors: How Are They Determined?

Citations from peer-review journals alone are among the tools that determine the impact factor (IF). Expanded (IF) also considers citations from conference papers and books. However, they are not part of, nor are patents, abstracts, working papers, online materials, etc.

Is 3.4 a Good Impact Factor?

A score of 3 is good, whilst an impact factor of 10 or above is extraordinarily good. The average score is less than 1. As an illustration, in 2021, the highly esteemed publication Nature had an impact factor of 69.504.

Is 6 a Good Journal Impact Factor?

610 journals or 4.9% of the journals are among the top 5% of journals with impact factors that are roughly equal to or higher than 6.

Indian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Indian Publication of Tourism and Hospitality Management is an international, multi-disciplinary, refereed (peer-reviewed) journal with the mission of advancing and promoting research in all areas of tourism, including travel, hospitality, and leisure. This magazine will advance and strengthen research advancements in the tourism industry by providing a global forum for discussion and the distribution of research findings, while also encouraging the discussion of new research areas and approaches. This magazine not only publishes high-caliber research articles in any area of tourism, but it also features research notes, critical evaluations on important topics, and reviews of books and conferences that are pertinent to both Indian and global tourism. Initial problems will be organized by subject.


An academic management publication called the Indian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management publishes twice a year. This is done with an emphasis on multidisciplinary academic perspectives on tourism. Our ultimate goal is to promote tourism-related research.

Furthermore, solicit and support contributions from different academic fields, operate as a venue for interaction between these, and therefore advance the body of knowledge by adding to the literature on tourist social science. The journal’s quality requirements include that all submissions meet publishable standards or be of high value because it is an international peer-review publication.

Papers Submitted

In addition to electronic submission, any kind of manuscript can be sent to the Indian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management by postal service or courier. Make careful to include everything while sending

  • Full Title
  • Brief title
  • Author(s) info
  • (At least 110 to 120 words, plus keywords must appear in the abstract. Please don’t use obvious keywords like “tourism,” and keep your keyword list to five.
  • This attests to the fact that the paper has never been published. Also, not been submitted before and it won’t be forwarded to any other publication for review until the Annals review procedure is complete.
  • Additional Comment
  • Primary Attachments:
  • An author’s or writer’s resume.
  • Letter of Cover
  • No information in the manuscript that may be used to determine the author’s identity is allowed (s).
  • This page’s title lists all the authors.
  • Figures \sTables

What Is the Abbreviation for the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management? 

A peer-reviewed freely accessible publication, the Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism (JHMT), is available online.

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