GLAMPING ON THE CALIFORNIA COAST: Best 10 Places to Camp in 2023


Even though it takes a lot of effort, camping is a lot of fun. Glamping offers many of the advantages of traditional camping without cumbersome equipment. Although the price will be a little higher, you will benefit greatly. The Northern and Southern California Coasts are home to each of these recommended glamping retreats, which provide a variety of accommodations. Read on to see our compiled list of the best glamping on the California coast.

List of the Best Glamping on the California Coast

Below is the list of the best glamping on the California coast

#1. Treebones Resort Yurts, Big Sur Coast

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Treebones promotes itself as a glamping resort, and they take this very seriously. They feature 16 completely furnished yurts with either mountain or beach views. Each yurt is equipped with beds, heat, lights, and sinks, and some even have gas fires. They don’t have facilities, however, there are showers and toilets nearby. The resort also features a 500-square-foot “independent tent.” This cocoon-shaped tent may be the peak of glamping in California. If you have camping equipment and want to do something different, reserve the “human nest,” which blends art, functionality, and an open-air experience. Sand Dollar Beach is only a few minutes drive from the property.

#2. El Capitan Canyon, Santa Barbara

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El Capitan Canyon’s property north of Santa Barbara offers numerous alternatives. Over 100 cedar cottages with various bed layouts are available on-site. Each unit has a tiny kitchen and a bathroom. The open-air safari tents, which also provide excellent mattresses, are another alternative. These are cozy areas, with lights and heaters on the inside and picnic tables and grills on the outside. When you zip it up at night, the bugs stay outside. El Capitan Canyon is also home to the Ocean Mesa campsite. Both facilities provide heated pools as well as other amenities. El Capitan State Beach is only a short distance away!

#3. Costanoa

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Who could refuse a campground with a day spa? Costanoa is a coastal California eco-adventure resort where guests may get away from it all and experience nature’s slower pace. There are no borders between nature and the Costanoa base camp here. Visitors enjoy activities such as biking among the redwoods and strolling along the beach, which is brimming with tide pools. It won’t be long until you return to your fully equipped safari-tent bungalow to relax and unwind. This glamping site on the Northern California coast, about an hour and a half drive from San Francisco, is the ultimate vacation you’ve been looking for.

#4. Ventana Big Sur

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Some could consider Ventana Big Sur to be a full-fledged resort. While hotel-style accommodations are available at Ventana, guests wishing for a more nature-filled trip can stay in the glamping spot’s tent cabins. Depending on how rustic you want your experience to be, you may also rent suites, guest houses, and cabins through the website.  There’s plenty to do and see at Ventana Big Sur. While glamping on the California Coast, participate in morning yoga classes, guided hikes around the property, and personalized programs or activities such as falconry and meditation.

#5. Catalina Island Glamping

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These may not be particularly glamorous, but they are simple. You don’t need to bring anything from the mainland because you can rent sleeping bags, pads, and other camping supplies on-site. The tent cabins contain six individual cots. While you have more time and energy to explore the local beaches and the towns of Avalon and Two Harbors, it has the same camping-like experience. Plan ahead and make these tent reservations.

#6. Glen Oaks Big Sur

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Glen Oaks, Big Sur’s rustic-modern atmosphere, immediately captivates tourists. This glamping site on California’s Central Coast is easy to love, with its various cabins, cottages, and mansions. When you arrive at your room, you’ll notice that every piece of our glamping location has been designed with the ultimate guest experience and historic landscape in mind. If you don’t want to leave the premises during your stay, don’t worry—you’ll have everything you need to entertain yourself all weekend long.

#7. Malibu Glamping Lotus Belle

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A more understated choice is the Lotus Belle tents from Malibu Glamping. You can pick between two lovely tents that are both close to some of Malibu’s nicest (but lesser-known) beaches and are both available for rent. The tents come equipped with conveniences like a hot outdoor shower, clean bathrooms, a BBQ deck, a hammock area, and more. They also include soft mattresses and a fashionable set in the middle of nature. In other words, if you’re looking for a quiet coastal retreat where all you need to bring is a swimsuit, this is the place. Enjoy glamping in all its splendour along the Southern California coast.

#8. Cabins at Jalama Beach

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You have the option to reserve one of the three large or four medium cabins in Santa Barbara that are set on a hill with stunning views of the Pacific Coast for a glamping holiday on the Southern California coast. The Jalama Beach cabins are ideal for campers who enjoy having first-rate amenities but struggle to adjust to the “glam” of it all. You won’t have to travel very far or spend a lot of money to achieve this, and you’ll be near the beach while enjoying a nice but basic camping experience.

#9. Safari Sunset Eco Glamping

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Disconnect, unwind, and relax in this luxurious African safari eco tent equipped with a solar hot water shower, rainwater collection, a cutting-edge compost toilet, solar power, a full kitchen, and a wood-burning stove. On this organic 212-acre property, which is surrounded by fruit trees, native sages, and South African protea blooms, you may get a taste of Africa. Without leaving the state of California, enjoy the comforts of Africa. Awaken to the sounds of nature after sleeping. Enjoy the neighboring beaches, Temecula vineyards, Safari Park, and amazing neighborhood Vista microbreweries when you wake up.

On your upcoming holiday, Safari Sunset Eco Glamping is thrilled to host you and your loved ones. Take some time for yourself, depart from the crowd, and walk into the twilight.

#10. Pine Mountain Camp

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We provide the most distinctive resort lodgings in Lake Arrowhead, located within forty acres of pristine wilderness with stunning lake and forest views. It’s the perfect venue for retreats for groups, business gatherings, small weddings, family gatherings, and vacation rentals. The finest hotels and resorts offer all the amenities at Pine Mountain.

The camp estate is stunning and provides all the seclusion and opulence you would expect from a mountain cabin. While you’re staying at the camp, you can participate in both on-site activities (including hiking, massages, and sledding) and activities that require reservations (such as water skiing, off-road trips, and fishing).

Do Glamping Pods Have Toilets and Showers?

These particular glamping pods include a bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. Moreover, there is a little kitchenette and a four-chair dining table. Enjoy a cozy sofa that can be transformed into a sofa bed to provide additional sleeping space.

Is There a Toilet in the Glamping?

While some glampgrounds have amenities that are either centrally placed or offer amenity options, some glamping tents actually include restrooms. The choice ultimately depends on how glamporous you want your trip to be.

Do Glamping Pods Have Fridge?

Yes – every glamping unit comes with its own mini outdoor covered camping kitchen. The cooking equipment includes a small stove, a kettle, a toaster, and a mini fridge.

Why Is Glamping So Expensive?

The furniture arrangements in outdoor yurts, tents, pods, and huts, which are frequently smaller than hotel rooms, make cleaning and changing bedding more difficult. Any profit is severely cut down by the expense of hiring employees to clean a small number of units.

What Do You Stay in When You Go Glamping?

Glamping typically entails sleeping in a tent, but a fancy one with a floor, rugs, beds, comforters, chairs, and frequently heat, electricity, and running water. If not, a common bathroom will be close by if your tent doesn’t have its own facilities.

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FAQs About Glamping on the California Coast

Is there glamping in Yosemite?

Curry Village’s location right beneath Half Dome in Yosemite Valley makes it a perfect spot to get your glamping on. Tent cabins with shared bathrooms are most abundant, but you can also upgrade to hard-sided cabins at Curry Village with or without private bathrooms.

What is included in glamping?

Glamping amenities include furniture, lighting, heating and gas storage, as well as electrical infrastructure, waste disposal facilities, fire safety measures and gas storage.

Do glamping pods have kitchens?

Some glamping pods can be more luxurious and offer more amenities, including bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens.