LOUISIANA BEACHES: Best 17 Resorts in New Orleans


When it comes to beaches, New Orleans Louisiana offers a variety of options. In addition to having a section of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana also has a number of amazing lakeside beaches. Every beach is distinct and is surrounded by distinctive terrain. It also features several exciting water sports that you can enjoy, such as kayaking, canoeing, and even some surfing. Despite its large marshlands and shoreline, Louisiana does not have a lot of beaches, but Grand Isle and Cameron Parish do have a few that provide more subtle surprises. Additionally, many of the beaches in New Orleans allow camping and even allow dogs, which are two interesting features that are sometimes missing from other places. This article contains the best beaches and resorts in New Orleans, Louisiana, for your outdoor pleasures while you set up your tent along the coast.

Louisiana Beach Resorts

The following is a list of the best beach and resorts on the map in New Orleans, Louisiana.

#1. Jimmie Davis State Park Beach

The resort’s beaches at Jimmie Davis State Park are the ideal location for beach volleyball, fishing, and kayaking with the family. Since the state park is located on a small coastline with several inlets, the water is never far away. In New Orleans, Louisiana fishermen caught the largest largemouth bass and sunfish in state history.

#2.  Holly Beach

One of the best weekend beaches for vacations in New Orleans, Louisiana, is Holly Beach. This natural beach takes away your stress with its atmosphere. Actually, Holly Beach is a well-liked rest area along the 180-mile Creole Nature Trail. Numerous ocean-related leisure activities, including windsurfing, boating, swimming, and crabbing, are free at the beach. Furthermore, for an enjoyable vacation, drive along the whole strip to see some of the most beautiful views in south New Orleans, Louisiana. Resorts like MainStay Suites on the beach and Hackberry Sportsman’s Lodge are present along the New Orleans, Louisiana, coastline.

#3. Rutherford Beach

In New Orleans, Louisiana, Rutherford Beach is an excellent resort spot for families with kids and dogs.  Moreover, there are simple outhouses available, and groups set up camp right next to the lake. Get up early to discover a bounty of lovely shells to gather. Some claim that a helpful local gave them free crab-crabbing instruction.

#4. Grand Isle

Grand Isle, a small oceanfront community and barrier island with a view of Caminada Bay, will soon be at your disposal. In addition, it is a two-hour journey from the south of New Orleans, through the swamps and into the barrier islands, and you turn left just before the road ends. Grand Isle State Park, however, is still closed until further notice as a result of Hurricane Ida’s devastation. It is the best among all resorts on the beach in Louisiana. Concurrently, visitors do stroll along the island’s shoreline to observe beautiful species. Also, to relax on the sand.

#5. Bogue Chitto State Park

You’re going to like Bogue Chitto State Park if you’re seeking the greatest resorts to combine days spent relaxing by the beach with a break in nature. Beach and adventure are nicely balanced in Bogue Chitto State Park. In the park, there are 11 lakes, several of which have little white sand beaches. The home of kayaking is in New Orleans, Louisiana! Concerned about a place to stay? There are several resort options, ranging from basic camping to luxurious glamping.

#6. Cypremort Point Beach

Cypremort Point Beach is one of the New Orleans parks in Louisiana that extends into Vermilion Bay. Likewise, it included marshlands, which enriched the habitats for several types of wildlife. Additionally, a pier is free for fishermen to utilize, and a boat ramp enables boats to enter the water. Frequently, families can choose to rent cottages that are close to the beach.

#7. North Beach

North Beach, which is located on Lake Charles in New Orleans, Louisiana, often hosts events. Additionally, it features very white sand and a lot of local attractions. Furthermore, the best resorts are also available, which include Wingate, Lake Charles Casino Area, and L’Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles.

#8. Biloxi Beach

The 26-mile length of Biloxi Beach is packed with amusing activities and attractions. To get to this beach resort from New Orleans, use I-10 East for just 90 minutes. The crawfish festival is well-known, and the oyster and shrimp businesses are booming in Biloxi. Also, you can try the local food instead of going to the pricey eateries.  The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi is among the best resorts near Biloxi Beach in Louisiana.

#9. White Sands Lake Day Beach

Franklinton is where all the lakes and beaches are. At this lakeside beach, you can easily spend a morning or an afternoon. As a result, enjoy swimming in the clear waters on a hot day. Moreover, the inflatable toys and water lily pads that are floating in the lake invite the youngsters to play. Also, you may hire canoes and use a picnic area with a BBQ grill.

#10. Fontainebleau State Park

Fontainebleau State Park is home to more than 400 bird species, including egrets and pelicans. In addition, it features gentle slopes and quiet, shallow water, making it one of the best safest family-friendly beautiful beaches in Louisiana close to New Orleans. Additionally, there is a splash sheet water park that is available all year long.

#11. Navarre Beach

One of the best beach vacations from New Orleans is to Navarre Beach in Louisiana. It is the ideal waterfront hangout for a romantic weekend since it is lovely and calm. Plus, it offers several seafood restaurants that are sure to satisfy your taste buds as well as spotless, crystal-clear seas. Regardless that “Jaws 2” was mostly filmed on this beach, you may still spot adorable dolphins along the water.

#12. Lake Charles Beaches Resorts 

Lake Charles is one of the best beach resorts, located along New Orleans close to several of Louisiana’s beautiful beaches. Also, Holly Beach, Rutherford Beach, and Little Florida Beach can all be reached within a thirty-minute drive of the location. The town itself is quite attractive and has several wonderful attractions worth seeing, such as the Charpentier Historic District. meanwhile, the marina offers stunning views of the lake while you relax in peace and contemplate life. The plan is to lounge on the sand at North Beach while reading a nice book and tanning.

#13. Port Fourchon

The best white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast may be seen at the port city of Port Fourchon. Additionally, no other Louisiana beach offers a secret treat like the one along New Orleans. Besides that, there are several restaurants around that provide delectable fresh seafood, and the beach is dog-friendly. Try your luck at catching your own catch of the day for supper if you don’t feel like going out to dine.

#14. Golden Nugget Lake Charles (From USD 199)

Golden Nugget Lake Charles offers a Beaches resort experience. Likewise, it is a resort with an 18-hole golf course, a full-service spa, and a wellness center for some downtime. Consequently, the resort’s water park will appeal to thrill seekers. Air conditioning and a flat-screen TV are provided in every guest room. Several of the rooms offer spectacular lake or pool views.

#15.  Beautiful Waterfront Cottage in Grand Isle (From USD 500)

The holiday experience offered here is the best of its type in New Orleans, Louisiana beach resorts. Besides, it has 4 bedrooms and can easily sleep up to 12 people. Furthermore, you may relax and take coffee breaks thanks to the seating spots scattered around the home. On the lower deck and beach deck, there are dining tables and suspended seats. Also, you can use the outside BBQ grill and the fully furnished kitchen to create your meals. In sum, the beach is a great place to go swimming, kayaking, or fishing in the late afternoon.

#16. The River Chalet in Folsom (From USD 197)

This bed & breakfast is located in a forest in New Orleans, tucked up between large trees. Take in the sea wind and the sound of the waves. Moreover, it is rated the best Louisiana beach resort which features a private pool where visitors may relax.  Also, the room has a kitchen, a living area, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a private bathroom. Adventurers who adore the outdoors will undoubtedly enjoy swimming, cycling, or climbing.

#17. L’Banca Albergo in Lake Arthur (From USD 119)

This hidden beautiful resort site is situated close to the Mermentau River in Lake Arthur in Louisiana. The guest rooms have a neutral design and are furnished elegantly. A flat-screen TV, air conditioning, a microwave, coffee makers, a private toilet, and a lounge space are all included in each. Lay down a beach towel to get the ideal tan. You may bring your animal companions along to make the vacation even more enjoyable.

Are There Any Ocean Beaches in Louisiana?

People are sometimes shocked to learn that Louisiana, a coastline state, has several gorgeous white sand beaches that rival those in Florida and California in terms of beauty. Locals refer to the area of sandy beaches that encompasses Holly Beach and Cypremort Beach as the Cajun Riviera.

Does Louisiana Have Any Sandy Beaches?

Louisiana is perhaps best known for its marshlands, but don’t be fooled by the gloomy waters; this state is also home to several beautiful beaches. Moreover, the beach resorts in Louisiana are as beautiful as any on Earth, with white sand and warm, clear seas. 

Where Is the Bluest Water in Louisiana?

Due to the Mississippi River Delta’s regular muddiness in the rivers and bayous, Louisiana is not noted for its clear waters. However, there are certain outliers, and in our opinion, Toledo Bend is the most stunning.

Are There Any Blue Water Beaches in Louisiana?

Louisiana is a coastal state with a number of possibilities that can surprise you, despite not being known for its beaches. You can also enjoy the beautiful beaches and crystal-clear seas in Cajun country, which you probably weren’t aware existed.

Is Grand Isle Worth Visiting?

Tourism on Grand Isle: The Best of Grand Isle

At Grand Isle State Park, which is well-known for its fantastic fishing locations and even deep-sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, you may camp or just go picnicking for the day. The Cajun Rodeo, which takes place in this little seaside hamlet every year, brings nearly 15 times as many visitors as usual.

Can You Swim at the Beach in Louisiana?

Only Cypremort Point State Park and Lake Charles North Beach are open beaches in Louisiana where swimming is safe.


The treasures of Louisiana include historical sites and amusement parks. Moreover, there are other locations around New Orleans that are best for a romantic weekend vacation in Louisiana. In addition,  it has beaches and resorts, allowing you to enjoy special experiences. Louisiana’s all-inclusive beach resorts provide more than just a chance to relax by the ocean; they also provide chances to broaden your mental focus.

Most resorts on the beach and beaches in New Orleans, Louisiana, provide an all-inclusive way to relax by the ocean for mental focus.

FAQs About Louisiana Beaches 

Which Florida Beach Is Closest to New Orleans?


One of Florida’s beaches and resorts with sugar-white sand and crystal-clear water that is nearest to New Orleans is Pensacola.

Where Do People From New Orleans Go to the Beach?

Louisiana’s Grand Isle

Southeast Louisiana’s Grand Isle boasts miles of sandy shoreline for beachgoers to enjoy. One of the most popular tourist sites in Louisiana, it is one of the Gulf Coast beaches nearest to New Orleans and is located around 110 miles from the city.

What is the best month to visit New Orleans?

The best times to visit New Orleans are in the early spring and late October. especially from March to April and from October to November. Although the weather is ideal for sightseeing during these months and the crowds are manageable