BEST CANAL CRUISE AMSTERDAM: Best 9 of Canal Cruises 2023

best canal cruise amsterdam

A visit to the Dutch capital isn’t complete without Amsterdam canal cruises and picturesque trips along the waterways lined with townhouses, trees, and landmark sights. Navigating this gorgeous backdrop is a wonderful way to get to know this beautiful city as its charms, characters, and attractions unfold before your eyes. With so many canal trips to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. So here we have gathered some of the best Amsterdam canal cruises.

Best 9 Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Below are the top 9 best canal cruises in Amsterdam

#1. Amsterdam: 1.5-Hour Evening Canal Cruise

Take a canal tour in the evening to see the city’s attractions and lights. Enjoy beverages from the bar while gliding by some of the city’s most well-known and intriguing attractions during this 90-minute trip around the picturesque waterways of the Dutch capital. These include the Skinny Bridge and the Golden Bend, two picturesque river crossings that shine in the glow of their many lights. Your guide will point out notable restaurants and nightclubs as well as provide historical details about some of the city’s tourist destinations with you during your delightful Amsterdam canal trip

#2. Volendam, Marken & Windmills with Free 1-Hour Canal Cruise

Some of the finest things in life are unaffordable, like the free canal ride through Amsterdam that comes along with this half-day excursion through the breathtakingly gorgeous, verdant Dutch countryside. Visits to the ancient windmills and timbered homes of Zaanse Schans are included in your journey through a rural wonderland of windmills and dikes, as is lunch at a typical fish restaurant in the fishing hamlet of Volendam.

After that, you take a journey to the island hamlet of Marken to see a wooden shoemaker and a cheese business that uses classic Dutch techniques to create cheese. A one-hour canal ride that you may utilize whenever you’re in Amsterdam is included in the cost of this country outing.

#3. City Canal Cruise

Take a 75-minute ride along the most well-known rivers in the Dutch capital to take in some of the city’s top views. Given that Amsterdam is a city of canals, taking to the water for a portion of your sightseeing makes perfect sense. On this voyage, you will see breathtaking vistas of the historic district, its ages-old structures, and some of the contemporary structures that characterize the vibrant 21st-century metropolis.

This boat ride’s highlights include Overhoeks and the historical district. The newest section of the city includes residential, commercial, office, and also cultural areas.

#4. Van Gogh Museum Ticket and City Canal Cruise

With a ticket that combines an Amsterdam canal tour with post-impressionist works by Vincent van Gogh, you can see the Dutch metropolis for less time and money. The first stop on your fascinating journey is the Van Gogh Museum, which has a vast collection of works by one of the most significant artists in the annals of Western art. These include Wheatfield with Crows from 1890, The Bedroom from 1888, and Sunflowers from 1889.

After that, take a leisurely boat ride around the De Pijp district’s canals, passing through old-fashioned merchant homes, several bridges, and houseboats.

#5. Hop-on-Hop-off cruise – over 1,5-hour tour during 24 hours

The most versatile canal trip available is the Hop-on Hop-off boat excursion. You may take your time and explore the city. You are taken on a tour of the city by boat. There are seven distinct points throughout the route where you can disembark the boat. The Hermitage Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Albert Cuyp market, Amsterdam Central Station, Gassan Diamonds, and the Rijksmuseum are among the seven stops. You are welcome to leave at any time. There are about 25-minute boat stops, and your ticket is good for the whole 24 hours between 9:15 and 19:00. You will have plenty of time between the stops to visit a museum or engage in other activities.

You can jump on and off as often as you’d like until you’re ready to return to the ship to conclude the vacation. The Hop on/Hop off cruises can be paired with a bus excursion and reserved for 48 hours. For further details and rates on all of the various hop on hop off trips, see the following website.

#6. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour with Boat Option

Amsterdam offers it everything, from laid-back canals and hip neighborhoods to stylish clubs and ancient structures. Consider taking a hop-on hop-off bus trip that also includes a hop-on hop-off boat tour to make the most of your time in the Dutch capital by viewing the top attractions at your own leisure. Two hop-off boat routes and eleven bus stops are included in this action-packed trip.

Major sights including the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, the Church of St. Nicholas, and the Red Light District are close to all of the stations. A free city map and a GPS guide with 18 languages are provided with this excursion.

#7. Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise with 4-Course Dinner and Drinks

The canals of Amsterdam make a beautiful backdrop for a private dinner with exquisite wine and cuisine. Enjoy a four-course dinner that is freshly prepared and served on board while you take in lit city sights including the Skinny Bridge and the Hermitage Museum. Dining options include beef, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. You may eat outside or inside the lower saloon. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tea, and coffee are all included in the cost of this Amsterdam canal cruise.

#8. Sail a small boat yourself

Do you wish to have total freedom to choose for yourself which canals to cruise, stop at for a picnic or a drink, or spend hours on the canals? The other choice is to rent a tiny electric boat and sail it on your own. This is also the coolest way to explore Amsterdam’s canals. Renting a boat in Amsterdam is a fun and affordable alternative to traditional canal boat tours, especially if you’re traveling with a group.

Many businesses hire out tiny electric boats that you may sail on your own. They are simple to sail, and the electric power offers a nice, smooth ride around the canals of Amsterdam. So don your captain’s hat and embark on your own journey. When fully equipped, a boat may accommodate up to 6 passengers, making the cost per person merely €5. That is a fantastic price!

#9. Luxury 90-minute Salon Boat Cruise

Would you like to enjoy a stylish canal tour in Amsterdam? You may want to consider this genuine, opulent salon yacht! The fully refurbished ship is electrically heated and powered, making for a cozy but ecologically responsible voyage. You’ll get to view all of Amsterdam’s top attractions while on the trip. The boat can carry up to 30 people at a time. A skilled captain will deliver in-person live commentary in English during the journey. Tea and coffee are also provided.

Is the Canal Tour Worth It in Amsterdam?

A canal ride in Amsterdam is definitely worthwhile, especially if it’s your first time there. You may get a fresh perspective on the city by taking a canal tour. You may also enjoy the city’s beautiful architecture and discover fascinating historical details as you cruise around the ancient canals.

Do You Need to Book Amsterdam Canal Tours in Advance?

We strongly advise making reservations in advance online. Additionally, you may buy tickets directly at any of the departure points.

Where Do Amsterdam Canal Cruises Leave From?

From Damrak, they set off. These companies provide hour-long tours that leave from the Damrak, which is also close to Amsterdam Central Station. The Harbour Cruise also includes stops at the IJ River and the Port of Amsterdam. The firm also runs a self-pedal paddle boat for the city’s canals called the “Canal Bike” and a hop-on, hop-off Canal Bus.

Can You Travel by Boat to Amsterdam?

From Damrak, they set off. These companies provide hour-long tours that leave from the Damrak, which is also close to Amsterdam Central Station. The Harbour Cruise also includes stops at the IJ River and the Port of Amsterdam. The firm also runs a self-pedal paddle boat for the city’s canals called the “Canal Bike” and a hop-on, hop-off Canal Bus.

What Do You See on a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam?

In a short period of time, often 75 minutes, you’ll get to visit the city’s attractions. The route passes by many well-known locations, including the Anne Frank House, the A’DAM Tower, the Skinny Bridge, the Seven Bridges, the Herengracht canal homes, and many more.

How Do You Explore the Canals in Amsterdam?

You may rent a pedal boat and explore the canal ring at your leisure, or try SUP boarding or canoeing. Do you prefer a slower pace? Then take a canal boat ride as an expert guide tells you all about Amsterdam’s history.

How Long Is the Canal Tour in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, a canal tour typically lasts for 60 minutes. You will see stunning landmarks and impressive structures as you cruise through the center of Amsterdam during this period.

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FAQs on the Best Canal Cruise Amsterdam

How long is a canal ride in Amsterdam?

On this 75-minute canal tour, you’ll get a taste of Amsterdam’s distinct ambiance.

Where do Amsterdam canal cruises start?

departs from Amsterdam Central Station!! Experience Amsterdam like never before and unwind while taking in the breathtaking views. Simply board the boat and learn everything there is to know about this beautiful city!

Where is the swing over the canal in Amsterdam?

The A’DAM LOOKOUT is situated on the roof of the A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam North. Get your adrenaline pumping on Europe’s tallest swing, ‘Over The Brink,’ and hang 100 meters over the earth, back and forth over the edge of the tower with Amsterdam below your feet.