Travel Management Partners

Planning a business trip and looking for alternate online travel agencies like “travel management partners” to help you organize your business trip can be an amazing experience. Without a doubt, travel management corporations help you achieve your travel goals and access highly dedicated teams. Read on to find out more about our travel management partners.  

Travel Management Partners

Travel Management Corporation is a private travel agency. The company has been operating over the years as a corporate travel agency with a special focus on managing and building online travel operations for businesses. Also provides expertise to a different portfolio of corporate clients. Travel management partners provide services such as online booking, travel tracking, and reporting. Travel Management Partners was founded by the company’s president, John Lewis, and executive vice president, Wanda Shankle. The travel management partners were founded in 1994 and are located in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. Furthermore, Travel Management Partners, Inc. is one of the biggest travel management companies in the US.  The company is said to have produced over $270 million in commercial airline sales in 2004. Since its existence, the company has had diverse growth and expansion, especially with clients.

Benefits of Travel Management Partners

The benefits of using a travel management corporation are as follows:

  • As a traveler using travel partners, you have access to highly dedicated teams. In addition, you don’t have to worry as these dedicated teams are always at your reach to ensure that you meet your travel goals. For example, you will meet a travel advisor.
  • Partners travel management as a company help to reduce a business travel cost to the level that you can afford and still have your travel comfort. A good example is if you reach a big hotel chain for your large team, the company is going to ensure that your team has a discount
  • A traveler is assured of security, all through the trip. The company provides a risk factor that keeps the traveler safe from any form of attack or threat. For example, losing a passport or a client being sick while on board. 

What Is a Travel Management Company?

A travel management company is an agency that provides the basic travel needs of businesses. It also has the ability to provide the need to book air tickets at rates that meet travel policies. 

Functions of Travel Management Company

Travel management companies have unique functions. Let’s consider the following:

  • It enforces travel policy: Using a travel management company ensures that employees adhere to your company’s travel policy without having to spend extra time and effort to track compliance.
  • Negotiate with vendors for special rates: The company negotiates contracts with vendors for special rates for its members and their customers. A Travel management company can also provide special corporate rates from the hotel and car rental vendors.
  • Special booking system: Booking business travel should be as easy and hassle-free as booking personal travel for employees. A Travel Management Company (TMC) provides both online and call-in systems in which employees can book travel. There are no hidden tricks involved in booking with a travel management company. Your company receives the best rates regardless of when employees are booking.
  • Provides care support system: The duty of care features in a travel management company is to provide an effective communication system and give information for the safety of travelers. Especially those in new travel environments.

Difference Between a Travel Agency and a Travel Management Company

Not many people understand or know the unique difference between a travel agency and a travel management company. Well, the key difference between a travel agency and a travel management company is that travel management companies work directly with businesses to analyze and then streamline all aspects of their existing travel program. A travel agency primarily focuses on assisting clients with booking business travel. Travel management companies offer businesses a broader set of services. In the simplest terms, a corporate travel management company uses a range of services and technology to help organizations establish and manage their corporate travel program.

How Do Travel Management Companies Work?

Firstly, they work by bringing together the central components of present-day business travel.  For instance, a travel management company helps to set your travel goals and policies that you find difficult. Secondly, a travel management company has strategies and plans to help you achieve your travel goals. Also, by helping you examine your existing vendor relationships, rates, travel patterns, and process.  Travel management companies identify ways to automate processes and data. while also providing you with the technology you need to execute your plan and ultimately save money.

With the necessary travel management plan and corporate travel software in place, experienced corporate travel agents, like the travel advisors at Christopherson Business Travel, can then assist your travelers based on the integrated policies of your corporate travel program. 

What to Look for in a Travel Management Company?

Successful cooperation with a travel management company will guarantee that your corporate travel program runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. Beyond booking and expenditure management tools, partnering with a travel management company has many advantages such as

  • Access to New Technology: A travel management company provides services to help guide the development of your travel management program and input new recommendations into the existing company policy. Ease access to new technology and reporting with the use of Christopherson-integrated software programs. The Christopherson technology is also designed to meet the various travelers’ and managers’ needs.  
  • Lower Travel Rates: A traveler using a travel management company should look for a customized plan by the management company to secure the best rates for flights, hotels, and car rentals. Corporate travel software, such as Christopherson’s tool for managing unused tickets or hotel payment authorization, allows you to maximize savings, increase compliance, protect against fraud, and eliminate waste.
  • Risk Management Approach: The risk management approach is what travel management companies use in tracking business travelers’ locations and providing safety measures during a threat or an attack.

How Do Travel Management Companies Make Money?

Travel management companies make their money through domestic or international airline tickets. They also get money from booking both cars and accommodations for business travelers. As of early 2022 according to the travel agent fee report, the average air ticketing fee was $39 for domestic air and $63 for international air for agents who booked corporate travel.

Who Is a Travel Manager?

A travel manager is responsible for planning and coordinating travel for their company or organization. This can include booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, as well as making sure all travel documents are in order.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Travel Manager

  • Organizational skills: a manager needs to have specific techniques in order to facilitate efficiency in the organization.
  • Leadership skills: a manager needs to be a strong leader, to enable him to oversee a process and guide others.
  • Effective communication skills: Being able to communicate with clients, in a convincing and friendly manner requires good communication skills.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: it is important, that a travel manager see a problem and brings solutions.
  • Policy Implementing Skills: a lot of new policies that suit travelers and companies need to be put in place and require a manager with good policy-implementing abilities to do that. 
  • Risk Management Skills: a manager needs to ensure that he takes risks or provides solutions when it comes to taking out risks for others.

What Is Travel Management?

Travel management is a field that focuses on planning corporate travel, keeping a record of your other travel expenses, and developing a thorough travel plan. In addition, the goal is to assist companies and their employees in streamlining the way they manage their travel requirements.


Travel management corporations, as stated above, have been able to help you identify ways to automate your traveling procedures. Also, implement data while providing you with all the knowledge between a travel agency and a travel management company.

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FAQs for Travel Management Partners

What are the 4 types of travel?

  • Leisure travel: Travel that is done for fun, relaxation, pleasure, or specific interests is typically referred to as leisure travel. leisure is also a very important part of tourism.
  • Corporate travel: Corporate travel is another important type of travel. This kind of travel relates to a job, it usually works with traveling to meet up a contract.
  • Specialist travel: This type of tourism is a kind of travel that focuses on a particular requirement of a traveler or group of travelers. Specialized travel is usually, associated with a personal interest, sport, or pastime.
  • Visiting friends and relatives travel: This travel is one of the most important of travels. As people often go to visit their families and friend. Also, this kind of travel is called domestic or inbound travel.

What are the 4 elements of travel?

The four elements of travel are reasons for traveling, your destination, money, and how long you are staying.

How many travel management companies are there?

There are 73,249 travel management companies in the USA as of 2022. The numbers increase as new travel agencies evolve.