best time to go on a cruise

The best time to cruise and the cheapest time to cruise are not always the same. The best time to be on the water is often when the weather is at its nicest or when you have time off. These sailings are often the most popular, but “best” can quickly turn to “worst” when you face high prices and large crowds. The cheapest time to cruise is often when most travelers don’t want to go. You may find less ideal weather or some seasonal closures, but the lure of cheap fares and uncrowded ports might make you change your mind about what you consider the best time to cruise. Read on to know the best time to go on a cruise.

How Far Before Is the Best Time to Buy a Cruise?

The best time to make a last-minute reservation is six to eight weeks before the cruise leaves because this is when individuals who made an early reservation can cancel without incurring fees. Someone just chose to cancel, so you might be able to get a top-deck stateroom or a mid-ship veranda stateroom.

Best Time to Go on a Cruising

Cruising in early May or late August will keep you away from the throng. Early January, September, and April. If you have the time, the longer repositioning cruises that some companies offer in May and September are the best per diem offers available. The warmest months and the ones with the least rain are December through February.

Does Cruising Prices Get Cheaper Closer to the Date?

The cost of the cruise decreases as departure day approaches. Why? Because cruise ships don’t want to leave port with a boat that is only partially full, they gradually reduce costs until the ship is leaving. For them, empty cabins equal less money.

How Do I Get a Cheaper Cruise?

Tips on how to get a cheaper cruise

#1. Ask for a Price Drop Credit When Cruise Fares Change

You may benefit from the lower price if the cruise fare drops after you’ve made your reservation but before you’ve paid your final balance. Engage the assistance of a travel agent who can keep an eye on prices after you’ve made a reservation and who can make a re-fare request to the lower rate. You can request a rate modification, cancel, and rebook at the reduced rate, or ask for the difference as an onboard credit when the fare drops. The rights you have differs depending on the cruise line, but they all put more money in your pocket.

#2. Look at Last-Minute Cruising Deals

It’s not always the case that waiting to plan a cruise until the last minute will benefit your wallet. Start by looking at Cruise Critic’s last-minute cruise offers. This offers savings on a range of departures in the next 90 days. Generally speaking, there are usually a ton of Caribbean and Mediterranean cruise offers available. Flexibility can be advantageous for those who can be impulsive.

Of course, purchasing flight travel at the last minute may negate any savings. Additionally, your options for cabin placements and dinner seating will be limited. However, if you’re adaptable, can drive to a cruise port, or have a lot of airline frequent flyer miles to spend, it’s a terrific option to enjoy a cruise without going over budget.

#3. Explore the Benefits of Booking a Group Cruise

The best cruise discount might be found if you book for a group: unpaid berths. For instance, if you reserve seven or more double-occupancy accommodations with Norwegian Cruise Line, one additional guest sails for free for every ten booked. Remember that each cruise operator has a different cap on the size of groups. Some lines classify a group of 10 passengers (in five cabins), while others demand 16 passengers (in eight cabins).

Group leaders have the option of sharing their savings with the group or keeping everything for themselves. Groups may also receive additional benefits. Beyond its Free at Sea offer, Norwegian gives group members a choice of free extras like extra onboard credit or a cocktail party. Small group benefits are also available, though they’re not as thrilling as sailing for free when you book a big group. Many cruise lines run specials all year long, including ones that give third and fourth passengers who book in the same cabin a free trip. Keep an eye out for promotions that also include those passengers in extras like drink packages or pre-paid tips.

#4. Send Cruise Deals to Your Inbox

If you ask for them, all the cruise discounts you’ve been dreaming of will show up in your inbox. Never again will you have to pass on a budget Caribbean cruise. Along with last-minute offers and short sales, major cruise lines send out newsletters with specials and continuing promotions. We advise creating separate accounts for cruise deal mailings for ardent deal hunters who don’t want e-deals to clog up their personal inboxes. You may also organize them into folders for your preferred purchasing categories, such as “cheap Carnival cruises” or “cheap cruises from Galveston,” with a little extra work.

#5. Go For Lower-Priced Guarantee Cabins on Your Cruise

Are cruises with guaranteed cabins really a bargain? You can’t pick your precise stateroom if you have a cabin guarantee, which basically implies you’re guaranteed to have a cabin in the requested category, or better. And many lines give confirmed cabin bookings a discount of $50 to $100 per passenger off the stated fares in exchange for giving up that advantage.

You might want to reevaluate the benefit of picking your own cabin placement if you’re prone to motion sickness or are sensitive to noise in order to avoid being close to the elevators or riding the wave in the bow. The biggest warning, though, is that not all guaranteed cabin rates qualify for the booking benefits. So, before you decide, make sure the value tradeoff is worthwhile.

#6. Make the Most of Your Loyalty Points for Deals on Cruises

Like frequent flyers, regular cruisers might gain from brand loyalty. Sticking with one line allows you to receive benefits like free laundry, and free dinners at alternate restaurants. Free upgrades to your cabin and also after accumulating enough “credits,” free voyages. Your cruise aspirations can frequently be turned into inexpensive cruise offers by taking advantage of special reduced sailings offered throughout the year or being eligible to reserve new itineraries before the general public.

What Is the Cheapest and Best Time to Book a Cruise?

The ideal months to schedule a cruise are frequently January through March. This time period, often known as the “wave season,” is when the industry as a whole has sales, and the cruise you’ve been wanting to go on can be considerably less expensive.

What Day of the Week Do Cruise Price Drop?

The statistics showed that price decreases occurred more frequently on Thursdays than on Sundays, the day with the lowest volume. “Rather than sailing empty when a voyage is not sold out, most cruise lines will offer discounts on the accommodations. These price reductions can result in some amazing savings.

What Months Are Hurricane Seasons for Cruise?

Between mid-August and early November when the hurricane season reaches its height. While the peak season in the Western Caribbean islands lasts the entire time. The Eastern Caribbean tends to experience more hurricanes at the start of the period.

Is It Dangerous to Cruise During a Hurricane?

During a storm season, only a very small percentage of cruises to the Caribbean are really impacted by severe storms. On a cruise during hurricane season, the water might be a little rougher. But there are many systems in place to detect any hurricane weather along your cruise route, so your ship’s captain and crew will be able to chart a path around any bad weather or make changes to the itinerary to keep you safe.

What Is the Best Month to Cruise in the Bahamas?

Do you avoid conditions of extreme heat and humidity like the plague? So avoid booking a Bahamas cruise in July, August, or September. We haven’t covered the months of March, April, May, June, or November. The best months to embark on a Bahamas cruise are those if the weather is your top concern.

When Can You Not Cruise in the Caribbean?

When to Abstain Summer, spring break, and Christmas are the three seasons of the year to avoid coming to the Caribbean if peace and quiet are top priorities. The number of passengers on cruise ships is at its highest during these times.

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FAQs on Best Time to Cruise

What is the cheapest month to go on cruise ship?

May marks the start of the Bermuda cruise season and given it is the shoulder season, pricing will be lower. Prices may be cheaper in September and October for two reasons: hurricane season and the start of the school year.

What is the best month to take a cruise to Mexico?

Simply put, mid-October to April is the ideal season to visit Mexico, with the possible exception of the insanely crowded month of December. November is frequently cited as the ideal month to travel to Mexico for the best weather.

Do cruise prices change daily?

Because cruise costs fluctuate daily, we want to make sure you don’t miss your ideal cruise. We provide you with our free price alerts for an overview of all cruise bargains to make this process even simpler.