Where to Stay in Mexico: A Complete Guide

Where to stay in Mexico

Due to the wide variety of neighborhoods and lodging options, finding the best places to stay in Mexico City can be overwhelming. You’ve come to the right place if the options for where to stay in Mexico City are burdensome. Every neighborhood in Mexico City has a distinctive vibe, and there is truly something for everyone.

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Where to Stay In Mexico City

First of all, Mexico City is a vast, vibrant metropolis with something to offer every type of visitor. Whether you’re looking for ancient ruins, colonial architecture, world-class museums, or trendy nightlife, Mexico City has it all.

Mexico City has a population of nearly 22 million people, so choosing a good, convenient base will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Condesa, Roma, Polanco, and possibly a few others you haven’t heard of are among our favorite neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are safe and provide a diverse mix of culture, nightlife, and dining options, all while being close to major tourist attractions.

Where to Stay in Mexico City for the First Time

If you want to experience Mexican culture and network with other travelers and ex-pats, Roma Norte is the neighborhood for you. It is apparent when you see the sparkling Art Deco architecture that Roma was designated a “Barrio Magico” by the city. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a great mix of culture, nightlife, and dining options, this is one of the best places to stay in Mexico City. This trendy neighborhood is home to some of the best bars and restaurants in the city, as well as several art galleries and cultural venues.

If you enjoy cafe culture and sipping a latte first thing in the morning, Roma is the place to be. Nevertheless, you’ll never run out of new places to try with so many cute cafes on every corner. This neighborhood is conveniently located near many of the city’s major tourist attractions, such as the Museum of Modern Art and Chapultepec Park, and it has some of Mexico City’s best Mercados for you to visit when you need some fresh ingredients.

Although public transportation serves the neighborhood, it is easily walkable and bikeable, and it is safe to explore the entire barrio on foot.

Where to Stay in Mexico All-Inclusive

Particularly, the Akumal hotels and resorts are in a gated area patrolled by security and are known as some of the safest all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. In truth, Akumal is a small town, and when combined with this added security measure, your Akumal vacation will include some of the safest beach resorts in Mexico.

Where to Stay in Mexico Beach Florida

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Where Is the Best Part of Mexico to Stay In?

Mexico has something for everyone, whether you like beaches, mountains, nature, cities, partying, quaint colonial villages, food, hot weather, chilly temperatures, or all of the above. Mexico is a vast country with distinct regional characteristics. 

Cancun is one of Mexico’s most well-known tourist destinations. It has beautiful beaches and hotels. Cancun has everything you need, whether you want a luxury resort or a party experience. You have the option of spending a lot of money in Cancun or sticking to a budget.

Which Side of Mexico Is Better for Vacation Cancun or Cabo?

For good reason, Cancun and Los Cabos have long been two of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations. Both are well-connected to the United States and have a variety of hotel and resort styles, a variety of activities, and some of the best restaurants in the country. And, because they are on opposite coasts, no one in the United States is ever more than a four-hour flight away from either.

Without a doubt, Los Cabos and Cancun are both excellent beach destinations in Mexico, but each has distinct differences that make for a completely different vacation experience. Definitely, Cancun is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Mexico. Indeed, it is regarded as the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. In truth, Its stunning white-sand beaches, all-inclusive resorts, exciting nightlife, and delectable cuisine are just a few of the factors that contribute to its popularity.

Is Cancun or Puerto Vallarte Better?

Despite being hundreds of miles apart, both places attract millions of visitors from all over the world. With attention, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are both great places to visit for a beach vacation, but they are also very different. Although Cancun is a fantastic tourist destination all year round, and while spring break is a popular time to visit, there are other times of the year that are far more enjoyable, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Nevertheless, Cancun has better beaches than Puerto Vallarta because it has more white sand beaches with soft, ‘powdery’ sand. Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are also fantastic, but because they are on Mexico’s Pacific coast, the water is not as calm and the sand is not as white.

Moreover, Cancun is considered the heart of the Mexican Caribbean, and thousands of visitors who visit the Yucatan Peninsula each year end up right here! Many tourists are drawn to the beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and amazingly clear and clean waters. With all this being said, Cancun is much better compared to Puerto Vallarta.

The following reasons state why Cancun is so popular

  • Cancun is well-known for its luxurious accommodations and all-inclusive resorts.
  • Cancun is well-known for its nightlife.
  • Cancun’s beaches and warm climate are popular with visitors.
  • Nature lovers will find plenty to do in the Cancun area.
  • The Cancun area is also rich in cultural history.

 Ten Safest Places to Travel in Mexico in 2022

  1. Talum
  2. Cancun
  3. Puerto Vallarta
  4. La Paz
  5. Sayulita
  6. Huatulco
  7. Mazatlan
  8. Cozumel
  9. Ensenada
  10. Holbox Island

Ten Prettiest Parts of Mexico

  1. Cancun
  2. The River Maya
  3. Mexico City
  4. San Jaun Teotihuacan ( the pyramids)
  5. The magical towns ( Puebles Magicos)
  6. Puerto Vallarta
  7. La Paz
  8. Sayulita
  9. Huatulco
  10. Mazatlan

Are Three Days in Mexico City Enough?

Of course, there’s a lot to do in Mexico City, and three days will give you enough time to see the highlights. However, because this is a large city, you should be prepared for long days. If you have the time, a few extra days for day trips outside of the city or to go deeper into the museums is well worth it.


In conclusion, Mexico will be an incredible destination. It is bursting at the seams with amazing art, culture, a deep history, and food that you will long for long after you leave. Mexico’s cities are quite sizable, and the various neighborhoods are dispersed widely. There are more than a dozen different neighborhoods, and each one is distinct and offers something special.


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FAQs About Where to Stay in Mexico

Do I require a visa to enter Mexico?

When visiting as a tourist from Canada or the United States for up to 180 days, no visa is necessary.

When is the ideal time of year to visit Mexico?

Despite the fact that Mexico is a sizable country overall, the dry season, from December to April, is the best time to travel there.

Is English spoken in Mexico?

English is spoken to some extent across the nation, though more so in tourist towns.