day trip to st barts from st maarten

St. Barts (formally known as St. Barthelemy) is renowned for being a playground for the famous and wealthy, along with plenty of gorgeous beaches and upscale shops.  Our team naturally made the decision to spend a day trip exploring St. Barts when we discovered it was only a short ferry ride from St. Martin (St. Maarten).

On our day trip from St. Martin to St. Barts, we had a great time. Visiting St. Barts, a stunning and nearby neighboring island, for the day while you are visiting St. Martin is a lovely activity. By boat, it takes 45 minutes and by plane only 10. I’ll go through everything in this post so you’ll know how to travel from St. Martin to St. Barts and what to do while you’re there.

A Boat Trip

The ferry, which will cost you between 50 and 75 euros, is a wonderful option if you’re worried about arriving at St. Barts airport:

The owner of “Bobby’s Marina” and a well-known personality in the islands’ yachting community, Sir Bobby Velasquez, has launched a brand-new ferry service called Great Bay Express.

The MV Voyager departs St. Martin on Wednesdays and Sundays from Marigot seafront, arriving in Gustavia 75 minutes later. Reservations and information can be made by calling (+590) 590 27 54 10.

The Edge, a high-speed ferry, travels to Gustavia once every day from Tuesday through Saturday. At nine in the morning, it departs Dutch St. Maarten’s Pelican Marina. There are about 45 minutes in the passage. Call (+599) 544 26 40 for reservations and information.

Additionally, you can hire a fast boat to pick you up at St. Maarten. For a round-the-clock water taxi service to St. Maarten, get in touch with Marine Service or MasterSki Pilou.

A Plane Trip

Flying to St. Barts is a relatively simple process. From St. Martin Grand Case Airport and Saint Maarten Princess Juliana Airport, St. Barth Commuter offers a number of flights each day. You can also choose to hire a private aircraft from either airport at any time of day. In either case, the flight lasts for around 10 minutes, and you will land, pass through immigration, and arrive at the airport in St. Barts in under 5 minutes.

The journey is lovely. Because the journey is so brief, the aircraft fly low, resulting in exceptionally good visibility. It’s thrilling to land. Even so, it would be worthwhile to visit St. Barts. The second-shortest commercial runway in the world is where the aircraft land after flying over an extremely steep slope. They make a stop shortly before arriving at St. Jean Beach, one of the most well-known and stunning beaches on the island.

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Actions to Take After Arriving

What should I do with just a day trip from St Maarten to St Barts, then?

#1. Get in the Car

Drive about the island in a compact jeep or open-top mini Cooper. You can drive around the entire island in about an hour and a half if you do so continuously. It is incredibly tiny! But there are other stunning beaches that are worthwhile stopping by en route. The most well-known is undoubtedly St. Jean Beach, next to the airport, where the renowned Eden Rock Hotel and Nikki Beach Club are located.

The next beach you’ll reach as you circle the island clockwise is Grand Cul de Sac. It is less crowded and farther away than St. Jean Beach, yet it is still incredibly picturesque by nature. then to Gouverneur Beach and Saline Beach. Since they are both on the island’s west shore, the waves there are usually stronger, but swimming is still permitted almost every day of the year. They are both also really attractive.

Shell Beach, which is situated in Gustavia’s capital, is also highly recommended. Given that it was created from millions of smashed shells, its name is fitting.

#2. Visit the Stores

Any fashionista visiting St. Barts must indulge in some shopping therapy. The two largest shopping districts are in St. Jean, next to the airport, and the capital city of Gustavia. Famous designer stores including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, and Roberto Cavalli are among the many that can be found in Gustavia. But it also has a wide variety of unique and stylish boutiques.

Smaller St. Jean is home to mostly one-of-a-kind boutiques. Each one is a miniature Aladdin’s cave filled with intriguing objects and chic attire. Fabulous boutiques can be found in a few of the major hotels. The Isle de France and Eden Rock are the first two that come to mind as locations.

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#3. Dine Out

In St. Barts, you must have a stylish lunch. There are a lot of amazing locations to travel to, but these are some of our top picks:

  • The Isle de France by Cheval Blanc is simply wonderful. The position right on Flamand’s beach is unbeatable, and the food is fantastic. Every day, a fashion show is held in the amazing boutique at the hotel, adding to the glitz and glitter.
  • La Plage, a restaurant at the Tom Beach Hotel on St. Jean Beach is another one of our favorites. They have a daily fashion display in addition to exquisite food. You may get the renowned Free in St Barts clothesline here.
  • Restaurant Sante Fe is the location to go if having the nicest views on the island is vital to you. It is situated on one of St. Bart’s highest points, from which you can look out to Nevis, St. Kitts, and Saba on a clear day. Also fantastic is the cuisine.
  • The Sand Bar restaurant at the Eden Rock Hotel serves up some of the best lunches around. No matter what time of year you visit the island, you will have a great time and enjoy great food.

#4. Go on a Hike

Our favorite walk in St Barth is the one from Flamand’s Beach to Colombier Beach if we only have one day. A 30-minute period passes. Following a steep trail, you have amazing views of Flamand’s Beach and the jagged cliffs to your right as you travel. After a while, you emerge onto a truly unspoiled beach that is mostly deserted save for a few daytime boats.

Here, the waters are incredibly peaceful and clear. It is an incredibly lovely location. One piece of advice is to consider taking some portable sun protection if you want to spend more than an hour at the beach. We like to finish the walk with a well-deserved lunch at the Isle de France, which is conveniently located at the trail’s terminus.

How Long is The Ferry Ride From St Maarten to St Barts?

One way trip to St. Barts takes 45 minutes. In the busiest months (November to April), the service runs three times every day. Pride of St. Barth, a 68-foot boat that can accommodate 99 passengers, and Big B, a 120-foot yacht that can accommodate 150 passengers, are both operated by Great Bay Express.

Is a Day Trip From St Maarten to St Barts Worth it?

Barts for a day trip and take in the breathtaking vistas of the Caribbean Sea! The Caribbean island of St. Barts is well renowned for being a playground for the wealthy and famous and a celebrity hotspot. St. Barts offers a wide range of incredible activities, including snorkeling, spas, and sightseeing.

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