Planning a vacation requires more or less preparation, especially when it comes to money, as well as the thought of how I can get the cheapest hotel rates for my vacation. There are best ways to plan your trip and hotel booking to avoid much expense. Also, this has to do with comparing other travel and hotel deals, booking hotels earlier, and negotiating rates. Read on to find out more about how to get the cheapest hotel rates.

Ways to Get the Cheapest Hotel Rates

Below are the best ways to get the cheapest hotel rates

#1. Compare Other Sites

To get a general idea of the hotels in your target area, start with websites like Kayak, Expedia, or, but don’t rely on them for comprehensive information. Continue your independent study of such hotels. Look for discount codes and extras like free WiFi, breakfast, or parking. Moreover, don’t disregard a hotel’s own website. When you book through their website, several chains guarantee the lowest price.

#2. Use Search Engines

Enter your desired location into Google. For instance, “hotels in Canada. Google will gather information from all the major booking websites and let you know which one is the most affordable. Simply go there and make a hotel reservation. It is the best booking site since you can simply go to Google, see which website has the best price, and make your reservation there rather than having to browse through each page individually. 

#3. Place a Direct Call to the Hotel

Call the hotel and ask them to match the deal after you locate it. They usually will, since it saves them on commission. If they are a well-known international brand, the main perk of booking directly is that you only get status and loyalty points when you do so. In addition, if you enjoy travel hacking, don’t book their rooms elsewhere!

#4. Book the Cheapest Website that Promises a Refund

If the cost of your lodging decreases before your stay or if you find it cheaper elsewhere, try looking for internet businesses that guarantee to repay the difference. Likewise, you can still get your money back in this situation even if you didn’t book a hotel that allows free cancellation. The second hotel must be equivalent to your initial reservation and priced in the same currency in which you paid for the first hotel room.

#5. Search for Last-Minute Discounts

One Night and HotelTonight are two apps that specialize in assisting last-minute travelers to find affordable hotel rooms. Deals for just a day or two in advance are also listed on websites like and Hotwire. Bookings at the last minute don’t always work, though. Traveling during a popular conference or on a holiday will result in an increase in demand and price.

#6. Use Someone Hotel Rommer

Roomer lets you purchase someone else’s reservation. Hotels list these rooms on Roomer, where they sell them at the cheapest rate to make some money back when people can’t go and can’t cancel their reservations. Compared to airline prices, hotel prices are far more fixed and have less fluctuation. I wouldn’t spend days researching prices on hotel websites, as some people do with airfare. I’d give booking a hotel at most 30 minutes.

#7. Change Your Neighborhood

Typically, it costs extra to stay in the city center. You will spend less money on lodging outside of the city center, yet be close to public transit for quick access to downtown. According to a recent Expedia search, for instance, you can reserve a room at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare for $152 per night in Chicago. The Chicago Transit Authority’s Blue Line, which provides quick access to the airport and the heart of Chicago, is only a short distance from the hotel. For example, a night at the Hyatt Regency downtown will cost you $299.

#8. Sign Up for a Hotel Reward Credit Cards

Joining a credit card program with hotel rewards is one of the simplest ways to save hundreds on travel. Similarly, due to the fierce competition among card issuers for your business, you can earn a significant number of bonus points just by applying for the card. In addition, meeting the minimum spend requirement, and making regular transactions with the card. Furthermore, Chase Sapphire Preferred card is one of the traveler’s credit cards with a bonus. Another point is that is a website for the cheapest gift cards. 

#9. Collect Free Points

Every major hotel chain offers a rewards program that allows you to accumulate points that can be redeemed for free hotel stays or room upgrades. You will likely not be aware, but hotel booking websites have launched their own reward programs. Another benefit of using a booking website to earn points is that you can do so for any hotel, not just one brand. As long as you make your reservations through the same website, even if you spend one night at the Hilton and the next at the Marriott, you will still receive points for both stays

#10. Book a Hotel With a Free Cancellation

Finding the cheapest hotel rates requires choosing a place to stay that permits free cancellation before a specific date.  In this manner, if the cost decreases, you can cancel your reservation and make a new one at a lower cost. Moreover, many booking websites will let you choose between a non-refundable and free cancellation for each type of hotel. Usually, non-refundable accommodations are less expensive, so you will to consider if taking the chance to reserve one is worthwhile. 

The Cheapest Sites to Book a Hotel

Considering the best and cheapest site to book a hotel then read below


Expedia is different; it has its own rewards program. Joining is free, and you can accumulate points to apply to Expedia travel bookings. When it comes to flights, this program isn’t that outstanding, but Expedia hotel reservations have a far greater earn rate. You will also receive one extra Expedia Rewards point for every dollar spent on hotel reservations. You can get an extra 1 point for every dollar you spend if you make your reservation through the app, and you can get 2 points for every dollar you spend if you book a VIP Access stay. When you book a VIP Access stay through the Expedia app, these bonus points add up, allowing you to earn 4x the points.

#2. Kayak

Kayak is a metasearch engine for travel offers; it is not an online travel agency. This website will also examine every other website and let you know where the best bargains are. Along with the wonderful filtering options on the left side of the screen, one of my favorite aspects of Kayak is the map tool. A map can be seen on the upper left-hand side of the search results page. When you click on it, a detailed map of the city where you’re going will appear, showing where your hotel is as well as the best places to dine, go sightseeing, shop, and have a good time at night. 

#3. Priceline

Priceline’s hotel search is simple, and its rates are comparable to those of other OTAs. Through its Express Deals, Priceline can provide significant savings in a number of different categories. Until the booking is complete, these opaque bookings keep hotel information a secret. These reservations are also paid-for, nonrefundable, and nontransferable. It is advised to steer clear of this kind of reservation if your plans are not firm.

#4. is a simple-to-use website that lets you look for and reserve hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation homes. The huge low-price guarantee on this site is one feature that jumps out, up to 24 hours before your check-in date. In addition, will refund the difference if you discover a lower advertised price for the same reservation that is made available to the general public (not a member or special rate). The deal must be live and accessible when checks. The Genius discount is another item to be on the lookout for. By signing into your account while a room type is advertised as having a genius discount available, you can also save 10% off the base rate. 

#5. Momondo

Momondo is a user-friendly metasearch tool for travel that searches through offers on other websites to help you get the best value. When you locate a deal on Momondo, you’ll be taken to a booking website (such as the website of a hotel or an online travel agency) to make a reservation. Likewise, the Momondo website will never actually let you make a reservation.

Can You Call the Hotel to Get a Cheaper Price?

Yes, you can call the hotel’s booking department as soon as you discover the lowest rate there. 

What Is the Cheapest Time to Book a Hotel?

The cheapest time to book a hotel is when you want to travel, which is during the week of your trip. Also, within this week you receive large cost savings of about 21% below average.

What Website Tracks Hotel Prices?

Trivago is an international metasearch, which is also used to record and track changes in price rates. 

What Website Tracks Hotel Prices?

You have websites for booking, such as:

  • Expedia
  • momondo

What Is the Cheapest Day of the Week to Book a Hotel Room?

You can book a hotel at the cheapest rate from Wednesday through the weekend. Also, you can book on Sunday because a lot of bookings have already taken place during the week, so it will be less crowded.

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FAQs for How Do I Get The Cheapest Hotel Rates

How can I save the most money when booking a hotel?

You can save money by doing the following

  • Book using an online site
  • Become a loyalty program member
  • Sign up for hotel credit cards
  • Get a bonus by booking using cash portals
  • Make use of search engines

Do hotels get cheaper if you book at the last minute?

Since hotels always want to increase their occupancy rate, many will reduce their rates if they don’t reach their goals. Also, this explains why hotel rates frequently decrease a few days before check-in or on the day of arrival.

Which booking site has the best rates?

Below are the booking sites with the best rates:

  • Overall best:
  • Overall, came in second.
  • The best for luxury are Mr. and Mrs.
  • Hostelworld has the best price.
  • Hotel Tonight is Best for Spontaneous Travel.
  • The best Marriott Bonvoy for membership rewards
  • Kind Traveler is the best for social impact.