BEST PLACES TO STAY IN ASHEVILLE NC: Cheap And Romantic Areas 2023

best places to stay in asheville nc

Have you been tasked by your soulmate to plan a bachelorette party vacation to cherish in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina? If it is then, you will undoubtedly have a tough time choosing, but only because there are so many fantastic alternatives available. 

So, where would you want to stay while visiting?

Of course, there are many various lodging alternatives close to Asheville, North Carolina; you could like a charming bed & breakfast with lovely gardens, or perhaps you only need to reserve a few nights in a hotel. In other words, you’re searching on Airbnb Asheville for a cabin in the mountains where you can unwind. Whatever it is, Asheville lodging can accommodate you.

Best Places To Stay in Asheville NC for Bachelorette Party

Recently, Asheville has emerged as the most popular location for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Not to mention the abundance of outdoor activities, first-rate cuisine, exciting live music scene, the clear mountain air, and thriving beer culture is unbeatable.

Use this guide to obtain the inside scoop so that you can quickly sift through all the top locations to eat, stay, and have fun. As you plan the ideal itinerary, consider the following.

#1. Biltmore (Best Places To Stay in Asheville NC for Bachelorette Party)

IMAGE SOURCE: Biltmore Estate

Biltmore is one of the Best Places To Stay in Asheville NC for a Bachelorette Party. The biggest private equity firm estate in the nation, the Great Biltmore Estate, was constructed between 1889 and 1895. The Vanderbilt family owns it, and it has about 250 rooms, including 65 fireplaces, three kitchens, as well as 35 bedrooms. The mansion is also brimming with extravagances, including electric lifts, an indoor pool in the basement, a bowling alley, forced air heating, and a two-story library with more than 10,000 books. Schedule a tour to find out about the family’s and the staff’s everyday activities and to learn about the architecture, artwork, and nearby gardens and structures. The nation’s most popular winery, Antler Hill Village and Winery, which has over 8,000 acres of land and has won recognition on many fronts, is located there.

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Furthermore, there are several different activities available at the vineyard of The Biltmore Estate in Antler Village, including biking, skeet shooting, horseback riding, and rafting. A Behind-the-Scenes Tour walks visitors through the special brewing process and the principles of North Carolina grape production. also, the Exclusive Series of wines is offered for $3 for each sample or $8 for three tastings. Also, extra dining options include Cedric’s Tavern, which serves light fares like wine, beer, and cocktails. In addition, the Bistro takes a farm-to-table approach with its handcrafted kinds of pasta, wood-fired pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and seasonal choices. With a wide variety of activities and family-friendly events, the Outdoor Adventure Park is a fantastic place to have an unforgettable time.

Biltmore is frequently busy because it draws people who are interested in wine, architecture, history, and other things.

#2. AC Hotel


A collection of hotels under the AC Hotels by Marriott brand may be found in Austria, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, France as well as Germany. The AC hotel is one of the Best Places To Stay in Asheville NC for a Bachelorette Party. Also, you can find it in Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Jamaica, the UK, and North America. Accommodations, restaurants, business services, conference spaces, as well as wedding venues, are just a few of the brand’s attractions. Both tourists and business people use it.

This AC Hotel by Marriott is a good option assuming you prefer not to travel a long way from the town’s buzz. also, the above hotel, which includes a restaurant on site and is located in the heart of the city, provides stunning views of the cityscape.

Brief History

In Madrid, Spain, AC existed by Antonio Catalán in 1997. Moreso, with the global financial crisis of 2008, occupancy rates decreased by 50%, and company austerity measures led to conference cancellations and travel restrictions. In 2009, AC partnered with a significant Spanish rival in a management agreement that reduced expenses. Marriott Worldwide purchased AC Hotels by Marriott in 2011, and it is currently housed at Marriott’s corporate office in Bethesda, Maryland. It had 170 hotels with 25,811 rooms as of June 30, 2020, as well as 135 hotels with 23,172 rooms that were still under construction.

#3. Zen Tubing  (Best Places To Stay in Asheville NC for Bachelorette Party)


Boating the French Broad River is a popular Asheville, NC activity among both locals and visitors. It is one of the Best Places To Stay in Asheville NC for a Bachelorette Party. We’ll assist you in making the most of your river day with family and friends. Tubing near Asheville, NC is simple: simply stop and search at your preferred spot. Next, we’ll drive you up to the starting site, and you’ll get your tube, and basic guidelines, and begin your swim.

In other words, stop along the route to swim, wade, and relax to take advantage of everything the French Broad River offers! At the finish of your Asheville tubing adventure, your car will be waiting for you. On the French Broad River, have fun tubing! You get a super-deluxe tube, a life jacket, free parking, and a shuttle as part of your reservation. You may enjoy the French Broad River’s amenities along the route by swimming, wading, and also relaxing. Schedule your river tubing in Asheville, North Carolina, online right now!

#4. Navitat

IMAGE SOURCE: Romantic Asheville

Searching for more outdoor activities and nature? Together with RTV trips, Navitat provides two separate heart-pounding zipline tours. This is a fun way to take in some breathtaking alpine scenery.

The traditional treetop canopy tour offered by Navitat includes six ziplines, sky bridges, timber stair climbs, and rope descents. With a layout that is entirely focused on trees and true canopy tour elements, the trip provides a distinctive experience. It gives you the chance to go on the trip with the company of your choice.

#5. LaZoom Tours

IMAGE SOURCE: When In Asheville

Mountain scenery and the strange coexist in harmony in Asheville, a quirky small city. It’s a unique location, and the award-winning LaZoom Comedy Tours have never been offered anywhere else. Discover Asheville’s wacky sense of humor and vibrant, pounding heart by seeing the city with LaZoom Asheville Bus Tours’ crazy guides! Both residents and tourists adore LaZoom. Have a journey of a lifetime by boarding the bus!

Comical City Tour

No matter how long you’ve been in Asheville for a while, the afternoon and evening excursions offered by LaZoom are the greatest ways to get to know the city. Our City Tours, which are both cultural and hilarious, include wildly entertaining tour guides, absurd comedy skits with special guests, a ton of Asheville knowledge, breathtaking views of downtown Asheville and the rarely visited but breathtakingly beautiful Montford neighborhood, not to mention the burgeoning River Arts District. You haven’t experienced a ride like this. It resembles a mobile vaudeville performance!

Band & Beer Bus

This unique trip is a must if you enjoy excellent music and fantastic beer! Learn about Beer City USA in a way you’ve never done it before! As our guests, who must be over 21, visit three of Asheville’s local breweries. Also, you can live on local musicians performing on the bus. The tour guide keeps the riders amused by providing interesting information about the local beer industry and the processes involved in producing some of the tastes of amber nectar that we’ve all grown to love and cherish.

#6. Max Patch

Image Source: Asheville Citizen-Times

Near Hot Springs, climb to the summit of Max Patch and hike a portion of the renowned Appalachian Trail. In the 1800s, this 4,600-foot mountain was flattened and utilized as a pasture. It currently consists of a 350-acre open area atop a high knob with panoramic views. On a clear day, you can view the Great Smoky Mountains to the south and Mount Mitchell to the east. You may take a quick 1.4-mile loop from the parking area to the peak to take in the sights. Instead, you can make a larger loop by traveling the Appalachian Trail north or south.

#7. Dupont State Forest

IMAGE SOURCE: Mattern & Craig Engeneers • Surveyors

Our favorite choice is an easy, 3-mile roundtrip climb to three stunning waterfalls, which is located 40 miles southwest of Asheville, close to Brevard. The Dupont State Forest has six significant waterfalls, and during this trek, you may see up to five of them. It begins off as a straightforward route to some of the region’s most spectacular waterfalls, including Hooker, Triple, and High Falls.

Family trip options are fantastic in covered picnic shelters that have a view of the falls. It will become a more easygoing trek if you choose to go on to Grassy Stream or Bridal Veil Falls. Along the route, you’ll pass a lovely alpine lake as you cross the large covered bridge. The further work was well worth it.

Best Places To Stay in Asheville NC on a Budget

There are several budget-friendly places to stay that help you take advantage of all Asheville and Western North Carolina have to offer while yet being kind to your pocketbook. Not all inexpensive choices are low-cost lodgings in Asheville. With inventive accommodations like our distinctive hostels, camping, glamping, camp cabins, and more, a smart mountain vacation is achievable.

Furthermore, Asheville NC, has handy places to stay on budget sites that are either in or close to downtown, making it simple to grab a drink at a brewery, enjoy the busy streets, and appreciate the inventive cuisine culture in Asheville. Several Asheville hotels have a communal area with a fully functional kitchen for cooking as well as areas to relax after a day of sightseeing. Also, it’s a superb method to network with local tourists who may provide advice and insights.

#1. Pisgah Glamping, Asheville


About 10 miles from Biltmore and downtown Asheville, this opulent campsite is situated inside Lake Powhatan Campground in Pisgah National Forest. Each fully equipped campground has a huge standing-room-only weatherproof tent with a queen-sized bed, cot, picnic table, and fire ring. 12 glamping sites, sheets, towels, wood, ice, coffee machine, power hookups, a washroom close by, access to hiking and bike paths, a beach, and a fishing pier

#2. The Gray Rock Inn, Downtown Asheville


This historic, eco-friendly inn, which is situated in Asheville’s well-liked South Slope District, stands out as a cost-effective lodging option with easy access to the downtown area. The inn offers pleasant common areas, communal toilets, and a kitchen to both short-term visitors and long-term residents. Enjoy the sunshine on the balcony or the sounds of the city while people-watching on the front porch while sipping coffee or a drink. Many rooms are available, each with a sink, mini-fridge, dishes, towels, and bedding. On-site coin laundry and WiFi are offered.

#3. Sweet Peas Hostel, Downtown Asheville


This modern hostel offers a prime position in the center of Asheville with easy access to all the major attractions. There are several types of lodging available, including bunk sections, private pods, private rooms, and studios with free internet in a spotless, contemporary setting. Book up to three months beforehand. Price: $32–105 per night.

#4. The hostel Bon Paul & Sharky’s in West Asheville


You can stroll to restaurants, pubs, the grocery store, and more from this conveniently located hostel on Haywood Road in trendy West Asheville. About five minutes from Asheville’s downtown. On-site tent camping is also an option, in addition to bunk rooms, individual rooms, cottages, and other lodging options. Breakfast buffet, off-street parking, internet, and guest computers are available as facilities. From $21 to 110 per night.

#5. Cambria, Downtown Asheville

IMAGE SOURCE: Hospitality Online

The South Slope Beer District is a short stroll from our brand-new, elegant hotel in the heart of downtown, which is situated near the iconic Grove Arcade. Luxury accommodations offer balconies with sunset mountain views, including one- and two-bedroom suites. 136 rooms and suites, $149–399, free wifi, Bluetooth mirrors, hardwood flooring, bespoke floating platform beds, 24-hour coffee bar, fitness facility, and valet service

What Is the Closest Town to Asheville NC?

Weaverville, one of the closest cities to Asheville, is only a 10- to 15-minute drive away and is located somewhat to the north of the city.

How Many Days Do You Need To See Asheville NC?

To see the best of Asheville and the surrounding areas, I advise staying there for two to three days. Two days in Asheville are plenty to get a taste of this distinctive and old city.

Why Do People Like Asheville So Much?

It’s not difficult to understand why Asheville is such a sought-after location to call home given the abundance of historic homes and Art Deco structures that line the city’s streets, miles of mountain bike riding and hiking trails, a thriving food and craft beer scene that has garnered attention on a global scale, and more.


Asheville has established itself as one of the best weekend getaway locations in the South. Artists and adventurers both choose for our local-first culinary scene, eccentric street culture, and tranquil beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Making the most of your vacation is important when organizing a brief trip; therefore, where you stay is important.

There are several beautiful bed & breakfasts, cabins, tiny houses, yurts, and tipis to pick from, in addition to high-end luxury hotels that will attend to your every need (think soft cushions, attention to detail, spa). A combination of luxury and nature? Consider trying glamping! In this ranking of Asheville’s top hotels, there is something for everyone.

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