best things to do in roseville ca

The largest city in Placer County, Northern California, is Roseville, which is located 20 miles to the northeast of the State Capitol. Despite having a population of around 150,000, it has a small-town feel and is a part of the greater Sacramento metropolitan region. In the downtown and Old Town areas, where the town’s railroad heritage is still audible from the streets, it has a small-town charm.

In Roseville, CA, there are several roadside tourist attractions, such as upscale mini-golf facilities and outdoor retail centers, and other things to do there. Interstate 80 and State Route 65 pass through the city.

With this list of the top things to do in Roseville CA, you can enjoy your upcoming trip to Northern California.

#1. Head to Downtown and Old town

best things to do in roseville ca
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The best spot to go for local food and shopping, as well as people-watching, is downtown Roseville CA. Vernon Street serves as the primary avenue for downtown meandering, and establishments such as 105 Noshery and Fig Tree Coffee provide a chic ambiance and delectable cuisine. On Vernon Street, there are mailboxes for Tower Theater and Blue Line Arts as well. Roseville has a number of downtown activities throughout the year, such as Friday Flicks, Saturday Movie Night Sing-Alongs, and concerts on the square.

Furthermore, Old Town has a wide variety of eateries and independent shops, with the McRae Block building serving as the focal point of the quaint business area. Through these activities, one can actually experience Roseville’s culture.

#2. Explore Culture at Maidu Museum and Historic Site

best things to do in roseville ca
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A cultural insight into the area can be found at the Maidu Museum & Historic Site, which has both indoor and outdoor exhibitions. It displays lifestyles that extend back millennia before the California Gold Rush. The artifacts include magnificent woven baskets and tools for processing acorns. The grounds outdoors provide a more in-depth historical stroll thanks to a route that passes through artifacts such as bedrock mortars and petroglyphs. Native plants are in full flower, and you can hear animals running around.

Additionally, the museum and historical site are near Maidu Regional Park. Plan a picnic or playdate in this well-liked public park after you’ve visited the museum. There are several playgrounds and walking paths nearby if you need to burn off some extra energy.

#3. Make the Short Drive to Folsom Lake

best things to do in roseville ca
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A huge reservoir called Folsom Lake is about a 10-minute drive from Roseville. With public access points on practically all sides provided by Folsom Lake State Leisure Area, it serves as a source of flood control and leisure. Along with three campgrounds for tent or RV camping, activities include boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, as well as horseback riding paths. The nearest access points to Roseville, which also provide stunning vistas and day-use amenities, are Beal’s Point and Granite Bay.

In Addition, when visiting Folsom Lake, spend some time in the city of Folsom. It’s a great idea to start your exploration on downtown’s historic Sutter Street, where a number of contemporary retailers have taken over some of the old stores. Visits to the Johnny Cash Trail and the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary are two other noteworthy things to do in Folsom.

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Local and regional artists are featured at the downtown non-profit facility known as Blue Line Arts. After more than 50 years of service to Roseville, it changed its name in 2008 from Roseville Arts Center. The gallery space is open to the public without charge, however, donations are always welcome and many of the prints hanging on the walls are for sale. Family fun days, open studio hours, and a Christmas Artists Bazaar are a few of the community’s activities. The opening receptions for new shows are also fun events, and Vernon Street’s Third Saturday celebrations during the summer are anchored by Blue Line Arts.

#5. Shop At Denio’s Market and Swap Meet

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Locally produced, Denio’s Market & Swap Meet is a popular weekend destination in Roseville CA. It has been around since the 1940s and brings thousands of people to the city every year. Fresh vegetables, homemade crafts, household products, apparel, tools, garage sale items, and food vendors providing tacos, wood-fired pizza, and freshly cooked mini-donuts are all available at the market. Denio’s is well-known for its affordability and for being a busy, enjoyable area to stroll about.

#6. Burn Off Extra Energy at Golfland Sunsplash

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In Roseville, there is a small amusement park called Golfland Sunsplash which is well-known for its water park and miniature golf. Additionally, it has a number of activities, including an arcade, bumper cars, and laser tag. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, Sunsplash Water Park is open. The park offers huge waterslides for those who want them. Also, the water park’s major rides include the seven-story-diameter “Double Dare” waterslide, gigantic bowls, and G-force spins.

Moreover, Golfland’s two miniature golf courses are of a professional caliber. Along with other substantial buildings such as western stores and California missions, vintage windmills catch the attention. A challenging round of 18 is enhanced by extra challenges such as revolving doors, higher greens, and water crossings.

#7. Retail Shopping in Roseville 

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A major hub for upmarket retail centers with beautifully landscaped plazas in Roseville CA. A 1.3 million square foot indoor retail center called Westfield Galleria at Roseville has more than 150 businesses and over 30 food establishments. A smaller but comparable retail environment can be found at Fountains at Roseville, which has around 40 stores arranged around a courtyard with a fountain.

A 1.3 million square foot indoor retail center called Westfield Galleria has more than 150 businesses and over 30 food establishments. A smaller but comparable retail environment can be found at Fountains at Roseville, which has around 40 stores arranged around a courtyard with a fountain.

#8. Visit the Carnegie Library Museum

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The Roseville Historical Society’s main repository is the Carnegie Library Museum, which is situated in Old Town’s historic district. Additionally, the museum is housed in a stunning library building that dates back to 1912 and is itself a part of history. As you approach the century-old museum building, a sizable model train instantly attracts your attention. In close proximity, exhibits, and information panels highlight the Iron Horse’s early influence on the city. The founding family of present-day Roseville and the former Hotel Belvedere are two other historical elements.

Visits to the museum are free, however, contributions are welcome. A modest gift shop with souvenirs and picture albums is also present in the museum. To find out the most recent operation times, see the official website.

#9. Take a Break in the Day at Royer Park

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For a playdate in the afternoon or when you have some free time, Royer Park is a beautiful location to explore. However, it is connected to downtown via a picturesque pedestrian bridge with stunning riparian views that span Dry Creek. Open green grass and a number of playgrounds in the park provide opportunities for people to get some exercise.

A complete basketball court, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, as well as bocce ball courts, are among the park’s sporting facilities. Sometimes intramural field sports occupy the open green space. A picnic shelter that can be reserved as well as several individual tables make the park a popular place for picnics.

#10. Answer the Call at the Roseville Telephone Museum

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One of the greatest collections of vintage telephones in the country is housed in this distinctive Roseville museum. The collection includes well-known exhibits like mid-century phones and novelty phones, and it covers more than a century of phone technology. A number of relics, including switchboards and valuable insulators, are also on display in the museum.

The museum has a set number of hours. Furthermore, it used to be exclusively accessible on the second Saturday of every month and the entrance was always free. For the most recent operation hours, see the official website.

#11. Day Trip to Sacramento

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When traveling to Sacramento, Roseville is a convenient place to spend the night because it is less than 20 miles away. Sacramento is home to a number of sites and attractions, such as the Sacramento Zoo at William Land Park, Midtown, and the California State Railroad Museum. With more than 20 railcars arranged among immersive exhibits, the California State Railroad Museum is a must-visit for railfans. While William Land Park is home to the Sacramento Zoo, Midtown provides a flavor of city life.

#12. Dutch Bros, Coffee

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Dutch Bros. Coffee, located on Baseline Road is one of the best things to do in Roseville CA, and is a terrific choice for caffeine addicts who want to have their coffee on the go. Meanwhile, in several of the states in the country’s west, Dutch Bros. has numerous sites. Their numerous menu options, trendy youthful staff, and speedy drive-thru service, which makes up the majority of their business, have earned them particular notoriety.

You should inquire about their loyal customer cards if you plan to spend some time in the region. In addition to juice, tea, soda, and smoothies, they have a wide variety of non-coffee beverages. Since its founding in 1992, Dutch Bros. has donated a part of its earnings to deserving charity causes.

Is Roseville CA Expensive to Live?

Roseville has a $605,000 median house price and a $325 median price per square foot. According to the housing cost index for cost of living, Roseville’s housing costs are 146.2% more than the national average. As a result, it is among the most costly US cities.

Is Roseville Califonia a Good Place to Live?

Roseville is one of the greatest places to live in California because of its robust economy, burgeoning cultural scene, and accessibility to first-rate medical care.

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