Tourists visit Denver at different times of the year. But which is the best time to visit Denver? The answer to this question is determined by the time of the year. There are times of the year when the weather is more comfortable and less crowded. There are also times when the weather is unpredictable and snow may fall. Here is a blog post that explains the best time to visit Denver.

Why You Should Visit Denver

Nature lovers, urban explorers, foodies, culture vultures, and families traveling with children all like visiting Denver. Historic hotels, clubs and lounges, acclaimed restaurants, and hundreds of distinctive boutiques, shops, and stores can all be found at Denver Union Station. Denver’s emphasis on all things tasty will appeal to foodies and beer/cocktail lovers. The city is also full of artisan brewers, bars, cannabis shops, and cocktail lounges.

The Denver Zoo and its assortment of animals are just two of the city’s many attractions that are worthwhile visits. With attractions like the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, and Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater, Denver is a well-liked vacation spot for families and children of all ages.

By day, Red Rocks is a park with simple to moderate hiking and biking paths. At night, it changes into an outdoor concert venue where you can see some of your favorite performers in a distinctive environment.

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The Best Time to Visit Denver

  • Denver is most enjoyable between March and May and June and August.
  • Spring brings cooler temperatures and cheaper pricing.
  • The summer brings higher temperatures and more activities.

Denver is best visited in the spring and summer, from March through May and June through August.

Summer has higher temperatures and more outdoor activities, whereas spring is a little less active and a little cooler. Avoid traveling to Denver in July to avoid the hottest weather and heaviest people. July is the busiest month in Denver.

It will be cooler when you arrive in the spring, with temps that can vary from the high 40s to the mid-70s. Although it tends to rain during the spring, there are a ton of indoor activities and attractions available to keep you dry.

Denver’s summer season is a fantastic time to travel there. The season for festivals and events is in full swing, Red Rocks’ paths are ideal for hiking and biking, and hotel and airfare prices are still below their peak. Summertime is a fantastic time to stay cool at Denver’s water parks, while nearby Golden, Colorado’s Clear Creek is having its summer concert series. Plan your trip several months in advance to get the greatest deals and accommodations close to the excitement.

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Least Busy Time to Visit Denver

  • The least crowded months to travel are September to November.
  • Temperatures range from mildly cold to warm with little precipitation
  • During low season, when there are fewer visitors and lower prices

Denver’s fall season, which runs from September to November, is the finest time to come without encountering crowds.

You’ll arrive during a period of moderate weather, when highs vary from the 50s to the mid-80s, taking strolls through the city and along its park trails very pleasant. The absence of hordes of tourists and the other factors combine to make the ideal trip to Denver.

During Denver’s fall, you can anticipate 1-4 days of rain per month (or snow, if you visit in October or November). This results in generally dry weather that is ideal for going outside and taking advantage of everything this city has to offer outdoors! It’s a terrific time of year to explore the city. Go on park hikes and bike rides, and take in Denver’s fall foliage and outdoor festivals.

The best deals on hotels, rentals, and attractions can be found during this time of year. Fall is the best time to book low-cost flights to Denver. In November, Denver’s cheapest month, we discovered one-way flights as low as $57!

If you prefer a more relaxed Denver experience, avoid visiting during the busier spring and summer months between September and November. The best time of year for a less hectic visit.

The Cheapest Time to Visit Denver

  • The most affordable months to go are September through February.
  • Lower pricing results from fewer visitors during this time.
  • Discover fantastic offers on lodging, travel, and tourist attractions.

Denver is most affordable to visit between September and February, so that’s when you should go. This time spans the fall and winter when Denver’s tourism experiences its yearly low.

By obtaining fantastic discounts on hotel rooms, rental cars, flights, and attractions at this time of year, you will profit from the absence of tourists. Additionally, fewer crowds imply shorter lines for the items on your list!

If you come before October, you can witness some of the Red Rocks Amphitheater’s live performances. That is, from their summer concert series and attend fall festivals all across the city. You’ll arrive just in time to see Denver’s foliage change into stunning autumnal color displays.

From September through November, when tourism is at its lowest, prices in Denver are at an all-time low as airlines, hotels, and attractions slash their prices to entice visitors. This is the ideal time to see the city and take advantage of its incredible food and beverage scene. Aside from seeing Denver dressed out in the snow and holiday decorations, winter is a terrific season to go because prices for hotels, airlines, and attractions are a little bit higher. The many museums and galleries, as well as the zoo and aquarium, are ideal indoor activities at this time of year. Some of the top ski resorts and slopes in the world are less than two hours away if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding.


The Worst Time to Visit Denver

The winter season from December to February is the worst time to visit Denver if you’re seeking warm weather. This is the coldest time of year in The Mile High City. With lows that can drop into the negatives (though the average low is around 20F).

It’s wonderful for nearby ice skating, skiing, or snowboarding, but not the best for sightseeing by foot or dining al fresco.

The worst time to travel to Denver is during the summer, from June to August, if you want to avoid large crowds and save money. With high temperatures that can soar into the upper 90s during this time of year, which is the warmest in the city, a large number of visitors take advantage of the great weather for outdoor activities.

You’ll spend extra at this time of year for everything, including your hotel accommodation and attraction tickets, as prices soar in reaction to the increased demand. The worst time to visit Denver is from January to March if you’re looking for a city with loads of activities and events.

The holiday celebrations and decorations that can be found around the city in November and December are not present during this season of winter, and the chilly weather prevents many outdoor activities and festivals from taking place. Denver may not have many events happening outside of the regular year-round indoor attractions, eateries, and stores due to the low energy of the season.

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