Hotel and spa collection robes

Nothing compares to stepping into a plush bathrobe in your hotel room. It can be difficult to find the ideal robe for lounging around the house or donning after a shower. While some robes are more appropriate for the summer or warmer months, others are fantastic for keeping you warm and comfortable in the winter. Read on to see our compiled list of the best hotel and spa collection robes.

List of Hotel and Spa Collection Robes

Below is the list of hotel and spa collection robes

#1. Parachute Waffle Weave Robe

Image source: Uncrate

This lightweight bathrobe (a Cond√© Nast Traveler pick) is made from Turkish cotton, has a waffle shape with two pockets, and is available in a few solid colors. It was inspired by zen hotel spas. It’s a summer classic that you could find in a posh Caribbean resort and is ideal for lounging at home or packing in your bag for your upcoming warm-weather getaway. If you’re looking for new bath towels, Parachute also makes a nice set of towels that seem spa-like.

#2. Universal Standard Rachele Lounge Robe

Image source: Poshmark

Our plush, buttery Pima cotton-French terry robe is a must-have for all those quiet nights spent at home with a glass of wine. This elegant and fitting robe, available in two colors (lavender gray or black) and with a belted tie, will up your at-home elegance. Nobody will notice if you’re wearing it on a business Zoom call because it appears like a cardigan from the waist up.

#3. Ugg Miranda Fleece Robe

Image source: Zappos

Typically, when you hear the name Ugg, your mind immediately conjures up feelings of comfort. This robe is no exception, sporting a shawl collar hood, pockets, and a smooth double-face fleece knit. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a blanket when relaxing in the Miranda robe, but in a more elegant way than, say, a Snuggie. Additionally, if you’re going to a hotel where a robe isn’t already waiting for you in the closet, it’s light enough to bring in luggage.

#4. Natori Soho Brush Robe

Image source: Dillard’s

This incredibly plush, multipurpose robe looks great over pyjamas or just out of the shower in any season. The fabric isn’t quite as absorbent as terry cloth, but it won’t leave you feeling damp either. It feels fantastic against your skin and is mid-calf in length, so it doesn’t add any bulk as some robes can.

#5. Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton

Image source: The Bay

Our luxurious Turkish cotton robe is perfect for lounging after a shower or reading your favorite book. Its length is slightly above the knee. The robe is available in white, gray, mineral blue, blush pink, and fawn brown, in addition to white.

#6. Target Stars Above Cozy Chenille

Image source: Poshmark

Chenille is very irresistible! This really soft long-sleeve robe is one of our favorite comforting materials, whether it’s a slipper, a throw blanket, or a robe. It is visible here in cream but is also available in heather gray.

#7. Boca Terry Women’s Luxury Microfiber Spa Bathrobe

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His bathrobe is available in nine different colors and has a soft, roll-up collar and cuffs. You may put on the robe right out of the shower or hot tub because it is coated with absorbent terry cloth on the inside and has a soft, cuddly microfiber exterior. Additionally, it has a tie at the waist, two front pockets, and a strong hanging loop for convenient storage. Basically, it’s a copy of your preferred hotel, spa, or cruise robe; it’s just a little bit longer and cozier.

#8. Williams Sonoma Chambers Hydrocotton Robe with Piping

Image source: eBay

This is also one of the hotel and spa collection robes. After a lengthy bath, wrap yourself in this luxurious, lightweight robe, and you won’t want to wear anything else ever again. The fluffy bathrobe is designed to fall below the knee and is made from incredibly soft Turkish cotton. It includes two capacious pockets on the front. It has traditional piping along the collar, and for an additional $15 per letter, it may be monogrammed. The only color for the robe is white, but you can customize monograms, piping, and writing.

#9. Monarch/Cypress Plush Lined Microfiber Bath Robe

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This unisex chamois microfiber hotel robe is used by four- and five-star hotels all around the world because it is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. It has rolled cuffs, a fluffy collar, two front pockets, and one breast pocket, in addition to a drawstring closure. Sizes range from XS to XXL, and there are twelve colors to select from, including mocha and periwinkle. All of the robes are 50 inches long and constructed of soft polyester microfiber.

#10. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe

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You are completely and utterly comfortable thanks to Barefoot Dreams’ cloud-like material. Machine washing is possible, and the fabric, known as CozyChic, won’t shrink or pill. In addition to neutral colors, the robe is also available in garnet and amethyst jewel tones.

#11. Hanro Men’s Night & Day Knit Robe

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The 137-year-old Swiss company Hanro is renowned for its fine materials and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to creating its opulent bathrobes. This expensive cotton men’s fashion undoubtedly demonstrates such quality. It has two frontal pockets, a stealth waist tie, and a chic rolled collar, in addition to being wonderfully comfortable. Additionally, each person who wears it has a beautiful, athletic silhouette because of its unique design.

#12. Westin Absorbent Microfiber Robe

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Good news: You can buy the exact robe that you fell in love with during your last Westin visit. Lightweight and absorbent, the hotel chain’s microfiber bathrobes are ideal for reliving memorable vacations. A tie-waist fastening, two wide front pockets, and the Westin’s distinctive emblem are all present on the one-size-fits-all robe. The robe is incredibly soft, incredibly absorbent, and quick to dry.

#13. Serena & Lily St. Helena Spa Robe

Image source: Poshmark

This ankle-length waffle-knit robe made of 100% Turkish cotton was inspired by the Serena & Lily team’s favorite spas. The robe’s interior and collar are lined with absorbent terry cloth, making it ideal for pampering yourself after a shower or cuddling up for a nice nap. The exterior of the robe is made of fashionable waffle-style fabric. With two pockets, a secure waist tie, and a collar loop for easy hanging, the soft robe dries rapidly.

#14. Richie House Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe Robe

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Richie House’s warm and comfortable fleece robe will quickly win you over. The belted bathrobe has two roomy front pockets and fuzzy trim for comfort on the cuffs and collar. The full-length robe feels incredibly silky on the skin and is cozy enough for cold home nights. It is so opulent that you would never know it was a budget option. The robe is available in more than 20 different hues and patterns and comes in both hood and non-hood styles.

#15. Marriott Terry Velour Robe with Shawl Collar and Self-Tie Belt

Image source: Pinterest

To enjoy their plush cotton hotel robes, you don’t need to book a room at a Marriott property. This cozy choice has two large front pockets, a strong waist tie, and a hook loop on the collar in a soft terry velour fabric. It’s quite absorbent, but because it’s made of velour, it’s softer than the typical terry cloth robe.

Do Hotels Charge if You Take a Robe?

You might choose to use these during your subsequent romantic getaway, but you can’t bring them with you. According to Conteh and McCreary, these soft robes are one of the most typical items guests mistakenly believe they can steal from hotel rooms. You’ll be billed!

Do Hotels Give Robes?

The majority of hotels provide plenty of amenities, including bathrobes, for their visitors to use while they are there. Hotel bathrobes and spa robes are famous for being soft and luxurious, especially at high-end hotels and resorts. Because of this, you might be tempted to retain the robes after your trip.

Do You Wear Anything Under a Spa Robe?

This depends on the procedures you have scheduled and the amenities you want to use. Generally speaking, you should wear either underwear or a swimsuit. You will have time to change before your scheduled treatment begins if it calls for full or partial nudity.

Do You Wear a Robe to the Pool in a Hotel?

At the beach or pool, bathing suits and bare feet look stylish. Put on some sandals and a demure cover-up and go about the hotel. Don’t wear your robe across the hotel lobby to the spa or pool while we’re on the subject. You should choose a different route using your Terry cloth.

What Is the Most Stolen Item From Hotels?

Since towels are frequently stolen from hotel rooms, many upscale hotels have begun to equip them with electronic tags. Because of the tracking microchips put in them, you can end up having to pay for anything you took if you pack towels or even bed linens.

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FAQs About Hotel and Spa Collection Robes

What happens if you take a robe from a hotel?

If you take something from your hotel room, you can expect an extra charge on your bill. Robes and towels are so commonly stolen that many hotels now list the charge right on the hangar; they will automatically bill the credit card they have on file for the extra cost of replacing these items.

What are hotel robes for?

Slip into one of our luxurious Marriott Robes and experience pampering like never before. Robes are the perfect before-breakfast and nighttime attire to keep you warm and comfortable while you sip coffee over the morning newspaper or lounge beside a fire before turning down the sheets.

How do hotels keep robes white?

In most cases, hotels treat any of the stains on the laundry. Rather than turning straight to bleach, they rely on the latest technologies, which include stain removes and soaps. In other cases, they put the laundry in a big pot full of the perfect combination of laundry detergent, baking soda, and cold water