jobs for hospitality and tourism management majors

The hospitality and tourism management majors provide a wide range of jobs/career options that enable prospective individuals to take on leadership positions within the sector. These positions are accountable for creating tourist plans, supporting marketing campaigns, and ensuring client satisfaction. By looking over potential career paths and more work information for each, you can choose one or more jobs that fit your interests, expectations for pay, and existing credentials.

In this post, we explain jobs in the hospitality and tourism management majors and offer 15 examples of career paths along with information on expected salaries, work duties, and requirements.

What are Jobs in Hospitality and Tourism Management?

Jobs in customer service, travel and holidays, or local tourism efforts are all considered to be jobs in hospitality and tourism management. These kinds of positions are often available for professionals working for event-organizing businesses, travel agencies, hotels, tourist attractions, and tourism organizations.


15 Jobs for Hospitality and Tourism Management Majors

Here are 15 Jobs for Hospitality and Tourism Management Majors and Job descriptions for each are provided to assist you in choosing one or more career paths.

#1. Pastry Cook

Country Average Wage: $34,901 yearly 

A pastry chef creates pastries and other treats for bakeries, restaurants, and patisseries. To guarantee a good end result, they cooperate closely with other members of the culinary staff. That’s how they develop new recipes, mix the dough, adorn desserts, and keep an eye on the baking process. They can either obtain their high school diploma and spend time honing their abilities, or they can enroll in a pastry arts program leading to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

#2. Activity Coordinator

Country Average Wage: $36,258 yearly

An activities director oversees visitor activities and makes sure guests have a positive experience when working at hotels and resorts, as tour operators, and on cruise ships. Visitors should be provided with activities, tours, and itineraries to make their visit enjoyable. Also, the common bachelor’s degree for an activities director is in hospitality, hospitality and tourism, event planning, or leisure.

#3. Guest Services Representative

Country Average Wage: $35,558 yearly

From the moment they check in to the moment they check out. Guest service representatives help hotel visitors with their requirements. Visitors can request room keys, luggage helpers, and chores from staff members. The minimal educational requirement for anyone wishing to begin a career as a guest service representative is a high school diploma.

#4. Café Proprietor

Country Average Wage: $35,722 yearly.

Café managers’ main duties are to oversee the day-to-day operations of cafes in hotels, shopping malls, and other locations. Employees recruit and train employees, modify menus, respond to client inquiries, and maintain facilities’ cleanliness. To make sure they always have enough workers to handle peak business hours, cafe management often makes work schedules. People need at least a high school graduation and prior experience working in a café as a barista or supervisor to become cafe managers.

#5. Food Truck Supervisor

Country Average Wage: $35,860 yearly.

Managers of food trucks in small villages, big cities, or popular tourist destinations have the main responsibility of supervising the staff and daily business operations. Coordination of work schedules, acquiring food service permits when necessary, and procuring food inventories for instance, may fall within their purview. Food truck managers should possess a high school certificate at the very least. They can also profit from prior employment as food truck employees.

#6. Assistant General Manager of a Hotel

Country Average Wage: $38,850 yearly.

A hotel assistant general manager helps with the general manager’s everyday duties. They assist the general manager in running job interviews, selecting new hires, and organizing staff training programs. In order to allow general managers to take sick or vacation days, hotel assistant general managers can also fill in for general managers’ shifts and serve as the interim general manager for a certain period of time.

Finally, a high school graduation and many years of hotel job experience are prerequisites for becoming an assistant general manager at a hotel. With an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism, one can also land this position at larger chains.

#7. Ship’s Agent

Country Average Wage: $40,247 yearly.

Cruise agents’ main duties include assisting clients in locating and making reservations for cruise holidays that fit their travel choices and budgets. They also offer extra services like planning transportation and making hotel reservations for visitors. Both before and after their cruise holiday. Anyone interested in becoming a cruise agent should by all means have a passion for travel and an understanding of cruise ship holidays. In order to operate as a cruise travel agent. They should also have at least a high school graduation and can profit from obtaining professional certification.

#8. Catering Supervisor

Country Average Wage: $42,571 yearly

Catering managers at a catering firm or event location are in general responsible for supervising a group of kitchen and service employees. Catering employees recruit, train, collaborate with the chef, and specify start hours to ensure successful catering. In fact, individuals would benefit from obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field like hospitality or food service if they want to work as a catering manager.

#9. Spa Director

Country Average Wage: $43,610 yearly.

The primary role of spa managers is to oversee daily operations at spa facilities. Also, employing and training spa staff, and keeping an up-to-date stock of cosmetic products, linens, towels, robes, and other items that aid in ease of skin treatments. These are among their duties. Spa management can also need to hire independent marketers or plan advertising for print or digital channels to promote their spa. Finally, a couple of years of experience in a spa company is required for desiring spa managers.

#10. Travel Advisor

Country Average Wage: $44,266 yearly.

Travel consultants provide assistance to people, businesses, and educational institutions with their travel requirements. Travel agents meet with customers to discuss travel alternatives and requirements, such as passports, shots, and clothing. Moreover, they help their clients identify the best travel accommodations for those with impairments, medical issues, and other afflictions and offer price advice.

Moreover, an individual just needs a high school certificate and an optional certification to work as a travel consultant. But, those who hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field like hospitality and tourism can also work as travel advisors.

#11. Tour Director

Country Average Wage: $44,295 yearly.

Tour managers’ main duties include supervising tour bookers, tour guides, tour bus drivers, and marketing personnel for a tour firm. Particularly, Tour guides create marketing plans, plan work hours, and evaluate visitor evaluations to improve the experience. In fact, after completing their high school education and spending a few years working for a tour operator, those individuals can become tour managers. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a subject like hospitality and tourist management is also an option for them.

#12. Manager of Hotel Sales

Country Average Wage: $44,734 yearly

Coordinators of hotel sales assist clients in making reservations at their establishments. Together with developing tactics to boost reservations and repeat business, they collaborate with a group of sales coordinators and hotel management. Moreover, an undergraduate degree in sales, marketing, or hospitality and tourism is required for employment as a hotel sales coordinator.

#13. Travel Advisor

Country Average Wage: $49,219 yearly.

Travel agents provide customers with travel and hotel reservations and itineraries for their holidays. Also, they help customers who need to reschedule canceled flights or change from one hotel to another. Possessing a high school graduation and exhibiting a passion for travel altogether are prerequisites for prospective travel agents. But, they can also gain from getting a professional travel agent certification or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field like hospitality and tourist management.

#14. Manager of Entertainment

Country Average Wage: $50,067 yearly.

The main duties of an entertainment manager include working with resorts, cruise lines, hotels, as well as other lodgings to schedule performers for visitors, including comedians, dancing troupes, singers, and musicians. Also, they are responsible for organizing bookings, holding auditions for possible performers, and haggling prices with customers. Therefore, enroll in a four-year bachelor’s degree program in event planning, hotel, and tourist management to work in the entertainment industry.

#15. The Head of Food Services

Country Average Wage: $51,680 yearly. 

A director of food services however oversees guest food service operations for hotels, cruise ships, and other lodgings. Their duties include creating a budget for food inventory and supplies, communicating with the kitchen staff and food and beverage managers, approving menu and drink suggestions, and also monitoring the quality of the dining operations. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in hotel administration, food service management, or culinary arts in conclusion is required for people who want to work as food service directors.

Is Hospitality and Tourism a Good Career?

Careers in hospitality and tourism are extremely lucrative and provide some of the most interesting work settings in the world, whether you wind up managing a hotel or designing ideal itineraries.

Can Hospitality Management Work in Hospitals?

Hospitals are one source of employment in the hospitality industry.

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