FOREST HOTELS: Top 9 Forest Hotels


Visiting a forest or jungle is a completely different experience than vacationing at a beach resort. Again, we’re noticing a rise in demand for reserving lodging somewhere a bit more eccentric and distinct this year. The woods are unfortunately among the most vulnerable areas, and visiting and educating ourselves on their importance in a responsible manner is essential for the survival of our world. A trip to the rainforest may sound like a silly idea, but we’ve found a few hotels that make it possible. Continue reading to learn about nine premium resorts that immerse visitors in the rainforest, as well as lake forest hotels. Whether your trip plans take you to the Amazon or to distant equatorial African regions.

Rain Forest Hotels 

Nothing sparks the imagination like the prospect of exploring the wild. Rainforests create a sensation of amazement and oneness with nature, unlike any other biome on the planet, with towering treetops, thick vegetation, and bird symphonies. Despite covering just 3% of the earth, rainforests are home to more than half of the world’s animal and plant species, making them a popular destination for adventurous nature enthusiasts.

The Six Rainforest Hotels Listed Below Will Place You in the Perfect Jungle

#1. Bwindi Lodge

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The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda provides the most immersive jungle experience. Undoubtedly, volcano safari’s Bwindi Lodge is positioned just above the tree tops, providing magnificent views of the forest area and an entrance to hiking with the region’s wildlife species. The luxury resort stresses the preservation of this special habitat, in part through collaborating with the local community through its Partnership Trust. Ten bands are available for hire, each with butler service and a 30-minute massage for each visitor.

#2. Maruia River Retreat

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The South Coast of New Zealand is the country’s adventure capital, and the Maruia River Retreat takes advantage of the area’s expanse. Also, the hideaway is made up of seven luxury villas hidden amid a 500-acre nature estate where visitors can explore the surrounding oak forest in privacy. There’s no shortage of gourmet cuisine and luxurious services to help visitors relax—forest bathing, guided hikes, and restorative spa treatments are just a few of the ways retreat-goers can expect to rejuvenate in the jungle.

#3. Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

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In Northern Thailand, the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, a luxurious resort peering out of the forest, borders both Burma and Laos. Tented rooms blend in with the surroundings, with private outdoor hot tubs, river views, and infinity pools to make resting in nature a seamless experience. Also, hunting and gathering food and medicinal plant hikes are just a few of the ways the hotel links visitors to this distinct rainforest setting. 

#4. HBD Sundy Praia Principe Island

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The picturesque shore of Principe, a little island off the west coast of Africa, appears to be nothing more than white sand beaches, a cerulean ocean, and a plethora of palm trees. But that is how HBD Principe hotel creator Mark Shuttleworth intended it. When you look closely, you’ll see that Sunday Praia’s 15 exquisite tented apartments blend in with the greenery. Before tourists came a decade ago, the rainforest of Principe was on the verge of being transformed into a palm oil plantation.

#5. Copal Tree Lodge 

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Belize, a tiny Central American country, contains a diverse range of settings, including reefs, caverns, Mayan ruins, and waterfalls, but the country’s densest rainforest is found in the country’s southern section, near the town of Punta Gorda. Copal Tree Lodge is a premium eco-resort surrounded by 22,000 acres of conserved rainforest that is hardly visible among the thick treetops. In addition, tourists can expect to have breakfast with howler monkeys and toucans if they stay in one of the 16 suites or a three-bedroom house. A 2,500-acre sustainable farm on the land produces chocolate, coffee, and Copalli Rum.

#6. Silky Oaks Lodge

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Australia is home to a wide red desert as well as urban towns, but there is also plenty of thick jungle to discover. The Silky Oaks Lodge, located in Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest, is a luxury getaway with 40 treehouse rooms that immerse visitors in the scenery. Maintain a lookout for any of the 315 mammal species that exist in the Daintree, 13 of which are indigenous, such as Boyd’s forest dragon. Nevertheless, touring the Mossman River and having a Dreamtime walk with a guide from the Kuku Yalanji people, the original guardians of this area, are two hallmark experiences.

Lake Forest Hotels 

Forest is a town in Lake County, Illinois, USA. The population was 19,367 as of the 2020 census. However, the city is located on the north coast of Lake Michigan and is part of the Chicago metropolitan region. Lake Forest was built up as a town in 1857, along with Lake Forest College, as a halt for visitors heading south to Chicago. Charles Sumner Frost designed Lake Forest City Hall, which was completed in 1898. Originally, it held the Lake Forest Rescue Team, the Lake Forest Museum, and the town offices.

Types Of Lake Forest Hotels

There are many sustainable hotels in lake forests. Here is a list of five of the top lake forest hotels in the world:

  1. Hilton Garden In Irvine Spectrum 
  2. Hampton In By Hilton Irvine Spectrum
  3. Homewood Suites 
  4. Holiday Inn Express and Suites
  5. Sonesta Simply Suites Irvine East Foothill

Guidelines On How to Choose Your Hotel in Lake Forest

  • If you want to get a cheap hotel in Lake Forest, you should go during the off-season.
  • Lake Forest hotels are less expensive in January and May.
  • Thursday, which is generally the most costly day, is the inverse.
  • To receive the best deal for your Lake Forest hotel, book more than 90 days in advance.
  • Guests who want to hit the range while still in Lake Forest can stay near the city’s public golf facilities.
  • The modest hotel has simple rooms as well as an outdoor pool, a terrace, and a gym area.
  • Beachgoers will enjoy staying near Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club.
  • The Hampton Inn Irvine/East Lake Forest is 3.9 miles from the beach. It features comfortable rooms with pull-out sofas, a business center, and a conference space.
  • A hot tub, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center are also available.
  • Hotels near major birding locations, such as Veterans Park or Nature Park, are ideal for bird watchers.
  • Visitors can enjoy relaxing rooms, a pool, a terrace with a fire pit, and coin-operated laundry facilities at the hotel.
  • If you are visiting Lake Forest for business, consider staying near its business areas.

Below Are Top Lake Forest Hotels in IL

#1. Deer Path Inn

This inn is on par with a Four Seasons or a Peninsula Hotel. The accommodations are pleasant, and the bar is enjoyable. It has the charm of a guest house and the conveniences of a high-end hotel.

#2. Hilton Garden Inn Lake Forest Mettawa

The made-to-order breakfast is always hot and delicious. The common space is large, tidy, and lovely. The pool and whirlpool areas, as well as the gym facility, are both spotless.

3. The Forester a Hyatt Place Hotel

Excellent stay in a beautiful master bedroom. The extra living space with a complete couch was a welcome bonus. The bar or restaurant was warm and friendly, and the brunch and late-night meals and beverages were great. 

What’s the Best Time to Visit the Polo Forest?

Polo Forest hotels are open to people all the time. You can enjoy the breathtaking ecological beauty throughout the year in Polo forest hotels. However, the bulk of tourists chooses to visit between the monsoon season and winter – between August and February. It is the height of the forest’s foliage, and the river is overflowing with water. The average temperature throughout the year stays mild; approximately 38 degrees in the summer and 27 degrees in the winter, so you can visit at any time of year.


Nothing beats waking up in a tropical rainforest – the sounds, feelings, and sheer scale of these bio-diverse environments are a beautiful reminder of nature’s glory. Unless you’re traveling with your own camping gear (and some strong survival abilities), the best option for a worry-free wilderness escape is to check into a luxurious lodge. Thankfully, many eco-hotels in rainforests promote ethical vacations by doing everything from stopping deforestation by purchasing large tracts of forest to sponsoring wildlife conservation programs. 


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FAQs On Forest Hotels

How Can I Locate a hotel in Central Forest?

After starting a hotel search on KAYAK, you can narrow your results by neighborhood, allowing you to select the central Forest districts. You can also use the city map to search for a specific location, such as the Forest city center.

When Booking a Hotel in Forest, What Amenities Do KAYAK Users Look For?

The most desired amenity KAYAK users looked for in their Forest hotel was pet friendly.

Are Forest Hotels Safe During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak?

Hotels are safe places for travelers as long as sanitary measures in response to coronavirus are properly implemented (COVID-19). However, we recommend that you contact the local authorities about hotel safety procedures in Forest.