Looking to enter the hospitality and tourism management field? An excellent place to start is Malaysia! This article will look at the various diplomas that are offered in Malaysia for people who want to work in hospitality and tourism management. We’ll cover everything. Therefore, keep reading to learn more. From the qualifications needed to enroll in these programs to your employment options once you graduate.


Below is a list of the diplomas in hospitality and tourism management in Malaysia to pursue your career.

#1. Diploma in Hotel Management

Sunway University

You can design and manage accommodations as well as food service establishments with the help of the Diploma in Hotel Management, which gives you a strong foundation in hotel operations.

In order to assist them to achieve national and international industrial standards, students will receive training on how to successfully carry out a variety of supervisory and operational tasks.

A 20-week industry internship will provide students with crucial real-world experience. After successfully completing the program, alumni receive two certificates: one from Sunway University and one from Le Cordon Bleu, a prestigious school for culinary arts and hospitality. This diploma is certified by Le Cordon Bleu.

#2. Diploma in Tourism Management

Meritus College

The tourist business is introduced, and pertinent management skills are provided, by our diploma in tourism management. The program was designed to address the needs of the travel and tourism sector as well as individuals who want to supplement their interest in the business with managerial competence. The development of strategic planning abilities for tourist development, management, and marketing is emphasized throughout the course.

#3. Diploma in Hospitality Management

Seri Stamford College

For a thorough education, this program blends academics and real-world experience. We have agreements with four-star hotels to guarantee that our students receive the necessary practical training on the hotel grounds so they can get a true sense of their future vocation. This also includes the required semester-five industrial training that every student must complete.

The students will gain managerial and marketing expertise in the hospitality and tourism sectors throughout this degree, providing them with career mobility to navigate the expanding business.

#4. Diploma in Hotel Management

East West International College

The metropolitan town of Seremban is where you’ll find East-West International College. This college seeks to constantly offer high-quality instruction to both local and foreign students in Malaysia.

This program’s approach to work-based learning incorporates both the Swiss Philosophy of Hospitality Education and widely accepted best practices (WBL). Therefore, via this degree, students gain information and abilities related to the hotel industry, operations in the hospitality sector, and the principles of business, management, marketing, economics, and accounting.

Because the curriculum incorporates a WBL, students will learn leadership and soft skills. This will shape them into capable graduates who are ready to further their careers.

#5. Diploma in Tourism Management

SENTRAL College Penang

In order to address the diverse needs of today’s students who want to achieve a globally recognized credential in pursuit of their career aspirations, SENTRAL College Penang is happy to play a significant role in providing higher education programs.

One of the biggest and most dynamic areas in the current global economy is the travel and tourism sector. You will acquire the abilities and information needed to work in all sectors of the tourist industry with the Diploma in Tourism Management. You’ll take part in multiple field trips. Also, you will learn about various tourism and travel businesses, and put your abilities to the test.

This fascinating curriculum equips you for managerial positions at the executive, supervisory, and junior levels in the travel and tourism sector as well as in other connected fields like hospitality and event planning.

#6. Diploma in Hotel Management

Meritus College

As a specialty college, MERITUS’s distinctive educational philosophy emphasizes providing students with a successful synthesis of conventional, contemporary, and experiential learning. As opposed to other institutions that only concentrate on academics, MERITUS is dedicated to generating graduates who are well-rounded, capable of meeting the expectations of today’s employers, imbued with the qualities of success, and sought after by top organizations upon graduation.

Malaysia’s goal of being a high-income nation necessitates the hiring of knowledgeable employees who can contribute to both the organization and society at large. They must be thought leaders in their fields, as well as resourceful, innovative, analytical, devoted, and able to take ownership of difficult problems.

The purpose of this program is to give students the information and abilities necessary to perform their duties in the hotel management and food preparation industries. (Front desk, kitchen, housekeeping, food, beverage, etc.)

This program’s emphasis on the idea of “work-related” will assist students in dealing with the realities of professional work in the industry while also supplying a comprehensive science for creating ideal humans capable of competing in the market and opening up prospects for entrepreneurship on their own.

#7. Diploma in Tourism Management

University College of Islam Melaka

This is one of best the diplomas in hospitality and tourism management in Malaysia. The Malacca State Government founded Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka, also known as KUIM, as an institution of higher learning under the IPTS Act of 1996. The Ministry of Higher Education promoted it to University College on July 1, 2009. It has since introduced a new educational paradigm that combines Islamic studies with science and psychological discipline in tandem. As treatments minimize psychological problems among people and communities while fulfilling the demands of the workforce in various public and private sectors, KUIM is the first private Islamic university college in Malaysia to create studies focusing on psychology at the degree level.

#8. Diploma in Event Management

Reliance College

Reliance College has also broadened its course selection to include courses in business management, accounting, mass communication, and event management. Also, they provide one out of every eleven jobs in Malaysia’s tourism and hospitality sector.

The specialized diploma program is designed to give you a competitive edge over other applicants for positions in the hospitality, tourism, and travel industries. You can obtain an international diploma quickly in this manner. You can acquire the maximum credit transfers on advanced standing for the purpose of pursuing a degree at local, British, Australian, European, or American colleges.

Is there a Diploma in Hospitality Management?

The diploma program in hospitality management provides committed students with goals for a fulfilling career in hospitality with relevant learning together with practical experience and abilities.

How Long Is a Diploma in Malaysia?

You can enroll in a diploma program right after SPM; these programs typically last 24 to 36 months. After earning a diploma, you have the option of starting a career or enrolling in a degree program starting in Year 2.

Where Can a Hospitality Student Work?

The hospitality sector spans a number of professions that deal with providing services to clients, such as lodging, food, and transportation.

What Qualifications Are Needed for Hospitality?

Admission to certificate, diploma, and undergraduate hospitality management programs is open to candidates who have completed their 10+2 in any subject. Candidates must be through with their undergraduate degree from a university in order to get admission to postgraduate diploma and hospitality management programs.

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