OAXACA BEACH RESORTS: 15 Best Resorts in 2023

Oaxaca Beach Resort

Southern Mexico’s Oaxaca state is a place to visit because of its breathtaking beaches, green forests, mountains, and charming communities. Oaxaca’s shoreline isn’t as well known for its wild nightlife as Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Moreover, you are in the best spot and will surely appreciate the simple towns, their rich culture, and the local atmosphere around you on the coast. Here, we’ve listed the best resorts in Oaxaca Beach, where you can enjoy the area’s natural attractions.

Best Oaxaca Beach Resorts

Below is the list of the best beach resorts in Oaxaca

#1. Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa

On Mexico’s beautiful Pacific coast, in Oaxaca, is where you’ll find the Huatulco Beach Resort & Spa. Also, everything is included with your stay when you choose Unlimited Luxury, including world-class service, fine dining, premium liquor, and an infinite array of daytime and evening activities. Luxuriant forests, towering mountains, stunning coral reefs, golden beaches, and the turquoise seas of Tangolunda Bay surround the area.

The average price at this resort is $293

#2. Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa

The Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa is a sustainable tourist destination renowned for its dedication to the local ecology. It is one of the three best AMResorts establishments in Mexico that provides a 360-degree quality, safety, and hygiene system. Additionally, you may take advantage of the daytime and evening entertainment options, as well as a relaxing spa treatment at the Secrets Spa by Pevonia.

The average price at this resort is $490

#3. Hotel Santa Fe

The best of both worlds is available to visitors at this quiet location directly across from the beach, should they choose it. In addition, Hotel Santa Fe is a resort in the Spanish colonial style that has the ambiance of a small, exclusive estate. Furthermore,  the expansive outside patio and the outdoor palapa restaurant both provide views of the beach and the crystal-clear ocean. Along with charming, rustic accommodations, there are three pools (including a tiny kiddie pool) surrounded by lush, terraced gardens.

The average price at this resort is $159

#4. Hotel Escondido

Hotel Escondido Resort is an isolated sanctuary with the best beach setting. Similarly, it offers a small, boutique hotel with 16 contemporary bungalows that open to the decks, plunge pools, and beach access. Meanwhile, you can relax in the on-site spa, in the open-air palapa café, or in the 50-meter beachfront infinity pool.

The average price at this resort is $540

#5. Camino Real Zaashila

Since the resort is the only way to get to the beach, you can usually locate a quiet stretch of sand. The hotel’s rooms are all roomy and come with air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and bathrooms that have Molton Brown amenities.

The average price at this resort is $147

#6. Las Brisas Huatulco

One of the best beach resorts in Oaxaca is Las Brisas Huatulco. The 492-room resort, which is located on a peaceful hillside with views of the Pacific, offers its visitors access to three private beaches. The eight restaurants provide more intimate, calmer settings in addition to the main hotel bar, which features music all day and into the wee hours of the morning.

The average price at this resort is $117

#7. Quinta Bella Huatulco

The Quinta Bella Huatulco resort is one of the best in Oaxaca, Mexico, offering a romantic environment and many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay on the beach. It also gives free internet, room service, a pool, a concierge, and free parking are available as amenities. Quinta Bella Boca is close to Rancho Tangolunda, which is just a short walk from the hotel and worth visiting.

The average price at this resort is $170

#8. Celeste Beach Residences and Spa

Celeste Beach Residences and Spa is a calm, beach resort with 21 excellent condominiums with two and three bedrooms and terraces. Additionally, the resort includes a private beach with cabanas, loungers, and a volleyball field that overlooks the stunning Conejos Bay. The posh Pur restaurant and the poolside snack bar are the guests’ two eating alternatives.

The average price at this resort is $430

#9. Quinta Real Huatulco

Quinta Real Huatulco is a private, boutique luxury resort on a hill with views of Tangolunda Bay. The resort has a beach club, and spacious rooms with balconies, tennis courts, and other amenities. Furthermore, the cities of La Crucecita and Santa Cruz are just 10 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

The average price at this resort is $214

#10. Camino Real Zaashila

The resort at Camino Real Zaashila Huatulco is set in the lovely town of Tangolunda Bay. Additionally, Javier Sordo Madaleno’s best work as an architect (who is one of the most renowned architects worldwide) The resort is 25 minutes from the airport and features an exclusive beach that hugs the coastline.

The average price at this resort is $160

#11. Park Royal Beach Huatulco

The Park Royal Beach  Huatulco resort in Oaxaca, Mexico, is all-inclusive and features 133 suites as well as the best beach club, two exquisite swimming pools, two restaurants, and three lounges that serve beverages throughout the day and into some truly unforgettable evenings.

The average price at this resort is $176

#12. Vivo Resorts

Vivo Resorts is located on a long stretch of white sand beach in Oaxaca, Mexico, just a 15-minute drive from Puerto Escondido. Each of the property’s contemporary suites has air conditioning, a kitchen, and a satellite TV, in addition to fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean. Every day of the week, Ernesto’s restaurant at the resort serves outdoor meals by the pool.

The average price at this resort is $219

#13. Villas Carrizalillo

Villas Carrizalillo is a small boutique resort on the beach in Puerto Escondido. It is likewise perched on a cliffside above one of the region’s most picturesque bays, behind a tiny palm tree grove. All villas have private outdoor spaces, air conditioning, kitchenettes, wireless internet, and personal safes. Moreover, the library/lounge, restaurant/bar Espada, and swimming pool are further property features.

The average price at this resort is $225

#14. Casa Bocana

This is one of the best beach resorts in Oaxaca. The Casa Bocana resort has 24 spacious rooms designed exclusively for the tranquility and comfort of guests. In addition, the natural surroundings, harmonious textures, and colors, as well as modern amenities, provide complete comfort day and night. Every room is different. Fabrics, furnishings, and decorations were made by local artists. Also, you can rest as much as you want at Casa Bocana resort. Our suites all have balconies with chairs. With this view, who needs a TV?

The average price at this resort is $202

#15. Hotel Alikar

The Alikar Hotel is a four-star resort on Chahué Boulevard in Huatulco’s prime district. Also, at the Alikar Hotel,  shopping, dining, and lively nightlife of bars and clubs are predominant. Also, it is only 25 minutes from the airport and steps from Chahue Bay.

The average price at this resort is $44

Is Oaxaca Worth Visiting?

Oaxaca City is a center for culture and history. Generally, it’s a fascinating destination to visit for a few days. Presently, the state of Oaxaca has a lot to offer. Moreover, it’s worth visiting for its beautiful beaches, world-class surfing, wealth of Indigenous culture, and unique cuisine and drink, to name a few things.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Oaxaca Mexico?

The months of April through May and September through October are the perfect times to travel to Oaxaca. However, there are fewer tourists and temperate temperatures in both spring and fall. “High season” is defined as the period from mid-June to mid-August, as well as the holiday period from mid-December to early January.

How Far Is Oaxaca From the Beach?

The distance between Oaxaca City and the closest beach is roughly 250 kilometers, and travel time is often between 7 and 8 hours. However, a day trip to the beach from Oaxaca City is not possible.

Is Oaxaca Better Than Mexico City?

When compared to popular beach locations like Cancun, Mexico City is clearly a more economical choice. However, it falls short when compared to Oaxaca. The typical visitor spends $30 per day in Oaxaca, compared to $132 per day in Mexico City, according to budgetyourtrip.com.

How Many Days Do You Need in Oaxaca?

In my opinion, the shortest period of time you should spend in Oaxaca, which is a great spot for cultural and culinary junkies, is three days. You may modify this plan to fit the amount of time you have had since we spent four days in Oaxaca.

What Does the Oaxaca Coastline Offer?

There are several beautiful beaches with a variety of individuals all along Mexico’s coast in Oaxaca. In addition, the Oaxaca coast has everything, and its viewpoint at Puerto Angel is just a step away from snorkeling, surfing, and lounging under a covered palapa.

Which is superior, Puerto Escondido or Huatulco?

Huatulco is a fantastic place for family vacations since it provides a variety of amenities and a stunning view. However, Puerto Escondido offers distinctive services that are targeted at younger crowds.

Is There Crime in Oaxaca?

Because Oaxaca is one of the poorest states in Mexico, petty crime definitely occurs at popular tourist places like Centro Historico (Oaxaca City’s Historic Downtown). However, you must always keep an eye on your possessions and never leave anything unattended in Oaxaca.

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The best of Oaxaca Beach resort gives you everything that guarantees your stay as a tourist. Moreover, with little cash, you should stay safe. In addition, in some of the activities, you’ve got the opportunity to enjoy world-class service from the above-listed resorts. 

FAQs About Oaxaca Beach Resorts

What Is the Prettiest Us Virgin Island?

St. Thomas, Virgin Island, is the prettiest and has the most beautiful and calm environment. It also has mountains and nice beach features such as blue waves and beautiful sand.

Can You Swim in Oaxaca's Beaches?

Unlike the Pacific Ocean, which can have a strong current that makes swimming unsafe, there are many small bays along the coast of Oaxaca where you can find swimmable beaches to cool off.

Do You Need a Car in Oaxaca City?

The easiest way to see Oaxaca’s historic city (which isn’t very big) is on foot. There are also fair-priced local taxis available (50 to 60 pesos for trips within the center).