BEST TOWNS TO LIVE IN TEXAS: Top 17 Towns in Texas


Families of various sizes and origins can live happily in Texas. It’s not hard to understand why this state is one of the most well-liked in the US, with its dynamic cities, natural surroundings, and rich culture. When looking for the best area to live in Texas for families, there are many options available, from thriving cities to sleepy communities. Texas offers a wide range of possibilities, whether you’re seeking a large city with access to excellent schools and employment prospects or a quaint little town with a close-knit community. 

Read on to discover the best towns in Texas for families to live in.

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#1. Austin

best small towns to live in Texas for families
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Deep within Texas, there is a distinctive city called Austin. In addition to acting as the capital of Texas, this city frequently serves as the hub of social and political movements, giving its citizens a first-person perspective on the state’s destiny.

According to the Trust for Public Land’s annual park ranking, Austin is by far the greenest urban area in the entire state and is ranked second among all Texas cities. According to Wallethub’s ranking of the greatest gourmet towns in the U.S., Austin is the best city in Texas for those who consider themselves foodies. Residents can wake up, treat themselves to fine cuisine, then go for a trek in the Greenbelt or a run in Zilker Park.

The Lone Star State’s proud capital is Austin. Live music venues, 6th Street bar hopping, and the University of Texas football team are among the well-known attractions.

#2. Fort Worth

best small towns to live in Texas for families
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A stunning oasis in north Texas is Fort Worth. It benefits from all the same metropolitan advantages as its sibling city, Dallas, minus many of the drawbacks such as high rates of violent crime, slow growth, and affordability.

TCU, one of Texas’s top institutions, is located in Fort Worth and benefits from the youth, wealth, and intelligence of its labor force. Football at TCU is frequently rated in the top 25 in the nation. The first and biggest indoor rodeo in the world is also held in Fort Worth. TCU’s football team is based in Fort Worth.

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#3. Plano

best small towns to live in Texas for families
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The wealthiest and greenest suburb in Texas is Plano. Plano stands apart from the competition because of its superior park system. The closest public park is within ten minutes of 75% of Plano’s inhabitants.

Plano residents have the best Quality of Live ranking on this list, high median salaries, a comparatively low rate of violent crime, and quick commutes. For people who seek access to the theaters, eateries, and museums of the big city, Dallas is only a short drive south of Plano. Corporate headquarters are centered in Plano! In addition to Dell Services, Frito-Lay, Rent-A-Center, Pizza Hut, and Cinemark Theatres have all selected Plano as their corporate headquarters.

#4. Round Rock

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North of Austin, in a relaxed position, is Round Rock. Residents earn $80,637 per year, which is the fourth-highest median household income in the state with the fifth-highest growth rate.

Additionally, the Austin suburb is the ideal location for potential residents with technology backgrounds to enjoy all of Austin’s cultural benefits without having to deal with Austin’s traffic and congestion. One of the most technologically advanced workforces in the entire state is found in Round Rock thanks to Dell Technologies’ decision to locate its large 157,000-employee headquarters campus there!

#5. Houston

Image source: Visit The USA

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit and those seeking employment at some of the top firms in the nation are drawn to the Houston metro area. Houston is a significant center for manufacturing and health care in addition to being the core of the oil and gas industry. These sectors make this area more resilient to economic downturns than metro areas of comparable size.

Houston offers more affordable housing than other big cities, as well as free or inexpensive activities such as riding along Buffalo Bayou and touring the 7,800-acre George Bush Park. More than 7 million people call the southeast Texas metro area home, and the area’s affordability is luring new inhabitants from all over the nation and the world.

Dining is a pastime in Houston, and the city’s more than 10,000 restaurants cater to all tastes. From award-winning businesses to barbecue restaurants such as Gatlin’s Barbeque, Houston offers it all. Ethiopian and Indian food are among the international cuisines available in the metro area.


#6. San Antonio

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With big-city conveniences and well-known attractions, San Antonio is a popular travel destination with a laid-back vibe. It has a strong Spanish and Old West past and is well-known as the Alamo’s residence. SeaWorld San Antonio and Six Flags Fiesta Texas are open all year for families, and every type of food is available for foodies. While sports fans support their NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs, theater, music, and art enthusiasts can see performances at the Majestic Theatre and the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Moreover, the Ford Holiday River Parade and Lighting Ceremony, the Texas Folklife Festival, and the well-known Fiesta are just a few of the big events and festivals that San Antonio hosts all year long.

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#7. Cottonwood Creek South

This is one of the best towns in Texas for families to live in. There are 372 people living in Cottonwood Creek South, a neighborhood in Richardson, Texas. One of the nicest places to live in Texas is Cottonwood Creek South, which is located in Dallas County. Besides, residents in Cottonwood Creek South enjoy a sparse urban vibe, and the majority own their homes. There are also lots of dining establishments, coffee shops, and parks in Cottonwood Creek South. Cottonwood Creek South locals have a pro-conservative inclination. High praise is given to Cottonwood Creek South’s public schools.

#8. Cinco Ranch

Image source: Newland Communities

This is also one of the best towns in Texas for families to live in. Cinco Ranch, a suburb of Houston, has 18,399 residents. One of the nicest places to live in Texas is Cinco Ranch, which is located in Fort Bend County. Also, residents in Cinco Ranch enjoy a dense suburban feel, and the majority own their homes. Cinco Ranch is home to many families, and its citizens typically hold moderate political views. High praise is given to Cinco Ranch’s public schools.

#9. The Woodlands

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There are 115,716 people living in the Texas city of The Woodlands. Montgomery County’s The Woodlands is among the best locations to live in Texas. Residents in The Woodlands enjoy a dense suburban vibe, and the majority own their homes. In addition, there are numerous restaurants and parks in The Woodlands. The Woodlands is home to many families and has a conservative demographic. The Woodlands’ public schools are well-regarded.

#10. Coppell

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Coppell is one of the best towns to live in Texas for families, and the population of Coppell, a suburb of Dallas, is 42,420. One of the nicest places to live in Texas is Coppell, which is located in Dallas County. Residents of Coppell enjoy a dense suburban vibe, and the majority own their homes. Additionally, there are numerous eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Coppell. Coppell has a large family population and a moderate political climate. Coppell’s public schools are well-regarded.


#11. Dallas

Image source: CNN

A unique blend of metropolitan amenities and Texas pride can be found in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Fort Worth still has a cowboy culture, whereas Dallas residents enjoy hip neighborhood clubs and a wide variety of shops. With Friday night football games and backyard gatherings, sports fans unite behind their favorite professional sports teams, giving the suburbs a small-town atmosphere. The population has increased from 5.8 million in 2005 to more than 7 million today, and people from both demographics are pouring into the region. New construction has attracted both families looking for their ideal house and professionals looking to advance their professions.

#12. Killeen

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Fort Hood, one of the biggest military facilities in the nation, serves as the economic engine of Killeen, a community that welcomes families. Killeen was founded on May 15, 1882, and renamed Fort Hood in 1942. It was originally named for Frank P. Killeen, a worker for the Santa Fe Railroad in the late 1800s. Flags and historical sites with references to the military serve as symbols of the military culture and presence that still play a significant role in defining Killeen. Several active-duty military members and veterans call this region home, and it offers quick access to significant urban regions such as Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin.

#13. Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, one of the charming small towns to live in the Texas Hill Country, boasts a rich German heritage and is known for its beautiful vineyards, picturesque countryside, and historic downtown area. The National Museum of the Pacific War is a must-see attraction, featuring a vast collection of artifacts from World War II.

Enchanted Rock, a massive pink granite dome, offers stunning views of the Texas Hill Country and is popular for hiking, camping, and rock climbing. Fredericksburg is also known for its wineries, breweries, and distilleries, offering wine tours and cold beer at local breweries. The town also features several excellent restaurants serving delicious Texas cuisine.

#14. Granbury

Image source: Tour Texas

Granbury, a charming small town in Texas, combines historic charm with modern amenities. Founded in 1869, the town has a rich history, with beautiful architecture and well-preserved landmarks. Granbury Square, a picturesque town square, offers unique shops, cafes, and entertainment options.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Lake Granbury, a 33-mile lake, offers fishing, boating, and swimming. The lake is surrounded by beautiful parks and hiking trails, making it an ideal spot for family picnics or weekend camping trips. The Hood County Jail Museum, a historic landmark dating back to 1885, offers guided tours and fascinating stories about the town’s history and infamous outlaws.

#15. Marfa

Marfa, one of the best small towns to live in Far West Texas, has become a hub for contemporary art and culture, attracting artists, writers, and creatives from around the world. The Chinati Foundation showcases large-scale art installations and minimalist works, while the Marfa Film Festival showcases independent films.

Marfa also offers a lively food and drink scene with excellent restaurants and bars, and its proximity to Big Bend National Park and the Davis Mountains attract nature lovers. Despite its growing popularity, Marfa remains a laid-back community with a tight-knit population and a relaxed pace of life.

#16. Gruene

Image source: TripAdvisor

Gruene, Texas is a charming small town with preserved buildings and vintage architecture, offering a glimpse into the past. The Gruene Hall, a beloved dance hall since 1878, hosts live music events. The town is also an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with the Guadalupe River providing fishing, tubing, and kayaking opportunities, and the surrounding hills perfect for hiking and biking.

Gruene is home to unique shops, boutiques, and restaurants that serve delicious Texas cuisine. Its proximity to larger cities like San Antonio and Austin allows residents to enjoy the peaceful small-town atmosphere while easily accessing the amenities and culture of big cities.

#17. Boerne

Boerne, a charming Texas Hill Country town, is known for its historic downtown district and friendly locals. Boerne’s rich German heritage is evident in its architecture, food, and annual events like Berges Fest. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and fishing in nearby Cibolo Creek. Boerne is a great place to raise a family, with highly-rated schools and a strong sense of community. The town’s Main Street is lined with unique shops, restaurants, and art galleries, making it an ideal destination for weekend getaways or day trips. It is indeed one of the best small towns to live in Texas.

Why Do People Move to Texas?

Mostly for financial reasons, people are relocating to Texas. They want to have access to decent employment prospects and be able to support the lifestyle they desire. There is a significant price disparity between houses on the West Coast and Texas. It is by far the main motivator.

Is it Better to Live in California or Texas?

Despite having almost ideal weather and being close to entertainment and culture, many people choose to leave California because of other factors. Texas is more affordable and has a wide variety of cities to meet the demands of any person. There are active artistic scenes in Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth.

What Do You Need to Know Before Moving to Texas?

Here are the key things to know before moving to Texas.

  • Expect warmer weather.
  • Taxes are lower than you would expect.
  • The cost of living in Texas can be affordable.
  • You can pay less for electricity.
  • Texas holds a booming job market
  • Texas is diverse.
  • Texas has heavy traffic.
  • Texas is great for food lovers.

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