Anguilla is the only place to go if you’re seeking a tropical paradise with amazing beaches and clean oceans. This tiny Caribbean island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, complete with smooth white sand, calm waves, and spectacular sunsets. Every kind of traveler can find a beach in Anguilla, from quiet coves to crowded hotspots.

These best Anguilla beaches are perfect if you’re wanting to unwind and soak up the sun or get busy with water sports and snorkeling. Prepare to discover the finest of what the Caribbean has to offer by starting now.

#1. Shoal Bay

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One of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean can be found at Shoal Bay; some could even claim that it is the best beach in the entire globe. Its kaleidoscopically blue waters radiate, and its silky, pinkish-white sand is the stuff of fantasies. You won’t ever feel crowded, which is another perk. Visitors are invited to stroll along the shore for two miles while taking in the lovely scenery and gentle ocean breezes. Despite being the busiest beach on Anguilla, Shoal Bay East always has room for everyone.

Renting beach chairs and umbrellas is affordable, and there are many eateries along the waterfront that serve food, making it possible to remain all day. Its perfection draws day-trippers from nearby St. Martin, so services like water sports rentals are also provided if you’re seeking more energetic things to do. There are some nice resorts to select from if you want to stay on-site.

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#2. Meads Bay

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This is also one of the most amazing beaches in Anguilla. Meads Bay is a stunning beach with little more than 2 miles of fine, white sand, clear water, and beach chairs for hire on the island’s northwest coast. LeBron James and Justin Bieber both stayed in this gorgeous lakeside house. While the winter months provide harder waves for bodyboarding or surfing, the beach is great in the summer for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Start at The Four Seasons and proceed via award-winning Frangipani Beach Resort, Straw Hat, Blanchard’s Beach Shack, Malliouhana Auberge Resort, and Quintessence Hotel, Relais & Châteaux if you choose to walk the entire stretch. Dining in your swimming suit while taking in the languid, lapping waves is possible at the casual beach restaurant Coral on this opulent resort.

#3. Savannah Bay

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Savannah Bay is a remarkable example of beauty in the modern era since it is remote, natural, big, and lovely. This bay is very unique in Anguilla and throughout the world due to its unspoiled expanse. However, it is Anguilla’s largest, least-developed, and nicest beach.

Savannah Bay can be easily reached through it, however, it is a far-off beach. A day of relaxation can be spent swimming, strolling along the beach, and enjoying a rum punch and BBQ crayfish lunch in Palm Grove. To visit this beach, it is advised to be prepared. The Junk’s Hole, which is to the left, has plants, rocks, seashells, and washed-up detritus.


#4. Rendezvous Bay Beach

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The southwest coast of Anguilla is home to a beach of absolutely extraordinary quality. It also has the famed turquoise sea of this area, and toes from all over the world will appreciate its silky, sugar-white sand. You won’t like to miss this magnificent coastline, which goes by the name of Rendezvous Bay Beach. It comes as no surprise that it is among the best locations to take pictures.

This breathtaking beach has a mile and a half of shoreline bordered with coconut palms, and its panoramic views, including those of nearby St. Martin, are unmatched. Take a seat in a beach chair that you’ve rented and prepare for an enjoyable day. Swimming, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and general relaxation are all on the agenda. If you’re hungry, come to the Sunshine Shack, where staff members provide delectable meals, refreshing beverages, and reggae music from their vibrant beachfront hut.

#5. Maundays Bay

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Maundays Bay is exclusive, intimate, and one of the top amazing beaches in Anguilla. The mountains of St. Martin are clearly visible across the glittering sea as it curls into a crescent. The water is tranquil and perfect for floating because of the half-moon shape. Although the charming Belmond Cap Juluca is located there, it gives the impression that you are by yourself in a private cove.

Maundays Bay is accessible only through a security gate, although it doesn’t belong to the resort alone—all the beaches are open to the public, and parking is free. As you enter the sand, a cluster of palm palms provides shade where you can spread out your towel. Step off the sand and go to Cip’s by Cipriani at Cap Juluca for the ideal outdoor dining experience if you want an elegant lunch.

#6. Little Bay

Little Bay is flanked by steep cliffs, an undeveloped shore, and azure waters, seeming like it just stepped out of a picture frame. At the same time, Little Bay is one of Anguilla’s top beaches, and it’s also one of the most isolated and rewarding. As its name implies, it is a small but incredibly lovely beach in Anguilla that requires some effort to get to. Once you get here, the tranquility and unique sights will make all your hard work worthwhile.

You can either take a boat from Crocus Bay to get here or you can descend by rope. One of the top amazing beaches for thrill seekers in Anguilla is Little Bay. This beach is a unique location for rock diving, snorkeling, and other daring activities.


#7. Sandy Ground Beach

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Sandy Ground Beach is perfect for those seeking a more urban atmosphere. This charming beach, the liveliest of Anguilla’s coasts, is the most international of those on this list and is located next to the well-known Sandy Ground Village. Many tourists are itching to get out on the sea as anchored sailboats and yachts dot the shallows close to land.

The sand on this beach is softer and more golden than the white sand on the other beaches. There are many amenities and activities available on-site as a result of its popularity (and its role as the island’s “hub”).

While exploring this beach, you won’t go hungry, but remember to carry cash. On-the-sand vendors sell food beach beverages, and eateries like Johnno’s, Ripples, and Ship Galley welcome visitors in search of a heartier, more genuine meal. As beachgoers gather here for some amusement with a view at night, the area changes into a music-filled fun zone. Every August, the Anguilla Summer Festival, which honors Caribbean culture, is held on Sandy Ground Beach and features musical performances, culinary delights, and boat racing.

#8. Captain’s Bay

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Known by many but toured by few – In Anguilla, Captain’s Bay is among the second-farthest beaches. It is tough to find and only for the brave to access this beach, which lies at the easternmost point of the island. You should bring everything you’ll need, including sunscreen, a hat, towels, a long-sleeved shirt, and a beach umbrella, as this beach is completely surrounded by shrubs.

It is exciting to learn about the renowned reputation of this beach, with its large waves crashing against the rocks. The currents at Caption’s Bay can be quite strong and can drag you under the water, therefore exercise caution when getting in the water. One home graces the beach’s edge, well positioned to provide captivating views of the beach’s natural beauty. It is undoubtedly one of the top amazing beaches in Anguilla.

#9. Barnes Bay Beach

Visitors to Anguilla’s northwest coast will find a tranquil sanctuary there. Barnes Bay Beach is incredibly romantic and less congested than other neighborhood beaches, making it the island’s best place to view a sunset. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a sensual getaway without being overrun by salespeople.

This charming area is surrounded by fine, powdery sand and is situated between Meads Bay and West End Bay. Due to its close vicinity to upscale hotels, there are a ton of water sports available (including kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling) as well as a ton of excellent restaurants nearby.

A stay at the magnificent Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla, one of the island’s finest resorts, is highly recommended. In addition to having three magnificent pools, a sports pavilion, and a spa at your disposal, you won’t have to travel far to get to the beach.

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#10. Cove Bay Beach

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Cove Bay Beach is a serene wonder unspoiled by contemporary construction. There are no upscale eateries or five-star hotels lining this unspoiled coastline. Visitors to this magnificent beach are instead drawn there by the natural beauty along the shore.

Cove Bay is a family-friendly beach that is also well-liked by couples. It has quiet, shallow blue water, and floury, white sand that is ideal for sandcastle-building as long as you wet it first. Sit comfortably in a beach chair, go snorkeling, enjoy the warm water, or give kitesurfing a shot. If you’re fortunate, you’ll see a few tourists riding along this southwest Anguillan shore savoring the view of gorgeous St. Martin to the other side.

#11. Crocus Bay Beach

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Crocus Bay Beach exudes serenity. This peaceful hideaway attracts people seeking privacy and is another off-the-beaten-path beauty. This narrow beach’s velvet-white sand has a rose color, especially when it is near the water. You can sail, snorkel, kayak, or just laze on a sun bed while admiring the clear ocean.

Crocus Bay Beach, which is on Anguilla’s southeast coast, is a serene and protected beach ideal for families looking to take their kids swimming or for couples looking to relax. Daily ferry passengers from nearby St. Martin arrive at this beach, but it never feels congested. The island’s top restaurant, da’Vida Restaurant, is the only building on this beach. Unlike the shack-like enterprises that exist on other beaches, this well-known location is unique. This upscale restaurant offers food that is so wonderful that you’ll want seconds and is open and tastefully designed.

#12. Island Harbour Beach

This is also another one of the amazing beaches in Anguilla. A charming beach surrounded by restaurants can be found on Anguilla’s northeastern coast. Island Harbour Beach, a local favorite, faces the picturesque fishing community of the same name. Sailboats of all different colors dot the blue ocean, taking guests on exciting excursions to adjacent islands. Visitors can enjoy yet another lovely vista as picturesque Scilly Cay lies on the near horizon.

Island anglers have called this historic location home for decades. Their boats can be seen circling close to the coast. This is a great spot to meet the locals to discover more about their culture because they are so amiable, nice, and open for a talk.

Perhaps they’ll point you in the direction of one of the nearby eateries and advise you to sample the delectable pastries. The Island Harbour Wharf, where fisherman unloads their catch, is only a few feet away from Falcon Nest. They provide shaded benches and incredibly fresh food at this well-liked eating spot. You’ll probably want to eat in seconds, so bring an appetite.

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